I Tried Intermittent Fasting For a Month. Here’s What Happened.

– We’re talking about
intermittent fasting. – Is that like where you only eat what you can find inside of a mitten? – When you don’t eat what
is inside of a mitten. – Oh– (terrifying music) – To eat and not to eat,
that is the quest, son. Anyway, before we jump into it. – Let’s just jump into it. – Bup, Phil, we’ve been through this. First, what is intermittent fasting? – Everybody has a different take on it, but it’s really just where
you aren’t eating all day. – You should check out Autumn’s channel, she talks a lot about
intermittent fasting, and eating well, and
exercise, and it’s really good if, you know, you’re
into that YouTube thing. So, there are a lot of
different ways to do this, I chose the 16/8 method
of intermittent fasting. That means I can only eat
within an eight hour window. I chose 7 a.m. to 11,
no, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. All other times I could
only consume coffee, water, and my tears of regret. So, I figured the 16/8 method is a good place to start, right? – Even just a 12 hour to start off with, which I think is a really
great idea for a lot of people, not to just jump straight into, you know, a 16 hour fasting period. – (clears throat) Well, I did that anyway. So, let’s check in on day one, right before 11 a.m.,
when I was about to eat. Currently weight 189 pounds. Woke up, 7 a.m. I am hungry. Huh, that’s counter counterintuitive. But seriously, that first
morning was a strug town. But so far, it’s not super hard. Or not, it was like a month ago, how am I supposed to
remember all this stuff? Anyway, after I stopped eating. Little harder than I thought it would be. I realized it wasn’t because
I was hungry or needed it, it was just ritual, boredom. It’s 10:50 and I’m very hungry. It’s been a while since
I’ve felt this hungry, and I’m reminded that sometimes
it feels good to be hungry. I believe it was Nietzsche
who said, “that sometimes it feels good to be hungry.” Being hungry feels better
than being too full. But the process of stuffing
yourself with food, that’s real nice too. So, if stuffing my face
with food is so awesome, why would I do this? Why do intermittent fasting? – A lot of my clients come
to me for weight loss, or GI issues, like IBS
or SIBO, or you know, just some type of gut inflammation. – If you pop a Google, you
will find all sorts all of purported health benefits
of intermittent fasting, and a lot of anecdotal evidence that it really helped people, including the most important
people, celebrities. – I eat for eight hours,
and I fast for 16. – My first meal is at 2 p.m. And then I eat from two to 10. – I’m doin’ it to see if it’ll help me lose weight, and feel good. Studies and celebrities be damned, I’ll find out myself. Based on what I heard from
studies and celebrities. So, if I do it correctly,
I think I’ll know for sure. As long as I didn’t cheat. Yeah, I have not cheated, I have stayed within the
eight hour window everyday. I’m amazing. Yeah, I’m amazing. This morning, I got really
hungry at like eight. And then it went away, and
by the time 11 rolled around, I was like, “I can eat.” But I didn’t like throw food in my mouth like cookie monster. And then in the evenings
I still fight the habit. This is a big challenge for me, but also I think one
of the biggest benefits of intermittent fasting, it
prevents mindless snacking. And another thing that helps
prevent mindless snacking, for me, 310 nutrition. I wanna thank 310 for collaborating
with me on this video. They even let me talk to
their in-house nutritionist, Ericka, who you will
see later in this video. And she gave me a lot of helpful advice before I started my fasting journey. So, I wouldn’t be stupid,
and do stupid things. There’s a link down
there in the doobly doo, to get your 310 Nutrition starter kit for $39, when normally a bag shake is $68! That’ just math! 310 Nutrition offers
weight loss solutions, like this 90 calorie
meal replacement shake. I started drinking this
shake at lunchtime, and it helped reduce my overall snacking, without having the deep,
deep hunger of a rabid dingo. (howling) And the howling was really
getting to my neighbors, so, this helped me make friends as well. The shake contains no sugar, 15 grams of plant based protein, five grams of patented prebiotic fiber, all this other good stuff,
and it’s super easy to make. You can add your own fruit
