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Hey guys, Heather Hooker here from
And today I want to share my favorite app to track your macros throughout the day on
the keto diet, and that is Carb Manager : Keto Diet App. Now I tried a lot of apps that are
keto diet friendly, Carb Manager : Keto Diet App, my fitness pal, keto diet, this and that.
My favorite one and I think the one that is the easiest to use is called Carb Manager
: Keto Diet App. It really focuses on your carbs. , it also has a lot of extra features
if you want to do the upgrade at the free version is really great, but what I want to
do is just walk you through how to use this setup wizard to find your macros for the keto
diet that are going to, help you achieve your weight loss goals, , on your timeline. Okay, so this is the Carb Manager : Keto Diet
App app. You’re going to go to the getting started wizard and set up
what you want to track when you create your profile. You put in your sex birthday, height,
weight and activity level. And then you set your goals based on how many pounds you want
to lose or gain per week. Once you have your calorie goal set, you can choose which method
you want to eat. So if you want ketogenic, it’s going to set your macro percentages to
this : 5% Net Carbs, 25% Protein, 70% Fat. You can also pick Low Carb High Fat (12% Net
Carbs, 25% Protein, 63% Fat) more Balanced (33% Net Carbs, 33% Protein, 33% Fat) Zone
Diet which is 40% Net Carbs, 30% Protein, 30% Fat along with Bodybuilding, Low Carb
Moderate Fat and Custom Macro Percentages options. So there’s a few different options. Now we
have macros all set. We’ve got carbs at the top. Then you can go to the search bar. I’m
add whatever food you ate, I’m adding my Keto Kreme I had for breakfast. Another feature
that I really liked is the scan where you can scan any packaged foods. Another really
great feature of Carb Manager : Keto Diet App is there a recipe editor where you can
log your favorite recipes and then it will let you add one serving and it will count
your calories, your macros, and your carbs for one serving. So I’m going to walk you
through really quickly how to add a recipe and save it to your recipes. This app also comes with a recipe search engine
built in full of low carb recipes. Makes it really easy when you get stuck or when you
get bored or when you get tired of the same old things to find some new recipes that are
going to fit into your macros. So you’ll see this is what your daily userface
looks like. I like the design. It’s clean, it’s simple, it’s colorful but not too colorful.
I liked the circle wheel at the top that shows you how many carbs you have left. And then
I also like to scroll up to the top and see the detailed view. So I can see my macro percentage
split, you can also track your water really easy. You just tap the water glasses and if
you connect it to your Fitbit or your health app on your phone, you can also track your
steps, which I haven’t done, but I probably should connect. So overall it’s a great app.
There’s a lot of features built in on the free version. The upgraded version is really
inexpensive. I think it’s worth it if you use the free version and you really like it,
but you just want more. Because there’s even more features on the premium version. I hope
this helps. Thanks for listening and be sure you subscribe to my youtube channel for more
videos like this!

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