Happy eight month anniversary No better way to spend it than beating your butt (Corynne) even though I’m gonna beat you and you have to buy me yeezys I just want to say that I love you you’re scared though. I’m not scared, bro. You bout to get it I’m getting those Yeezys Sorry sir we can’t drive right now. We’re in the middle of doing our intro welcome back. Welcome back If you haven’t already hit that subscribe button and click the bell to turn on our post notifications What’s up everybody, it’s been a very crazy week for both Corynne and I today I got off early and we decided to just get dinner have some snacks watch some movies I’m very excited for dinner. We’re going to Buffalo Wild Wings I love extra crispy chicken wings with dry rubs and ranch – Corynne sticks to what she sticks to, but I’ll get a bunch of different sauces Sorry, I get a bunch of different sauces if you only put a little bit on you, so good a flavor You know, it’s something you can switch up a lot, but still eat all the time If all goes well, and we’re still hungry. We will go to Walgreens Walgreens is the PLUG for Keto snacks I have a sweet tooth, she has a sweeter tooth They have so much sugar free stuff (Megan) I’ve never had a sweet tooth before either I loved salty salty salty all the time Like I didn’t eat a lot of sweets at the end of the 30-day challenge. We’re leaving and we’re going somewhere for my birthday. So During that trip, we will compare sweet tea and unsweet tea, fake sugar drink real sugar drink, you know I’m saying you can see if your preferences has changed because mine definitely did so if you guys like that idea Let us know in the comments. We are gonna go get dinner. Let’s go get this chicken B-dubs baby. I am trying to walk in your shadow. (Corynne) I Don’t want you in my shadow. Get in the light girl, shine on it’s Insanely busy, so we had to sit at the bar if they had no problem Tell me something I haven’t been this excited for Buffalo Wild Wings in a very long time This is our bunless burger there’s supposed to be bacon and avocado but there isn’t Super super full. I am also super super full, but I’m Taking Corynne to go to Walgreens. We’re gonna go get snacks, see ya in a lil bit I’m excited to see what this Walgreens has in store Reese’s peanut butter cups are always a go. nibs are for sure. They have zero grams Dark chocolate pecan delights have 17 grams of carbs 12 of sugar alcohol into a dietary fiber, which means No, we shouldn’t we have the weigh-in tomorrow show the People what we’re working with 1 grams in two links so if you’re looking for something like beef jerky, these are the best Oh Dr. Pepper, obviously the aspartame is not the best for you, but I haven’t had soda in months So we’re doing it tonight. Oh, I’m Cheating One gram and I’m on two tablespoons and there’s 37 tables. Oh Wait here Welcome to Corynne and Megan’s Keto horror stories Once Upon a Time two girls decided to do a keto challenge and everybody told them that it was dangerous What was dangerous about it is really bad for their health and their organs, especially The first thing that we heard a lot of is That eating that much fat cannot possibly be good for you people are saying basically that the amount of fat that we are ingesting is dangerous for our body especially the kidneys Because we’re also supposedly eating an increased amount of protein However, the keto diet is not a high protein diet. It’s a high fat diet Moderate protein low sugar and carbs. Thanks for your concern. I can’t even totally fine another one well Slow down your metabolism and makes you super bloated There’s two parts to that statement that I have heard very frequently one that Ketosis causes inflammation and the second that it slows your metabolism If you’re eating bacon in processed cheese every single day. Yeah, you’re probably gonna get a little bloated You should trade that out with some asparagus maybe some spinach a little bit. Tuna salad salmon Avocados there’s a ton of amazing ways to get good fats and not eat processed cheeses. Well quality meats The second part of that is it slows down your metabolism that is just absolutely wrong Like I don’t know how to say it’s totally wrong high carbohydrate diets slow down your metabolism It causes insulin to be produced and your insulin slows down your ability to lose fat and to use fat for fuel So if you are reducing the amount of carbohydrates You you are reducing the amount of insulin that’s being produced in your body And therefore your body can then begin processing the fat for energy instead What you got to say? I was just gonna say that if your body can run off of fat and function while burning it Why would you eat something to slow down the process? Genius baby keto is bio hacking your system. Somebody basically compared it to upgrading your software on your phone like way way way back in the day people weren’t eating processed foods and processed sugars and the and ourselves were literally eating meat and like Vegetables and our body knows how to adapt and run off fat for fuel So why you would put a bunch of carbs and sugar in your body that your body has to convert make zeros? mm-hmm and Another one. keto just isn’t sustainable long-term You’ll end up gaining everything back and then you’ll be skinny fat Keto, very very strict keto for nine months last year. I lost fifty pounds And then I took maybe three months off and I gained nine pounds Out of the fifty back over the course of three months me eating whatever I wanted keto Reduces your cravings it speeds up your metabolism You’re not gonna be as hungry and you’re gonna have a ton more energy if you are actually resetting your metabolism getting skinny fat or Gaining all of that back is