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  1. Joy Villa

    This was AWESOME! As a 14 year vegan I've tried it all, low carb, high carb, raw and yes, "Veto" Vegan Keto. I stick to a mainly low carb high proteinplant based diet now, but i'm gonna give Veto another try and this video helped me with meal ideas! PS Vegan protein is SO easy to get! Worry about your vitamin C as a meat eater, not protein as a vegan! 😉

  2. 80 Slim Shady's

    If you are vegan for anything other than the animals you are by definition, not a vegan. Diet is not vegan, diet is a consequence of not exploiting animals.

  3. Save Your Financial Ass

    You would like the VEGA SPORT Vanilla or Chocolate protein powder. I think you need less processed "vegan" meats and more whole/natural protein sources like BROCCOLI, EDAMAME, TOFU, and TEMPEH- tempeh has the texture you're looking for…

  4. Noura Salman

    You look healthier, leaner, and more handsome (in your face alone!) 1/2 way through the week into the diet. I think vegan looks good on you!

  5. Lœa Cläy

    Anytime something about veganism comes up, a lot of vegans get hotheaded if something is done wrong! I think he did fine, for doing vegan keto and not having the ability to eat a lot of fruits and legumes💁🏾‍♀️ he did just fine to me and didn’t complain like people keep saying he did

  6. Stealth

    By the way I get people who are vegans because they imagine a cow getting killed (sorry) but for the people who think its healthier to be a vegan………. I dont like you at all because cheese might be bad but meat isn't bad milk isn't bad I'm not trying to switch you to non vegan whatever it's called I'm just saying I strongly dislike (not hate but strongly dislike you) if you think being vegan is healthier

  7. Darlene DeVegan

    Don't you understand the intelligence and friendliness of pigs they're just as friendly as dogs and more intelligent. Why would you want to kill a pig to eat bacon when there are about fifty different types of vegan Bacon's that are very good.

  8. Darlene DeVegan

    A really crazy simple way to make tofu is open the package and trained it cut it into four pieces pick up one of the pieces and put it in three paper towels over the sink. Squish it as much as you can until all the water comes out then throw it in absolutely anything you are frying. Tastes good with onions and peppers, or anything you're frying it all. Once you learn how to cook it with a little oil and veggies, you will love it especially if it's a little crunchy! Not the healthiest way but it sure delicious 🙂

  9. Howdy there Stranger

    Why are y’all always acting like veganism is bad, hard, or even a punishment? Smh it’s not that deep

    Bless her for helping cook, she knows what’s up lol

  10. Petrescu Radu

    This dude was bitching so much în The beggining, but in the end it seems like he became more open minded. I appreciate that he tried the tofu and admitted to liking it. It all depends on how you cook foods, and if you eat tofu Raw no condiments, yeah, it 's kinda boring but in a hummus veggie Sandwich lets say, it getts pretty good, IT takes The flavours.

  11. Brianna morgan

    it’s funny how he mentioned “i’m not vegan or vegetarian i’m just doing a challenge” like he has to even mention that??? he was obviously embarrassed idk why ?

  12. Devin MEKELE Tiongco-Martone

    Model 3 with 19 inch rims @ 3:14!
    Much sexier than the diet he is on…
    & that is a strong statement from a seven years strong Herbivore!

  13. Marika Diaz

    “Being vegan is a privilege” its funny cause meat, dairy, and eggs are actually expensive. Most people in poverty live off of beans, rice, and veggies.

  14. Hannah Raymond-Jones

    "it's kind of a privilege" yeah, well when your being a super picky keto dieter who can't even eat beans or rice, yeah he is privileged to still be able to eat with such a restrictive version vegan diet where he is. Duh!

  15. Lilian Scorpion

    this video is really sweet and optimistic. I also thought it was really nice that Joshua addressed the privilege behind being able to go vegan a lot of time

  16. S D

    Your the worst, you made no effort in planning ahead, i am not sure why you bothered to post this. I really wanted to learn about vegan protein options that i can try.

  17. Whitnee LaCantante

    He didn’t do vegan keto the most efficient way. There is a misconception that vegan keto is impossible but it’s the opposite. It definitely takes a lot of planning but it can be done in a balanced and healthy way!

  18. Ioannis Pinakoulakis

    It is amazing how plentiful everything is in nature regarding food. On top of that, we have been blessed with the amazing gift of being omnivores, meaning free choice on every nutritional option. I would personally never give up on meat, but I have to respect each person's choice if they want to be vegeterians or vegans. Having said that, I would never suggest to a vegan to start eating meat or dairy if they want to follow a keto diet, but I would strongly suggest another healthy alternative as a diet nonetheless. Keto is hard enough as it is and even harder for vegeterians. To be on keto as a vegan is plain torture. One has to limit so vastly their available food choices and try really hard to maintain a reasonable protein to fat ratio, keeping carbs low at the same time. It is just Godlevel difficulty. Not to mention that it is next to impossible to stay below 20-25g of carbohydrates, so instead of keto one would probably have to follow a low carb diet of below 50g. Nothing is impossible, but there are so many diet styles out there that one need not suffer in their everyday life to achieve ketosis. Be vegan or be in keto, being in both sucks…

  19. janet cade

    Love this guy!! Love tofu! Love animals! gotta be vegan… for being cruelty free – for the planet, for well – feminism…
    Hey – wasn't milk made for a baby cow??

  20. Larisa Pearson

    Living in Fayetteville North Carolina where everything is wrapped in bacon and deep-fried with a side of gravy it is almost impossible to be vegetarian there are no vegetarian or vegan options at any fast food places here everything is homemade and homegrown I wish I could go to a restaurant and just order my food but I have to worry about if they pick the chicken out of it before they gave it to me or if it was fried in pork Grease

  21. 940TM Kris

    Vegan easy its 2019 get over it live a great life etc etc..but KETO TOO even I have to say good job for the effort bro haha

  22. Tusk

    Your forgeting stuff because egan diet lacks vitamin b12 and lacking this causes brain damage a vegan diet also increases stress and heart attack risks

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