and milk and blend it, or simply add milk and shake it. Just shake it, shake, shake
it, shake it like how you’re not supposed to shake a Polaroid picture. You do not need to shake it this much. And it’s delicious, the
chocolate flavor, that’s for me. Not just for me, but you know. So, I’d try that if I were you, as well as one of their
original tea servings, and normally I’m a coffee guy, but hey, tea sometimes tea, okay. You find those in their starter kit, which you can get if you click
the link in the description. And you can get it for $39. And a free shipping code
for orders over $50. That’s 70% off the regular price, with my exclusive wheezy link, my wheezesclus, exsqueesive link. The site’s super easy to navigate, just click right there
to go to the starter kit, or up there, if you wanna get the meal replacement shake or the teas. (howling) Sorry, I also like to howl
shirtless when I’m excited, not just when I’m hungry,
I should work on that. Now, where were we? We’re talking about how the
fact that I can’t after 7 p.m., prevents bad snacking. – If you think about what
you’re going to snack on later in the evening, it’s probably
not gonna be something that’s the healthiest, you’re
not gonna be reaching for broccoli at night. – We have these like, cookies you can make quickly in the oven, and ah, mmm. And I definitely don’t need
them because I don’t get hungry. But, if I wasn’t doing this, I would have eaten more, every evening. But now I don’t, and it makes the mornings after go swimmingly. – You seem a little
crabbier in the mornings. – (laughing) Do I? – Yeah. – I’m always talking like, this. – Exactly. – Yeah. – Yeah, I don’t why I read that as grumpy. – I don’t know, that’s just
how I talk in the morning, I’m clearing my throat. – Yeah. (clearing throat) – Oh man. – And then in the evening
after Ada goes to bed, in our normal life, when I’m not fasting. – You’ll make a nice cocktail, you can’t really do that, now. – Still make you a cocktail. – Yeah, that helps. You can watch me. – Mhmm. – That’s fun for everyone. – Sure is. Which brings up the common
issue that I always have with the challenges I’ve been doing, going vegan, no sugar, no
internet, getting up super early. I can’t do the things
other people are doing when they’re doing em’. And the things that other people
often are doin’ is eating. This is an issue that especially comes up when I’m visiting my
parents in the evening. – My food is not good enough for our son. – Back in my day we ate
everything all the time, didn’t even make sense. – I guess I have no control
over who I’m raising. – Mmm, raisins. – Like guiding a flower in a garden. – Mmm, veggies. – You nurture the soil. – Mmm, soy. – Supply the water. – Mmm, water. Mellon. – And merely wait for a blossom. – Onion blossom appetizers
that you get at TGI Fridays. – I can only table my disappointment. – Mmm, table. – Don’t you dare eat the table. – Well, I can’t eat you disappointment. – I wish you could. (sad music) – I wish you could. – Bet it would be delicious. – You know it would, love muffin. – Mmm, muffins. – Okay, okay, Autumn has
a solution to this problem with scheduling your social times. – If I know I’m going to go out
to dinner on a Friday night, and the dinner reservations
don’t even start till seven, then that day I just shift the
window to like 12:30 to 8:30. – Well don’t you get really hungry then? – So the more you do it,
the less hungry you get, because your body gets
better at using fat as fuel. Using fat versus sugar is
slightly more difficult, where it requires more
of a breakdown process, and which is why if you
are constantly eating, your body’s not going to use fat as fuel, because it can use the easier
source of carbohydrates. As your body continues to
use intermittent fasting, it gets better, essentially, at using that fat burning fuel source. – Huh, I’ll be the judge of that. I got about 20 minutes
before I can eat again, and I’m giving Ada here Cheerios. I really, really wanna eat em’. Enjoy your Cherrios, kid. You can have them I can’t. And I feel kinda low on energy. – Usually with my clients
first like, three to seven days of intermittent fasting,
is a little bit difficult, just because you have that
lower blood glucose level. – Actually almost kinda
cheated and started eating an hour early today, at 10 a.m. Didn’t have enough energy,
but now I feel fine. So, whatever that was,
