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  1. IResonateWithU

    Im mostly raw, with the exception of….beans 🙂
    We do lots of kidney beans, pintos,and garbanzo. I noticed that alot of people who are more than 50% raw like to add rice and potatoes to the cooked-end of the diet. We are quinoa and beans.NO flatulance! I think when you eat fruits/veggies all day every day,your digestion doesnt even register beans lol .Im going to have to check out the Doctor's vids on quinoa.

  2. justgivemethetruth

    As a kid I used to like pork & beans, mostly canned beans … so is there anywhere that gives good, simple recipes and procedures for cooking beans. I have been eating more and more legumes ( does that include peanuts ) as I learned more. I like the Mediterranean hummus & falafel … that counts, right? I just need to know how to use beans cause I'm just not used to cooking much at all, but especially beans.

  3. chiyerano

    Yeah, I love Eden foods beans, they are honestly like little tasty multimineral supplements but better since they are actually food and not supplements and you can make so many dishes with them. I am especially fond of their garbanzo beans or chick peas, black beans coming in close second.

  4. Simon Boudreau

    Yes, hummus, falafel, peanuts counts. Check out endamame as well, they are great as snacks (check for japanese snacks on google).

    googling vegan baked beans will give you more recipes as well, but really, the best way to get to know them is to look at cuisines from around the world. most places around the world have used a sort of bean or another thru the centuries, so they all have great applications for them. If i can recommend 1 cookbook for that : Vegan Eats World

  5. Simon Boudreau

    if you want to add more raw food and keep the beans, remember that sprouting works wonders and is really easy. just soak them a few hours (depending on the bean type) and put in a colander with a towel on top to keep it dark. rinse twice a day until sprouted. enjoy!

    i don't eat mostly raw (except the morning smoothie), but i do enjoy sprouted beans. massive amounts of nutrition as well.

  6. DestroManiak

    20 grams of dried legumes make about 60 grams canned dried legumes. A 400 gram (14oz) can of legumes might only contain 100 grams equivalent of dried legumes. Just to keep in mind.

  7. raf naegels

    ofcourse being obese is worse than consuming lots of legumes. But what is you don't have it, what about the lectins en pythates in it? Paul jaminet argue's that it can shrink your brain. A study on hawaiian's and their soy consumption showed that. Is there any body that can debunk that? Or a blog spot, youtube vid etc that already did it?

  8. sacrificialtomato

    A woman I know was raw vegan when I met her, gave it up because she "lost muscle mass" went gluten free, is now on Paleo and mentioned that she feels tired all the time. She eats almost no carbohydrates from grains or legumes, severely restricts her diet and then wonders why she feels like crap all the time. Makes no sense.

  9. NoCommentChick

    I gotta know Doc, what in the world might be the mechanism/mechanisms which are increasing longevity in bean eaters? I'm wondering if it's something to do with synovial fluid.

  10. NoCommentChick

    The brain shrinkage thing I think was a milk industry sponsored "study" and has been widely debunked. I remember Dr Greger talking about it in one of his soy videos. Anyone know the one I'm talking about?

  11. NoCommentChick

    You might want to give people some proportion on that, how much of the sprouted beans do you eat in a day? Is there an upper limit where it starts to effect you're digestion? I was a raw foodest for a long time but had serious trouble digesting sprouts in general but bean sprouts in particular. I'm curious what your experience has been.

  12. Simon Boudreau

    well i haven't read studies about an upper limit or anything, i don't think there would be a problem but you never know. I guess the most i've eaten in a sitting is about a cup on a meal (mostly salad, couscous, and what not.)

    the one i eat most is sprouted chick peas, which i grind up with spices and make falafel. i eat quite a bit of that, never had a problem. (not raw, obviously, but like i said, i'm not into the raw food movement).

