How to Start Intermittent Fasting with Vegan Diet 19- Full Day of Eating

hey guys Kevin Kreider today I am going
to do a full day of eating with a vegan diet while doing intermittent fasting
and for those who don’t know how to do a vegan diet or intermittent fasting I
have past videos I’ve done based on this subject but I’m doing a travel vlog on
vegan diets and intermittent fasting in different parts of the country and
different cities in Asia and right now I am in fuqua Vietnam and I’ve only been
here for a couple of days and I was able to do a weight training session this
morning and I had a cup of coffee and just I was drinking plenty of water guys
throughout the whole day it is almost 10:00 a.m. I’ve been drinking water
since I woke up had coffee and it’s Vietnamese coffee most of the time but
today it’s been more like Hotel Vietnamese coffee which is not the same
just because the writings in Vietnamese does not mean it is Vietnamese coffee I
found that it’s just not as strong I just finished working out and I had two
cups of coffee before my workout and that will desensitize your pain
receptors with the caffeine increases your focus and intensity and endurance
caffeine has been shown to do that especially up to 300 milligrams right
before you workout and at about 20 to 30 minutes before because it takes about 20
or 30 minutes for it to absorb into your into your system I am doing a 14 hour
fasting window combined with a 10 hour feeding window and I usually do that
with vegan diets because I need a fair amount of calories I need at least 2,500
calories and that’s in a caloric deficit to 3000 calories to maintain my weight
from a vegan diet and I’ve been finding that it’s been very challenging for me
to get enough calories through plant-based and vegan diet and not
having cheese and fats I’m getting a lot of my calories from nuts and grains and
noodles and Vietnamese diet has a lot of fun and that’s usually what I’ve been
having for breakfast actually is ba with tofu and it’s been harder to try to get
enough protein especially a variety of protein so most of my protein here in
Vietnam has been not and fuck with vegetables like as much
greens as possible and especially tofu that’s been my saving grace here the
little tip too for people just starting off with doing intermittent fasting with
a vegan diet if your calorie intake to lose body fat and that’s your goal is to
lose body fat and if it’s 2,000 calories or below I recommend starting off with a
10 hour feeding window and then a 14 hour fasting window to just get used to
intermittent fasting especially if you’re just starting if you’ve already
done intermittent fasting before and you’ve already done V and then why I
recommend doing these is going right into the 16 8 16 hours of fasting eight
hours of feeding because the calories are slightly less and it’s harder to eat
that it’s easier to eat 2,000 calories in a eight hour feeding window than it
is when you have to eat 3,000 calories in an eight-hour feeding window a
beginner once you get that window of 10 hours and you’re adjusted then I
recommend going to the 16 8 window the 16 hours of fasting eight hours of
feeding but like I said if you are above 2500 calories like I am to 3000 then I
recommend just sticking with the 10 hour feeding window and 14 hours of fasting
right away because I find it’s very difficult and challenging to get enough
of that those calories especially in the beginning cuz you’re always going to be
off a little bit with the calories in the beginning of the vegan diet little
problems very manageable but a lot of people what’s the problem that you can’t
even know if calories probably that is that you just hit a wall because I found
out I was only eating twelve to fourteen hundred calories when I was used to 25
to 3,000 and I felt the energize I was losing strength I was losing energy
right away and I definitely was losing a little bit of muscle at the same time
being underneath that extreme of a low for about seven days in a row so it’s it
wasn’t a benefit for me at that time alright I’m off to breakfast it’s around
10:00 a.m. got up at 6 a.m. just got my workout in started at 9:00 and I’m gonna
have my first meal a day it’s 10 a.m. and I have to say I’ve discovered a new
amazing fruit it’s called passion fruit and mmm I love
it cuz it’s party like a candy like a piece of candy
it’s really tardy actually and I love to nan the seeds no usually with
intermittent fasting I like to use fruit as a strategy to be like training wheels
so for instance if you’re not used to a 16 hour fast you can have a piece of
fruit an hour or two before you break your fast and that just hold you over
until you get to your first big meal of solid food so you get adjusted to it it
does technically break the fast when you have a piece of fruit because it spikes
up your insulin and then it slows and reduces the growth hormone and
epinephrine norepinephrine but it’s for the mental sanity of people to get
through the fasting period so then eventually after 2 or 3 months of doing
that you can stop using the fruit strategy before you break it fast and
then you can also use fruit as something in between your meals so for instance if
I get up at 6 a.m. and my first meal that 12:00 using the fruit strategy in
the beginning I would have a piece of fruit around 10:00 or 11:00 and then
have my first meal at 12 and then using the fruit strategy again in between my
meals I could have my first meal at 12 using the same method of waking up at 6
first meal at 12 I’m around 2 to 3 have a piece of fruit like passion fruit and
then have my last meal around 6 or 7 o’clock and then start fasting again but
for this you lose what you want to do that is because fruit can be digested a
little bit easier on an empty stomach and but when it’s mixed with food it
gets all jammed up in your stomach and it’s just not as good but what I have
here two pieces of passion fruit and I’m eating that right now what I’ll do is
I’ll eat this for about 10 or 15 minutes later let it go through my body a little
bit more and then I’m gonna have my this is the but just without the broth
obviously of tofu Q servings of tofu vegetable fuck some people call Bo but I
call it tha because I got ripped by a Vietnamese girl who’s like that’s so
disrespectful you dumb American actually she probably didn’t say that I’m just
kind of making that up but I like to say that instead of vote now I do just
because I’m in Vietnam and when Vietnam why not just get the language correct so
I’ll eat this this is about 33 grams of protein and you’ll fill me up and don’t
forget because I’m doing a 10-hour window it just gives me more time to
have three meals three whole meals in this feeding period which goes counter
conduct counterproductive of what I preached in the past with intermittent
fasting which is three meals is bulking but that was before vegan because vegan
it’s just so low-calorie anyway it’s Whole Foods and it’s a lot of its
unprocessed so you’re not gonna be able to be able to eat three meals more at
least most people won’t be able to in in a tower or a six hour feeding windows so
I like to extend the window by two hours like a bulking strategy I do in the past
you need three whole meals or and have a piece of food in between or a snack like
nuts in between my meals just to get enough calories and protein in
throughout the day so I’m gonna enjoy this and I’ll see you guys at the next
meal mmm just took a nap on this little bench right here and just waking up
again I finished reading a little bit of my book I’m going to have a little bit
of coffee right now it’s run twelve o’clock and like I said I don’t really
recommend having more than three to four cups of coffee a day this is instant
coffee by the way and the month on this imperfect that
especially since I’ve been in Vietnam I sometimes been having like four five and
actually keeps me up at and all night so just be aware of that too when you had
too much coffee I recommend breaking not breaking but I recommend cutting off the
last cup of coffee at least six hours before you go to bed at least really
what’s recommended is about twelve to six to sixteen hours I mean caffeine has
a half-life around 16 hours actually so that’s really ideal it’s almost like
right away when you wake up but uh twelve hours you can probably get away
with and even ten and I know that seems like I just keep going lower numbers but
recently I’ve only been doing about six hours before I go to bed even though I
have to tell you the consequence is actually just getting up at midnight and
being restless and also just having bursts of energy so I’m gonna try to
practice what I preach today and have my last cup ten hours before I go to for a
little bit which right now this is my last cup of coffee
of course just had a pineapple fried rice which is
very low-calorie and that’s why I extend by feeding window a little bit longer
just because it takes someone that I eat chocolate I did not eat chocolate she’s
lying she’s lying gummy belly the picking on me right now see you’ll see
in the MyFitnessPal I still have less than a thousand calories I ate today last night was delicious it had some of
the best sauteed mushrooms that I had and I was finally able to get lentils in
and lentil salads and they have great source of protein lentils it wasn’t as
much as I would have liked the lentils something I would have probably done
better yesterday for food is actually get more nuts in because my fats were
extremely low and my protein was low and I might have gotten an extra lentil
salad and as you can tell the calories or sums were somewhat loved and the
thing is I like to have at least 2,500 calories even on a vegan diet which is
probably explain why I’m just dropping so much weight so fast even a little bit
of muscle and being a little bit out of my weight training routine as well ask
the waiters if the bread was vegan I had my friend asking Vietnamese and even
then you have to be a little weary because they’re not quite sure what
vegan really means here so you have to say no milk no dairy no cheese no
nothing okay no cream you have to be very specific whenever you ask if there
is a certain product in some of the food and they actually had a vegetarian list
as butchers where I got the lenses from but then I asked for no cheese that’s
how you can do it with going vegan in different parts and now this was a
really nice restaurant so I wouldn’t say this is your gonna have the
accommodation like this everywhere you go in Vietnam because every place I’ve
gone to in Vietnam that didn’t have a set of accommodation and service they
didn’t really understand and things came out with chicken even though is they
said vegetarian and there’s no it’s being in vegan movement and it still
came with shrimp and all that kind of stuff so you have to be careful my
protein was extremely well that is something that I do get concerned about
especially with the weight training I do and wanting to keep my physique I like
to at least break a hundred and that’s something I could have done so I’m gonna
try to overcompensate a little bit more today I just wanted to show you what an
example looks like a full day of eating for me being vegan it’s a lot of food as
you can see and yet it’s still somewhat low calories which explains experience
can be extremely healthy and thin if they eat right and that’s really been
hard for me is to get enough calories and I hope you guys enjoyed that video
and if you got some value please share because that’s see who our people can
find out and learn about this stuff that you’re learning right now and enjoying
and finding value and subscribe please take the body design tools in the
description above it’s free to take it’s a quiz and it’ll guide you to one of my
muscle and strength programs and my body design collection see you guys