I think I’m over it. (trumpet playing) I did get a new shirt though,
so that’s pretty cool. Few days ago, I had like a little bit of digestive issues going on. Overly full, uncomfortably full. – Well tell me a little bit
about what you’re eating. – Uh, I think I was probably eating like– See, there’s the problem right there, who knows what I was eating? I just wasn’t paying attention
to what I was eating, I was just eating in
that eight hour window. – So it could have just
been that you weren’t used to eating that much during
that small amount of time. – Hey, hey, that’s what I thought too. I’m gonna adjust some things, from this point on I’m going
to start counting the calories, and try to keep em’ at a, what’s the word I’m looking for, mmmeh. So, I begun counting calories, and here’s what I noticed immediately, I was definitely eating
enough calories in the day, in my eight hour window,
and maybe too much. Counting calories, that
was a good idea, right? – I don’t necessarily recommend
pairing calorie restriction with intermittent fasting. Your body might start to think that there’s just not enough food in the environment because you’re fasted and you’re not eating enough. So, it could start to lower
your basal metabolic rate, or your metabolism, and
that’ll make it so that it’s more difficult to lose weight. – Well, I did it anyway. That interview didn’t happen
until the month was over. And it kinda seemed to work out for me. I’m hungry, I’m hungry, and I’m losing weight, and I’m hungry. But otherwise, I feel good. Probably more energy than I
normally have at this time. Maybe the coffee’s hitting me harder, the same way alcohol hits you harder on an empty stomach, I don’t know. I’m feeling motivated. Like hungry, not just
for food, but for life! I’m getting used to the hungry, It feels, I kind of
enjoy it in a sick way. That’s it, that was a month
of intermittent fasting. All done. – How do you feel? – Great, and I’m gonna keep doing it. – Ooh. – I’m not done, I started at 189 pounds and now I’m at 182 pounds. – And how do you feel? – Great! Sometimes I’m like, “I wish
I were eating right now.” – Sure, sure. – Not in like a weakened sort of way. – Right. – Like a, I need the energy for the foods. – But like in a weakened sort
of way, where you’re like, “oh, let’s go to brunch, let’s do things, “let’s party.”
– Exactly. – It’s helping me be healthier too because I am indulging less
after our kid goes to bed. – Vicariously intermittent fasting. – Yes. – Vicentent fasting. – Vicodin fasting? – That’s– – Well yes, we are doing that.
– That’s not. – I haven’t had any Vicodin all month. – Yeah, and it’s really
done the same for me. – Yeah. – And now we’re on like day
40, and I’m still doin’ it, and I like it, so I’m
gonna keep doin’ it, okay? Can I keep doing it? – As long as you’re eating
enough during your eating window, and eating enough of the right
things at the right time, then, in theory, you can keep
using intermittent fasting as long as you want. – Well fine, then I’m gonna keep doin’ it, until Sesame Street calls and they need a new cookie monster. So, let’s do a list of the
things that I discovered that I like about IF. That’s right I can refer to it as IF now, because I’m a IF MFer, intermittent, fasting, mega, fowla, follower. What I like about intermittent fasting. One, it eliminates bad habits. The obvious things that
it eliminated for me, are the bad snacking and
drinking in the evenings. I eat far less of my personal
four food groups, ICBW. Ice cream, chocolate, beer and whiskey. Two, reduced hunger. Definitely not true at first. I am hungry. But eventually, my
hunger levels went down, and sometimes I wouldn’t be hungry at all for long periods of time. I would just spend my time. (howling) Three, more energy in the morning and steady energy throughout the day. Again, this wasn’t true at first. – You seem a little
crabbier in the mornings. – (laughing) Do I? But eventually. I’m feelin’ motivated, like hungry, not just for food, but for life! The reason for this energy, according to Autumn, might be. – Naturally we have a high
level of the hormone cortisol in the morning, which
makes it so that we already have energy stores available,
it’s just that we’re so used to being reliant on
our blood glucose stores, rather than, you know, our
fat burning mechanisms, and that’s a much more
unstable food source, because we don’t have as much of it. – Which might be why my energy levels just kinda generally stayed