  13. IResonateWithU

    Appreciate that,Simon! Never sprouted anything before, but a good friend gave me a packet of sunflower seeds to sprout, may as well try beans too. It sounds interesting, but like anything you do for the first time a little intimidating…I mean, can you sprout a seed wrong? lol probably not, but if there is, I'd find the way 😉

  14. Simon Boudreau

    it really is fool proof, unless your beans are really old.

    soak them (check for times on the google), put them in a colander, rinse them twice per day, and cover them with a kitchen towel and dont put in the sun.

  15. Nicholas Amurgis

    Always be sure to rinse canned beans thoroughly before eating. The liquid that they are canned in will give you gas if ingested. I think this is where the fear of farting came from.

  16. silkhead44

    maybe black beans and black eye beans but definitely not kidney beans…castor beans will kill you…many beans have cell agglutinating properties

  17. Simon Boudreau

    yes, there is a video about BPA in cans. to be avoided, and it is why you should get Eden foods ones. not only are they BPA free, but they contain a significant amount of iodine (cooked with kombu).

  18. 紡蓮魅歌

    You're awful at math.
    You say 100.
    No, it's 133.3333333333333.
    And, that is a 53.33333333333332% decreased chance of death. So, it's not the tiny improvement you're implying it to be.

  19. 紡蓮魅歌

    Are you retarded? You don't rinse soaked beans. That's like saying to rinse ice cream, moist meat, etc. You do not rinse off wet food.
    Further, removing the broth lowers the nutritional value of the food, because a lot of the nutrition is in the broth.
    And, you neither can eliminate the fluid from it, nor should you want to.
    Another point… The liquid in the can is just water turned brothy from the beans (and other contents), possibly with salt mixed in. It's not an oil, or a chemical.

  20. 紡蓮魅歌

    If the beans don't give you gas… And, they don't. And, the other ingredients, such as salt, don't give you gas. And, they don't.
    How in the Hell could you come to the conclusion that the water/broth would give you gas?

  21. 紡蓮魅歌

    If "raw 811 heads" means raw vegans, or raw vegetarians… A lot of vegans end up with health problems from not eating things like beans. They don't balance their diets correctly, leaving out important nutrients. They're so ignorant, and lazy about food that they apparently just cut what they're supposed to cut, and don't think to look into other things they eat (like chips, sodas, etc.), or into ingredients that aren't meat or dairy.
    Then, their stories of getting sick are bad PR for veganism.

  22. valnaples

    I like buying dried beans, soaking them and then cooking them myself…then there are no BPA worries….AND I believe I saw news that Doc is going to do some videos on dried vs. canned beans very soon! yay!

  23. LoveToday8

    As a child, I didn't like to eat beans for fear of flatulence. Once I switched to a vegan diet, I incorporated more beans in my diet, and I'm glad I have made the switch. Thank you for this video.

  24. AstralStorm

    Pity they take so long to cook and care not to burn them. Bet there's a faster way than soaking and boiling for hours (at least half an hour), like pressure cooking.

  25. Yustinus H P

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  26. Go Vegan Grow

    great video.  Beans are so good for us and especially if consuming a wide variety of them.  People have become so scared of Phytates.  Important people educate themselves in all the facts first.  Keep up the great work

  27. unclejake154

    Thank you for all the wonderfully presented, helpful information. I'm looking forward to buying your book so that I can have all this information close at hand. Regards, John

  28. Patricia Williamson

    hahaha! he is right, farting is killing me right now. I eat a cup every other day. Hoping this goes away at some point! 😀

  29. 1234

    I cant imagine a world where I dont eat beans… Honestly its scary, I cant believe people wouldn't eat beans just for fear of farting…. People do some weird stuff…

  30. lightdark00

    Since I make enough beans for a week generally, switching over from pinto to hummus, the first day is like a windstorm. But I eat them for breakfast, so the wind comes in the evening.

  31. TKMP1964

    In the Wikipedia article on "beans" it talks about Toxins in beans, and also mentions antinutrients which may hurts bones, and vitamin D.  Should a person be concerned about these things?

