I Worked out with Chris Hemsworth – 90 DAY FITNESS TRANSFORMATION

This is working out for 90 days, like Chris Hemsworth…wow wow wow mate we haven’t finished yet lets get going! We have 4 more sets to go. Erik, what’s up mate? Chris Hemsworth here saw your transformation buddy, saw all the support you’re giving the app. I loved it. I’m in New York for a premiere, I thought, you know what? We should meet up and have a workout So hit me back, let’s do this, let’s go, looking forward to seeing you! ok so let me explain to you why Chris Hemsworth is
asking me to meet up and do a workout with him. a few months ago I set out to
diet and workout like Chris Hemsworth for 30 days using his new fitness app
centr and make a video documenting my journey. his fitness app gives you access
to his personal team of industry professionals the ones who helped him
get into superhero shape using a combination of fitness nutrition and
mindfulness the experience was transformative I gained a newfound
mental clarity and I got back into incredible shape in only 30 days now
after that first video launch I continued working out with the app so
then some time passed and the craziest thing happened Chris actually saw the
video and I got the invitation to do a workout with him tomorrow
here in New York City the way to sum up the way to sum up how I’m feeling right now would be just
gratitude grateful that this is happening I wish I could share this
energy through the camera with you now like what I’m feeling it I’m about to
meet Chris Hemsworth have a little chat and do workout alright let me walk you through the
exact workout that Chris and I did first we started off nice and easy with
a one-mile warm-up run on the treadmill just getting our bodies moving at a
conversational pace then we moved into some dynamic stretching based around
movement now this circuit is quick but it will have you burning after the first
round the first exercise is a reverse lunge into an explosive press next up
our sit threes this is a staple in the center app from there moved right into
hostage pulses up next dumbbell deadlift curl press after that came the bare
cross followed by bent over rows for the back and the core and finally the only
isolation exercise of the whole circuit tricep extensions we did this circuit
four times with about two minutes rest in between both of us were dripping
sweat after this workout it is short but it’s efficient after the workout we
jumped on the stationary bikes to cool down and Chris shared some of his
thoughts on motivation you just flip the switch an
understanding by moving to generating that momentum and movement the my bison
that cycles of the years that I’ve looked at if I can put in the work and
body better this level for this character to do before I knew I’d be
disappointed walking out seven of that set and not feel as confident to perform
and play that character I knew I had been working somewhere honesty in truth
America and saying this is my goal this is what I’m after no achieve it okay
would it work it is day 75 of the 90-day challenge and since the workout in
conversation with Chris my mindset has definitely shifted a during the first 30
days of this challenge it was the middle of winter and I was very very regimented
in Milton about the training which I had to be in order to make these workouts
would really really stick and to form them into a habit but over the past
month or so the workouts have fully become a part of my lifestyle I took a
quick trip to my hometown on the beach in New Jersey last week and rather than
doing these workouts in the gym I did them on the beach at sunrise I’ve really
been mixing and matching different exercises and more or less creating my
own mini workouts while I am traveling it really clicked that Center is more so
about integrating the workouts into your own lifestyle rather than it being super
Milton and structured and almost like a punishment another big change
that it’s finally summertime in New York City and I’ve been doing a lot of my
training on the rooftop at sunrise I still try to get my workouts in during
the early morning hours for me if I get my training done first thing in the
morning it really sets the tone for the rest of my day the rooftop workouts and
doom are mainly high-intensity interval training I am a huge fan of kettlebell
training full body movements like snatches clean front squats and curl
presses bear crawls are killer bear crawls are hands down my favorite
workout from the app if you’ve never done them before you will be drenched in
sweat after the first set also the sensor classic sit throughs they’ve
really crushed the core and for cardio I’m doing a lot of jump rope which I
find to be a lot more interesting than running especially on the rooftop at
sunrise the city is so quiet and my focus it’s it’s fully present along with
this I’m still doing the really heavy weight training portion of these
workouts in the gym my initial goal with this challenge was to put on a bit more
muscle and I’ve noticed some pretty massive strength gains especially in my
deadlift as far as the meals go I am still eating a ton but I have to say I’m
eating much less than the first 30 days of this challenge
my body doesn’t naturally sit that heavy so it’s been pretty tough to keep up
that kind of a clerk intake over 90 days I’ve also been eating a lot more meals
that I just naturally gravitate towards like salmon on the grill with a big old
salad just really mixing and matching the recipes from the app rather than
just sticking to bland chicken breast but the main realization I’ve had since
working out with Chris is how important just mindfulness attitude and hard work
is not just in training but setting goals in life manifesting your goals
into reality is truly possible it just takes a lot of time ever and most
important thing is focus this experience is proof that your thoughts and your
actions will attract like-minded people into your life whatever you’re looking
for it’s also looking for you most likely if your intentions are pure and
you work daily at it if you use the tools of your mind and your willpower
you will create those circumstances that will allow you to achieve your goals no
matter how distant or unrealistic they may seem it is all possible it’s just up
to you to make it into a reality this is working out for 90 days like Chris
Hemsworth I am hands-down in the best shape of my
life I have never felt better physically or mentally in that all areas I am so
much stronger 100% yes I would consider the past 90 days a success my functional
fitness levels are sky-high in body weight endurance exercises like push-ups
I’ve seen incredible strength gains in my back I’m now doing Ben Rhodes with
100 pound dumbbells and my arms have become defined and strong I’m day 1 of
this challenge I was struggling to jump broke for even
10 seconds now I can jump rope for 10 minutes easily again Chris I want to
thank you for the inspiration and next time I’m in Australia I’ll be sure to
hit your first-serve we talked about this encouraged me don’t
grudge you’re doing grind oh yes