the same throughout the day, like when I had no sugar. Avoiding that crash in the
afternoon where I come down with the late 30s, it’s an
affliction I get sometimes. Four, limits are good for me. Giving myself hard limits and
sticking to them really helps, rather than being like,
“ooh, I’ll just have “a little bit here, I’ve
have a little bit here.” I check the time, it’s before 11 a.m. No! It’s after 7.pm. No! However, this is where we’ll
bring the other nutritionist, Ericka, that I talked to, into the video. However. – Some people do very well
when they just tell themselves, okay, I’m not gonna eat until this time, and they’re fine with that. You know, every diet will
work for a lot of people, and it also won’t work
for a lot of people. – Different food for different dudes. Different cows for different cows. Different yum yums for
different dumb dums. I don’t know. Point is, I don’t know if all
these benefits are just unique to intermittent fasting specifically, but it did work for me, and I like doing things that work for me. So, here’s some tips for all of you potential IF MFers out there. One, plan ahead. Sure, a spontaneous corn
dog Horkfest is a good time, but you’re gonna have to plan
your Horkfests in advance so you know when you can start eating. Two, drink lots of water. (slurping) Mmm. – Drinking a lot of water
even when you’re not fasting. – People get dehydrated. We’re used to getting some
liquid from our food too, so you really need to make
sure that you’re increasing the hydration status,
and drinking more water. – I’ve been drinking lots of water, and the things I noticed are, number one, three, listen to your body. This ones a little tricky,
and every nutritionist I talked to, generally
says something like, listen to your body. – If you’re hungry, I
don’t think you should be going against your internal hues, and telling yourself not to eat, if you’re hungry you should eat. – And Autumn suggests full meals instead of several snacks
throughout the day. – What I found is really great
for success for weight loss, is having those full meals,
and eating until satiated, ’cause then you even get
a little bit of gut rest in between your meals during
your fasting period, too. – Sometimes I think we
have trouble identifying whether we need food or don’t. That’s why I get into trouble
with over eating and stuff. Especially when you’re
starting out with a diet. – You could feel some upset stomach issues if you are fasting for
a long period of time, and then you start your said
window with a huge meal, I would recommend starting off with something smaller
that’s lighter on the stomach and then increasing your food intake. – At first I kinda did feel that. I was probably eating
more than I needed to at breakfast, and throughout the day. Eventually I was able to overcome that by counting calories,
but that works for me, and that’s not necessarily
what’s recommended. My theory is that I probably
wasn’t really listening to what my body needed very
well before I started this. And counting calories helped
me get over the wanting to fill my gullet hole with num-nums. But everyone’s situation
is gonna be different. I think listen to your body can mean, hey, just make sure
you’re eating enough, pal. Or, hey, don’t eat too much, bucko. But everyone’s situation
is gonna be different. For me, it’s the eating too
much that was a problem. So, calorie counting worked out for me. I’m not a nutritionist, you
should talk to a professional before you attempt any of this. Four, five and four, do your research. I recommend reading as many articles as you can find on the subject, talking to a doctor, or a nutritionist, a professional of some kind, check out Autumn Bates’ channel, it’s been very helpful for me, check out what people are
gonna say in the comments, not everybody, but some people, I’m sure they’re gonna point out things I did wrong, go for it. Thank you for watching, YouTube thinks you’ll like this video. This a playlist of my previous challenges, including no sugar, no
internet, going vegan, getting up super early, lots of things. I have Patreon if you wanna support me, and there’s a secret
daily vlog over there, every week day, I do a video for patrons. And you can subscribe to
my channel and hit the bell for notifications, or just be you. And, or be you.

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