  32. George Louis

    Guys don't care if they fart so beans and broccoli are a guy thing. But they are still hard to eat. If I eat to many of them I feel like I have to poop a lot but when I go to the john I'm constipated. Changing my diet is annoying. Also Beans and Broccoli aren't the best tasting foods and they tend to ruin the foods I'm eating. A burrito is ruined by adding black beans at the south west grill. The healthy foods ruin any food and that is why people don't eat enough of them.

  33. Ed Riley

    Great video. I've been eating a whole can of rinsed black beans with corn tortillas for lunch now for 16 straight days. I'm down 9 pounds as I'm lifting a ton, too. I truly believe beans are the key to weight management and great health.

  34. Steve Silver

    Beans are delicious if cooked right and flavored to taste. Plain beans, like broccoli, don't have much taste, but rice and beans are one of my favorites. Add a pinch of baking soda to the water when cooking beans to help with gas. Also, make sure you cook them well by soaking them overnight. Emptying the water from the first soak may help with gas too, although I have no data for that.

  35. iWillWakeYouUp

    When I first turned vegan I used to eat pasta with tomato sauce and tons of white beans and smoked tofu cubes (instead of the ground beef people usually use) and the flatulence was ridiculous. I had stomach aches like I've seldomly had before. I couldn't even go to unversity because I was in so much pain and experienced so much flatulence. For the first time in life, I thought I knew first hand what women feel like when they menstruate. The cramps were painful. However after 1,5 months or so, it dissipated and now that I'm pretty much on a McDougall diet, I have no more problems (for the most part) with neither pain nor flatulence.

  36. Natalia Davenport

    I'm all about the bean life. Simply because I love it. (I mean yes they're healthy, but…I like them anyway)
    My favorite is always pinto beans and pico de gallo. ❤

  37. Sandra Carli

    The main problem is refined sugar according to the German doctor Max Bruker. Sugar is everywhere. It doesn't match with legumes or other healthy food and causes fermentation. He compared this food combination to an orchestra: despite all members playing well except for one, the concert won't be a good one.

  38. James Clerk Maxwell

    Adding a cup of cooked white beans, or chickpeas, on a big salad with many colorful ingredients (bell pepper, beetroots, tomatoes, corn, etc.) … definitely make the dish incredibly more satisfying and fulling. Add some spice like curry, black pepper and a nut based fat source (like tahini which is crushed sesame seed paste), a nice vinegar and you're set. This is something I could eat for the rest of my life with even getting bored of it.

  39. Sandra Carli

    Bottom line … 😀 I found that eating something that contained refined sugar during the day is likely to mess up digestion, especially when I eat legumes.

  40. Will Taylor

    I've gotta say Legumes saved my vegan enterprise. I've discovered I just adore black beans, chick peas and lentils. I eat them every single day and make most of my dishes with them. legumes rock!

  41. John Paradise

    2:53 “Digestive distress” I wouldn’t consider farting distressful, painful or uncomfortable. Farting doesn’t bother me. It bothers the people I’m around!

  42. Julian nbg

    I´m eating vegan for about 2,5 months now , more than 3500 kcalories per day, but my flatulence ist still there. Most of the time it really distractes me and it hurts a little. Could this still be normal and go away after a few more weeks? Or should i go to see a doctor?

  43. Dan Henneberger

    I read in Scientific American magazine studies show that smelling farts builds up you immunity!!! So invite all your friends over for dinner. Eat lots of beans. Stand around and fart, breath deep and get even healthier. What more can you ask for? I love passing gas in an elevator, but it's hard to keep a straight face!! I'm a blessing to mankind, out there just trying to make people healthier!!!

  44. Bill Ding the constructor

    So what if you eat a lot of beans per day? Is it too much protein on the liver and kidneys? Like 700-1000g of beans per day. I love them 😅 but it’s a lot of protein

  45. comlat wingpac

    been vegan for just over 2 years. After roughly 2 months the number of farts and odor returned to pre vegan levels. A couple months of increased farting is a small price to pay for lower resting heart rate, lower BP and cholesterol (I don't need meds for either anymore), etc. I feel great. My daughter says I look 5 years younger, for what it's worth.

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