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  1. Kristin Shaffer

    So sorry you're having troubles hearing this video. I think if you turn up the volume on the video and/or your speakers you should be able to hear it okay. Thanks so much for pointing it out!

  2. Leah Barrett

    thank you so much! i am doing a diet right now myself and i wasnt too sure on what i should do to reward myself, i really liked it when you said to have the right mind set so you can reach your goal 🙂 thanks for uploadingthis video!

  3. Kristin Shaffer

    You're very welcome Leah. It's definitely a life long journey, not a short term sprint. I'm working on another FABulously Fit Friday about "AutoDiet" – the concept of just putting our eating habits on autopilot so we don't have to stress/think about it all the time. 🙂 With love ~Kristin <3

  4. Daniela Patiño

    Thank you, I just got out of a very strict diet and lost a lot of weight but when I reached my goal I starting "rewarding" myself with food I hadn't eaten during the diet. BIG MISTAKE now I have gained weight and this makes me sad and insecure, after watching this I think you have saved me, thank you for that, cause no one really advices you correctly when you start a diet.

  5. Kristin Shaffer

    Daniela thank you so much for sharing and letting me know how you feel. Practicing self love is the best things we can do for ourselves. We can then offer so much more of ourselves to the world to help others. With love ~Kristin <3

  6. banan kanafani

    Sometimes I wake up and I be like Iam gonna go run but after then I just don't feel like doing get but I regret it and I used to workout everyday Iam so mad

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