How to make: zucchini noodles #glutenfree #paleo #lowcarb

Fantastic zucchini noodles! Let’s start making our noodles, uhuu! Wash two zucchinis and cut their ends off There are many ways to make these noodles You can use a spiralizer, a veggetti,
a grater, or even a knife. All these options will change the final aspect of your noodle, but the taste will be essentially the same Here, Handy has just used a veggetti
and next she will use a knife I think you can clearly see the difference;
I’ll be honest, I prefer the taglierini style – looks nicer! 🙂 After you get it done, toss in a pan with:
2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil Some salt and pepper to taste And… it’s ready! Serve it with a delicious homemade tomato sauce and garnish with some shredded parmesan cheese YUMMY!!! This looks fantastic, don’t you think? In case you’re mouth-watering with this delicious tomato sauce, click the link on the right to learn how to make it Now, bye bye, I have something very good to eat
… I mean, to work on next, ha ha! See ya!

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