most likely not gonna happen Now the real Tea about keto has been spilled We’re gonna go eat our snacks and get ready for tomorrow’s weigh-in Tomorrow we find out who’s winning gonna start getting competitive In our other videos two weeks closer to a new pair of Yeezys or naked Wolf’s But right now week featin. Mm-hmm That was probably two carbs max and totally wear that C yall in a bit All right today is our check-in It’s the 15th of August Which also means that it is eight months that Megan and I have been dating so I just got to her job I Picked her up some some flowers and roses. I am shy so I’m not gonna bring them into her job I’m gonna wait to give them to her So let’s go grab her give her the flowers check in and get our BMI’s tested it. I’ve been working hard I’ve been fasting I’ve been drinking a lot of water. I’ve done some push-ups, so hopefully I’m winning Happy 8 months Love you. Thank you. Thank you Found her! I got flowers She got flowers. I got some new brands showing what you did You know, I can’t be looking raggedy Especially not on our eighth month halfway through, how do you feel? I Feel so much better I’ve been waking up like 6:30 7:00 every morning awake ready to get up excited to go to work I have not been waking up with a lot of energy. I’ve actually been up super late at night. I’m on my normal schedule I wake up around 10:00 and then I go to like 4:00 a.m. She is asleep by 10:00 p.m And up at 6:00 a.m. So let’s go see how our bodies are doing. See all that nutri shot You ready yeah, let’s do this, yeah There’s sensors right here wrap your fingertips from that sensor finger down the center of the 24.6 so when down a lot yeah So what were you 169 is what I was We went today as you saw and we got our two-week checkup lots and lots of really great results I didn’t think I was gonna do that good. Most people expect to just lose weight right out of the gate on keto right That’s how it works everybody. I Lost a pound and a half over two-week period it doesn’t sound so great. I Gained a pound. So typically you would think that those are not good results, but when you look a little further We got some really good information. So looking at mine specifically When I first weighed in I weighed 169 pounds when I went in today, I weigh 160 7.5 pounds when I got there, I weighed one hundred and nine point five pounds and today I weigh 110 point three looking at our pound of fat I started out at forty nine point eight pounds of weight on my body all being fat today Forty two point three pounds of my body is fat which is down seven and a half pounds of fat Even though I only lost a pound and a half a comprehensive weight. I lost seven and a half pounds of fat So when I first did it my body fat weight was thirty two point four So I went from thirty two point four to twenty seven point two So you’re down five point two pounds my skeletal muscle mass started out at sixty six point six pound today 69 point nine six and nine point nine unit we upgraded Way better than six six six. Oh You were think I was No now I’m sixty nine point nine. Whoa, that’s amazing I know so I gained three point three pounds of muscle which turns out it was in my legs my Skeletal muscle mass was forty one point four and now it is at forty five. So that is three point six shrunk What’s the trunk? It’s like your butt. You know, you’re drunk I almost called it wrong. Yeah, I don’t like junk in the trunk No, that’s not it so yeah ultimately this is what you really wanna write both of us started at 29.5% that on our bodies I ended up at twenty five point three, which means that I lost four point two percent body fat in a two-week period Pretty good. I went from twenty nine point five to twenty four point six So although she gained weight she has lost more percentage of body fat than I have I gained more muscle She lost more percentage body fat. I lost more weight. So we are very very very close There’s no one way to determine who is the overall winner. We may just take it to the P We may also just give you guys a vote when we post our before and after pictures and if you don’t pick me I’m not posting no more videos You’re such a sore loser we will post our progress pictures next so you can see where we started where we’re at All right So we figured out that we are gonna have some health professionals look at The information and let us know who they think is one and we’ll do best two out of three are not so easy This is a public service announcement. We by no means think that we are Kito professionals nutritionists or doctors But we’re also not uneducated we’ve done the research and this is what we know for sure Quito is used to treat epilepsy Parkinson’s disease Alzheimer’s Did I Say type 2 diabetes some forms of cancer And a ton of other things if you guys want to learn more about that two people that I watched, dr Eric Byrd and Thomas deLauer either one of them have a bunch of videos and you can get more information there Before we go if you haven’t already to what you know You wanted to like comment subscribe Hit that Bell to get the notifications from when we post and when we go alive, and I think that’s about it Everyone have a lovely night

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    Happy anniversary to you guys! Thank you for educating us on ketosis and the facts of it. There's so much negativity around so many different dieting plans and it really just comes down to educating yourself and doing some research. You guys are both doing fricken awesome all while delivering epic content. You guys seriously inspire so many of us and make Mondays soooooo much better. Keep doing what you're doing. Much love 🔥❤

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