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Reader Comments

  1. Erik Conover

    After getting extremely sick while traveling in the Philippines, I spent the past 90 days working out and dieting like Chris Hemsworth using his new app Centr. Manifesting your goals into reality is truly possible. It takes time, effort, and most importantly FOCUS. Hope you enjoy the video!!

  2. Daniel Mcglynn

    This rocked man! I'm living in Vietnam, About to take on the challenge, One month of alcohol about to hit two months and focused. Thank you so much for this

  3. martin schulz

    Thanks for this inspirational input! One advice: stop eating animal proteines , (ad some Vit. B12 and D), it´s just degraded proteine enriched with inflammatory ingredients . Keep moving!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice trick with the video that got u to be seen by Chris Hemsworth and get a work out with him. You took the initiative that I admire . awesome

  5. Daniel Lawson

    I can't help it…I still keep coming back to this video. Honestly it has to be some of the most smoking hot homoerotic content ever put out on Youtube. 🔥🔥🔥💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  6. Yahya Siddique

    Hey Erik, long time fan of your channel. Your videos have really motivated me to make better lifestyle choices and get into shape. Thanks!

  7. The pink bandit

    Bear crawl sucks in football pads and our coach choose which direction we go. Then when he are done a college kicker is our coach so he kicks the ball 130 yards then we run after the gall

  8. annisa maharani situmeang


  9. Sub-Zero

    I'm a bit sad that i can't download the app.. I wish I could've follow your path but it's impossible. Not available on my app store for some reason

  10. Digi Money

    Chris hemsworth is amazing I’ve seen so many movies with him in them he always makes the set and movie better. Let’s all hope that this vid encourages others to work out for there dream body

  11. jason jason

    That was cool as shit he came to work out with ya. I just created my own home gym, im 47, i got the P90 cds but the Hemsworth workout looks good to..But before I tackle ANYTHING I need to get through that first month of just regular workouts cuz I havent worked out hard in YEARS and the soreness is….oh God. It hurts if somebody just pokes my chest the next day. And I do construction, so I cant be completely worn out for work.Video's like this are a nice motivator. Thanks.

  12. Manollo Bango

    Still trying to figure out how you're using the app as for android it isn't released yet. Do you have an iPhone or do you use the browser version?

  13. Luigi Buscemi

    not a douchey video, but a true one..im a really jaded person, but this really hit with me.. thank you.. im gonna try to do some stuff that you said to achieve some goals also..

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