I Tried 3 Pregnancy Meal Plans

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  1. Mary blog

    I'm arabic from iraq my family cook liver all the time i dont like it 🤪 but this is how we do it
    Some oil in pan
    One onion and 2 green pepper untill turn color u cut the liver for small cube shape and put some seasoning like salt black pepper and curry

  2. Madz R

    Have yours kids and husband plan you gender revel but they can’t tell you what they are doing it has to be a surprise. You just show up and see what happens. I hope that makes sense

  3. Kim Zastrow

    Seriously who lives like that…I had Xavier and we cook together had actually made me turkey and stuffing banquet complete meal…I had to measure out the water and work the over…but he stirred the stuffing with care

  4. Two Ways Out

    Is liver actually a healthy thing to eat? My cats never eat the livers of rodents they catch plus the liver is meant to filter out toxins in the body so wouldn’t it be filled with that? I don’t know 😂

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  6. Anais Chacin Boyd

    I mean I could eat the first meal plan no problem. And I like portions. Its kind of like making you meals into science. But my body have also never felt good with a big meal. Your body is obviously not in synch with that diet at all so its gonna be rough.

  7. ll sue

    for liver: I pat dry and then coat in little dry cake mix and shallow fry. or cut stips and put in garlic, hot and green pepper and salt for marinating and then stir fry. i dress it in a mix of vinegar, oil and cumin. it's good for you and delicious in a flat bread sandwich.

  8. Ruramai Munyanyi

    Boil liver in salted water until tender . Sauté in oil until browned (do not burn!) add tomatoes simmer ! Eat with eggs toasted bread for breakfast or with rice at dinner

  9. Bailey Simms

    The doctor-recommended meal plan was disappointing and just shows that many doctors don’t know squat about nutrition. You’re supposed to add 350-500 calories to your normal way of eating. That looked like a poorly planned weight loss diet 😅 loved the delivery service options! Even the 1940s one gave you more freedom at least.

  10. Jessica Murillo

    To make you feel better or worse, my dad used (sometimes now) eat animal organs like stomach, liver, heart, anything. And my mom used to cook for him. I sometimes eat cows tongue though.

  11. soly saif

    You can cook it with tomato, onion and bell pepper by cut them in cubes and slice up the liver into thin slices season it with salt and pepper . You can eat it as a sandwich or with Rice.

  12. Gabriela Michniewicz

    after you soau our liver in milk you shoud cut it in to small pieces (like inch by inch pieces), roll in flour and do not solt before frying, it will dry it out! fry them in oil like you did and on a low heat and under a cower that it will fry in the middle to. with fried onion with a little of apple and sour craut at side it is great . sweetness of onion will hide the taste od liver a little. And the best liver to eat is from chiken not from cows, it is not that bitter. Enjoy
    PS. English is not my first language so sorry for my mistakes 🙂

  13. Tansy Ryan

    Liver and liver supplements are so dangerous for pregnant women. Really high vit A beware of toxicity. Please be careful with them in future and talk to a dietician!

  14. Chrys Teo

    I've noticed that most picky eaters in families are the youngest sibling….
    My younger sister used to be super picky but she grew out of it. My boyfriends younger brother is 25 and he's the pickiest person I've ever met!

  15. Nicole Hartmann

    Liver tip: In college I went to a sri lankan house party and had some sort of liver with a decent amount of tumeric in it. Between the flavor and the exotic factor I found that it made the liver a lot more palatable than western preparations. Like… I actually liked it…of their white American guests, I ate the most.

    Really enjoying your vids has prompted me to finally research what it might have been. I now believe it was karal varuthathu. You could probably soak it even longer and still do the milk wash thing if you wanted to. I'm thinking that the vinegar and multitude of spices help to tenderize it a bit more and kill some of the aftertaste.

    Wyatt still wouldn't like it, but everyone else might be more okay with it.

  16. hailun Xu

    I wonder when Wyatt doesn’t like the food, does she give him something else to eat or just leave him alone? I need some parenting tips 😂

  17. Michelle B

    I had gestational diabetes and that first meal plan is very much similar to what I had to eat throughout my pregnancy. And I didn't have the luxury to go slam down some chips after.

  18. incaray69

    Is it just a UK thing? But we are advised not to eat any liver or anything with liver in it when pregnant. This really upset me as I was not allowed to eat pate. 😫 can’t remember why?

  19. SoupER Girl

    Better Way to eat lever: make lever paste/pâté it is danish stuff you put I. Sandwiches. Idk how to make it but you would prob be able to search up “danish lever paste” and a recipe would come up.

  20. ogregirl23

    I'm not sure about beef liver but, I love love love chicken liver. It is absolutely an acquired taste that if you give yourself some in a small amount over a couple of months you will start to crave it. Nutritionally, it is so good for you your body won't shut up about it making you crave it. The way I got hooked was at a fried chicken restaurant that had really good sweet rolls. When I took a bite of the liver it was so metallic tasting that I tried to cover it up by putting a bite of the sweet roll with it chewing them up together. That was an addictive combo and enough that my body started craving it within a few days. Eventually, I no longer required the roll or even it to be deep fried. My favorite way to eat chicken liver now is lightly floured with a couple tablespoons of oil browned on the stove with caramelized red onion which gives you the sweetness the roll gave. FREAKING delicious!!

  21. ogregirl23

    If your kids like ranch…I converted to using a spoonful of ranch on my baked potatoes. It has become my fav way to eat a baked potato. It also makes it pretty creamy like mashed potatoes.

  22. Jeanne R

    Ok I really need to know what's up with Americans and Brussels sprouts cause most of the ppl I've met in my life can't even handle seing pictures of them

  23. Euni Villarreal

    Here in México people loooove to eat liver with onions, it is called “hígado encebollado” my mom used to make it every thursday because of her diet, we hated it hahahahha so she would make us ham and eggs or something like that, also most moms cooks under a budget and livers are cheap … hate it but it’s very common in here

  24. Terri Koop

    So, the cod liver oil from the 40s plan is on point. I took it through my last pregnancy and now breastfeeding. It gives me so much energy and it makes my milk fattier as well. I’m not sure why more people don’t take it. We really don’t get enough omega 3s and it’s so important for brain health!

  25. Channie Chan

    For the liver, I never soak it in milk but I grew up just having it with cooked with lots of bacon( It balances out a lot of the weird aftertastes) and have it with with some rice that is cooked with magi and frozen veggies

    You could probably make it fancier but that’s the simple was raised with

  26. Lauren Cunningham

    I have a feeling she didnt clean the liver out properly. It should never be chewy, for it to taste really good and be enjoyable it needs to be completely rinsed out, and then it's mostly just a crispy dissolve in you mouth meat. It's also so much better with sauteed onions, it hides the after flavor

  27. Flower Road

    Gosh Idk know what kind of Doctor would recommend all these processed foods. Specially for the pregnant women and kids!!!!Only in the US 🤦‍♀️And ppl still wonder why Amercians are obsess. Probably buy some real veggies, Meat and fish. Cook and eat with brown rice or flat bread. Cut down on sugar for god sake. And you dont have to eat quinoa and other weird expensive foods.

  28. Clarinalein

    I haven't tried it, but I heard you can freeze your liver and then grate it, so you can put it in Bolognese etc. Together with other meats so it's not that promint in taste or texture

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