How to stick to your DIET Plan by Sudhir Khollam, Prosperity Coach

Has it been a challenge to you to make a diet
your habit? And have you ever quit your diet and went
back to your original ideas and your original habits of eating junk food probably. If that is the case, then I have a story for
you I want to share. Keep watching
I am blessed to have really loving parents, I’m also blessed to have a really loving
but very serious dietician, a diet coach and my mom just asks me one day, I had just gone
on a diet and my mom comes to me and she asks me, out of love she asks me because I love
vada pav that she cannot see me giving up on vada pavs. So she asks me, ”Sudhir how long are you
gonna go on this diet?” And my immediate response to that was I am
gonna go on a diet till the time it becomes a habit. I don’t want to leave this diet because
I am very serious about my health. I want to achieve a physical shape, but it’s
not only about a physical shape, it’s also about spiritual shape and its also about spiritual
energies because I know if I work on my body enough, I’m gonna elevate myself on a spiritual
level also. So I’m gonna go on a diet till it becomes
a habit and I also spoke to my dietician, I told him, “gimme a fulfilling diet, do
not give a diet which will keep me hungry all the time.” And you know what there diets are like that
and he was more than efficient to give me a diet like that. He’s a very good friend of mine and he is
also a franchise owner of Success Habits Academy. But my point is this, go on a fulfilling diet
till it becomes a habit. Hi this is Sudhir Khollam, author of the book
“Money Lessons from Mother Nature”, entrepreneur, investor, you tuber, and thank you thank you
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