How To Prepare A Banana Smoothie

How to make a banana smoothie. Hello and welcome to Videojug. We’re going
to show you how to make a banana smoothie. Bananas are high in fiber and a great energy
booster. Step 1. You will need: one ripe banana, 150
milliliters of plain yoghurt, one tablespoon of honey and eight ice cubes.
Here’s that list again. You’ll also need the following utensils: a knife, some greaseproof
paper, a measuring jug, a blender and a serving glass. Step 2: Prepare the banana. To give the drink
a thick consistency and to keep it cold, freeze the banana in advance. Peel it and chop it
into quarters then wrap it in greaseproof paper and place it in the freezer. Step 3: Blend.
Add 150 milliliters of plain yoghurt to the blender. Handy hint: adding the liquid ingredients
first. Stops the frozen fruit from blocking the blending mechanisms. Add the frozen banana,
followed by a tablespoon of honey and about 8 ice cubes. Place the lid on firmly and blend
until the mixture is smooth. If you prefer a thinner consistency add a little milk and
keep blending. Pour into a glass, drop in a couple of straws, and serve.

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Reader Comments

  1. Paul Cowsill

    i use banana, milk, ice, vanilla, and perhaps brown sugar. is there such a thing as banana yogurt? I use it with kiwi and perhaps blueberry. btw, if you want skimmed milk, just use whole milk and add water.

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  4. One and Fun

    My way is the best and way faster!! Just eat the banana, eat the yogurt, eat the ice, then sleep, it will smooth in your tummy…. yummy

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