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Reader Comments

  1. C Lombard

    Wow, you are in my homeland. Awesome!!! While you are still in VN, we eat alot root vegetables, as main meals in soups or desserts. Ask around to get some steamed casava, sweet potato, purple potato, taro root. Also, eat bananas. You can find grilled bananas served with coconut milk. Very delicious! That will help you meet your calorie requirement. Awesome and honest video. You have said that this is perhaps, not a permanent pledge to the vegan lifestyle. I respect that. Do what is right for you! I have been vegan for 34 yrs, weight train, and functional train 7 days a wk. Being vegan does NOT effect my strength or muscular development or maintenance. I recover faster than when I was consuming animal flesh. I see that you are a very passionate individual when it comes to accomplishing your goals. I have no doubt that you will find that sweet spot in your adventure exploring the vegan "diet". Like you said, you have to EAT alot more….I mean ALOT more!! But watch out for the vegan "junk" food. Eventually, it will effect your training and waistline. It happened to me in my early years when I first started out. Enjoy the rest of your time in VN.

  2. C Lombard

    Ah, ambitious and wicked sense of humor too.
    If you feel up to it, check out Jon Venus, Nimai Delgado, Guilt free Vegan (Jeff) and see how much they eat, and they are all in great shape like you.

  3. Steven Bayacsan

    Greetings from Baguio City, Philippines! I enjoy watching your vlogs. I'm a meat lover actually. However, watching your vlogs about vegan makes me want to incorporate veggies and fruits in my diet. Whenever I eat meat for the most part of my diet, I ended up suffering from constipation. Keep bringing those great vlogs, Kevin. It's really more than just muscle! 🙂

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