*music* Hi, this is Steph from and today we’re making my Roasted Mediterranean Veggies Recipe. I
always love to throw a couple of trays of veggies in the oven on my meal prep
day…that way I have already cooked veggies ready for during the week when
things get a little bit hectic. The combination of veggies in this recipe is
flexible but this is what I really like to add: I start with two Roma tomatoes—those are the kind of plum tomatoes— they’re a little bit longer and they
have just such a nice concentrated flavor. I quarter those and I cut
the seeds out. That way the tray doesn’t get too steamy. We want to roast these
veggies and get a nice caramelization around the outside so we don’t want to
include too much moisture. I also chopped up a couple of zucchini and I love that
combination of flavors. Then I’ll take an eggplant and sort of slice that
in half in two semicircles and put that on the tray. I like to include a yellow bell
pepper. I love the combination of colors in this recipe as well. And then I add a
red onion or purple onion. If you’re shooting for getting as many colors of
the rainbow as you can in one day, here you go. To that I add a little bit of
either olive oil or avocado oil. That just helps to coat everything and make
sure that it’s not going to burn and it’s going get a nice caramelization
around the outside, a little bit of salt and pepper, and then some Italian herbs
that are the dried Italian herb blend. Then I sprinkle that on the top. I
toss it all together with my hands because they’re the best tools in the
kitchen, and then I put that in the oven to roast at about 400 degrees F. I roast
this for about 20 to 30 minutes. Just keep an eye on it toward the end. You
really want the veggies to develop that nice light brown color around the edges.
You might want to stir once or twice throughout the roasting process, and then
when I take it out I sometimes like to hit it with a little bit of fresh basil
just for that nice vibrant, herby flavor that’s fresh and contrasts really
nicely with the sweetness of the veggies. You can save this for any meal
throughout the week, heat it up, and it’s side dish. For more recipes just like my
roasted Mediterranean veggies head over to

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