How To Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

You’re losing weight everything’s great and
then BAM you had a weight loss plateau today I wanted to talk about the plateau
because it’s something that pretty much everybody goes through when you’re
losing weight it’s a dreaded thing and it can really throw you off track if you
don’t know how to properly deal with it so today I’m going to talk about my own
personal experience with them and how I overcome them so my own personal
experience with Plateau the main one that I went through it was so
frustrating I had lost about 20 pounds from late February of 2015 until about
July of 2015 and so it was about five pounds a month I was pretty happy with
that and then I just couldn’t lose weight
anymore it just I hovered right around 200 for until really January of 2016 and it
was so frustrating I really I was just I didn’t know what to do
luckily during that time I read an article and it was encouraging and it
basically said you know don’t give up and and don’t panic so I’m gonna give
you a process that I go through if I’m ever plateauing and I don’t want to be
then I go through this process first of all determine are you really in a
plateau and the way I would define a plateau is that for one month you have
seen no decrease in your weight remember your weight loss is like a heartbeat it
goes up it goes down and you have to look at that trend line so it’s very
hard to see like week to week if you’re really in a plateau so I would say if
you’re you know if if after a month you’re just seeing it
flatline then at that point I would say you’re in a plateau then the second
thing I would do is put a positive spin on it instead of saying oh I’m in a
plateau realize hey I am I’ve learned how to maintain my weight loss right now
and really if you think about it learning how to maintain your weight
loss is really just as important as learning how to
lose weight in the first place because if you lose weight but you don’t
understand how to keep it off then you’re back where you started so if you
really are in a plateau here’s what I would suggest you ask yourself
number one do I have a written plan and if the answer to that is no you need to
write down your plan because chances are you just don’t really know what your
plan is you’re not really sticking to it and that’s why you’re just kind of in
this area of a plateau now if you do have a written plan you need to ask
yourself am i following this consistently and this I think is the
biggest part of weight loss is being consistent whatever you do whatever plan
you choose I don’t care if it’s intermittent fasting or if it’s Atkins
or if it’s paleo or 30 day fix or whatever it is you have to be consistent
with it one thing I do is I ask myself at the beginning of every day did I
follow my plan yesterday and the reason I ask it in the morning the day after
is you know because snacks and late night things can happen so instead of
saying it you know after supper I wait until the next morning and do a whole
review of the day before in my mind if you sit down and you and you’re honest
with yourself and you say I’m really not being consistent ask yourself why
are you not being consistent and basically there are two options either
your plan is too hard or your plan is okay but you just haven’t really
committed to it so if your plan is too hard I would say find another plan
there’s no reason to make this too hard on yourself different plans work for
different people so just say okay that one was not gonna work for me moving on
or you can just make some minor changes to the plan to what you know you can
stick to if on the other hand do you know that you can stick to the plan but
it’s just because you really haven’t committed to and
I’m serious then recommit to it say okay I haven’t been doing this but I’m gonna
I’m gonna recommit okay well what if you say hey I have a
written plan I have been very consistent with it and the scale is just not moving
down and that does happen sometimes I would say my own personal opinion is
give it two more weeks and I know that sounds like a lot that’s six weeks of
being at the same weight but again if you’re staying at the same way that’s
that’s an okay place to be that means that you’re learning right now whatever
I’m I’m doing is maintaining my weight in most cases in my experience the scale
does start to move down again but if you still are stuck with that number you’ve
been after like that’s a whole six weeks of being the stuck at that same number
then you probably need to tweak your plan just a little and my own personal
opinion would be you need to tweak your eating plan the exercise component is
important in that it keeps you active keeps you feeling good and all that but
really you can’t outrun your fork that’s a true statement you know personally I
can still lose weight on this plan that I have of eating once a day but there
may come a time in the future that if I want to continue to lose weight I mean I
may need to like modify the types of foods and stuff that I eat but right now
it’s still working for me really any diet plan that’s how it works it’s that
you are just consuming fewer calories and then what you’re burning and you
know pretty much anything Atkins or paleo all of those things work because
you’re just you’re putting less into your body than what you need and you’re burning off pounds it just so happens though with intermittent fasting
that’s how I can eat fewer calories and not feel deprived so if you need to
tweak your plan make it very minor and make it very achievable and know
that you can be consistent with it this is not a time to be all crazy because
whatever you weren’t doing was working so likely it just is going to take a
tiny little change to then get that scale moving back down and you know if
you make that minor tweak and it still doesn’t move the scale it make another
minor tweak but each time make sure that you’re being consistent with it so
basically you’re just gonna have to be stubborn with this Plateau be more
stubborn than the plateau that’s my best advice so to recap remember think of it
as being in temporary maintenance mode don’t think of it is this horrible
plateau ask yourself do I have a written plan ask yourself am i sticking to that
plan if it’s too hard tweak it if you’re being consistent
though give it another couple of weeks and then minor adjustments only so I
hope that helps I know that it’s helped me when I am going through a plateau
generally I’ll be honest with you it’s because that means I’m kind of going off
plan I’m not being very consistent and then that’s when the scale starts to
stall out if you have had a problem with a plateau in the past how did you break
through it let us know in the comments below let’s learn each other’s tips and
tricks so I hope you enjoyed this video if you would like to see more videos
like this be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe

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Reader Comments

  1. anderson cadogan

    My plan was the same during that time. Nothing changed, not diet or exercise. I got 3 more extra hours of sleep and scale started moving again,

  2. The Bearded Father

    Hey what's up? Just came across your channel! Plateaus happen from time to time! You are so right your weight can go up and down! Putting a positive spin on anything is a GREAT ideaπŸ‘ I wish you the best I just subbed #7 and liked to show my support! Good luck with everything!

  3. juanita arbelo

    How about bowel movements? I know, I know, TMI…lol just curious. I've always struggled with constipation and I'm hoping IF is going to fix it eventually. Do you have a video on it?

  4. Good Cooker

    It's nice to hear someone talk about a plateau at a higher weight during the weight loss journey.Β  I am at a plateau at the moment and still have 40 pounds to lose.Β  Thanks for the information.

  5. Beating Obesity

    " make small tweaks"
    " think of it as a temporary maintenance phase"
    "Be more stubborn than the plateau "

    Kayla was listening to some of your older videos and just wanted to commend you for these solid tips. Overcoming plateaus is all about how tough you are mentally and these suggestions above are right on point. Making small tweaks was my thing but the others are helpful too and original.
    Good stuff.

  6. Franco Catucci

    Just expect plateaus there normal give it about 6 weeks then the scale should start moving downward again . I been in a plateau know for about 3 weeks not freaking out the body has to shrink to catch up to the weight loss part and theres other great things going on in our bodies that we cant see but we feel it …

  7. Franco Catucci

    Kayla if i start implementing a 1 day a week cheat day no rules will i gain weight?
    Thank you. Oh Kayla this is going to sound weird sorry can you do a video on bowel movements? Im still a newbie only 4 months on omad !

  8. Sana Farheen

    I was stuck at one weight for 3 weeks. I thought I reached plateau. But your video made me realize i was just being inconsistent . As soon as I got into routine again I started to lose weight . My biggest mistake is as soon as I lose some weight I get happy and inconsistent. It's like a Vicious cycle . Urgh!

  9. Wailini Fernandes

    I have started intermittent fasting about 2 weeks back and I do a 16:8 window… I start first meal at 12pm and stop either at 5pm or 6pm depending on the day… but never eat post 6pm. I also take beta blockers in the morning and evening. My weight loss has been soo slow that I am the same weight of 200 lbs for the last few days… I am trying to follow the keto diet and I have cut my carbs and sugar.. so am not sure if my beta blockers play a part in my weight loss being so sow. Any thoughts on that

  10. rmarcus929

    When I get up I often say to myself. Today is the only day I have. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow hasn't come yet, so from the time my head is off the pillow till it goes back on it I only have today.

  11. mony ali

    I do IF 22-2 and I lost about 16 pounds in the first 4 months through which I had plateaued and how I over came my plateaus is I give myself a splurge day one where I Don't fast and eat above my caloric limit I end up gaining a pound or two then when I get back to my routines I start losing again it worked for me every single time I Don't know anyway else to break my plateaus πŸ˜ƒ that's why I watched this vid

  12. Rathna Bala

    Help help help!! I lost 6 pounds with IF then I went on a trip.. after a month I tried to IF but I'm getting headache and couple of days ago I passed out when I was with Friends… We were just talking and laughing so hard all of sudden I passed out. Please tell me what I should I do if it's normal… Oh another thing I've put on 3 pounds now in a month πŸ™

  13. Peter Bengtsson

    A thing to try is to change foods in your your plan to food that makes you more full with less calories, like potatoes and carrots. I personally like potaoes, because eating potatoes makes me feel I have eaten a lot, when it's really not that much calories. Best luck, God bless!

  14. Kizzy

    I did 18/6 for about 2 months and I didn't lose anything (on the scale at least and in the mirror). So I'm doing OMAD(I'm starting my third week) till I drop some serious body fat. I'm not seeing any improvements though(I've decided to avoid the scale since it can be misleading but I look in the mirror and see no difference)

  15. Drywitlass

    The plateau made me give up before, but this current plateau I know is just a phase. Thank you for the encouragement! It's preventing my perfectionism from kicking me down and throwing fifteen pounds back onto me.

  16. Linda Casey

    Damn girl .. YOU'RE GOOD !!!! You must have been reading my mind! I keep reaching plateaus for about a month at a time and when I do I've increased my (standing in place) exercise regimen, which to be honest with myself has not been consistent. I've now started eating just a little less at meal times, slowing down a bit AND drinking lemon water. You're SO right about having a 'plan' that I'm comfortable with and following it consistently. You surely are one good advice guru🌹.

  17. Wahab Dilawar

    I do OMAD 23-1 and after 3+ months of consistent weight loss…I hit a plateau and started doing OMEOD once a week. That REALLY helps.

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