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one of the best solutions for giving dry
hair a boost of proteins and nutrition is gelatin you can apply it once a month
today’s video will discuss four natural ingredients for treating dry hair before
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don’t despair there are products that you can get in the store to make
yourself look sensational however sometimes they can make the problem
worse luckily you can also choose natural ingredients to treat this
problem these will allow you to get beautiful healthy looking hair natural
ingredients for fighting dry hair one salt-free butter or Chantilly cream
there is nothing like a good treatment with these dairy ingredients they feed
your hairs keratin this moisturizes your hair and makes it shine what do you need
to do 1 cover your hair with butter or Chantilly cream without butter or
additives let it work for a half an hour 2 then rinse it out several times then
wash with your normal shampoo 3 repeat this treatment two or three times per
week 2 olive oil in the same line but from a vegetable source you’ll find this
oil it’s an essential ingredient for lovers of the Mediterranean diet this
isn’t just delicious and healthy it can also be used externally for fighting dry
hair it has vitamin E and antioxidants that help to hear damaged hair these
ingredients also moisturize and give shine to your hair what do you need to
do 1 put a little oil in a container and heat it a little in the microwave it
should be warm but don’t burn yourself to spread it generously through your
hair use caution 3 Jay we massage it in for 10 minutes for
cover your head with the hot towel 5 let it work for half of an hour 6 wash your
hair with your normal shampoo 7 this treatment can be repeated once per week
if you want you can replace the olive oil with other oils castor coconut
almonds jojoba corn etc 3 egg whites this natural ingredient is great for
restoring your hair’s lost strength it’s also great for giving your hair texture
and moisture ingredients 1 egg white 2 tablespoons of warm water what do you
need to do 1 mix the two ingredients well until you get a homogeneous mix to
spread the treatment on your hair 3 massage with your fingers and use light
circular movements for15 minutes for wash your hair with cold water 5 you can
use this treatment once or twice a week for beer alcohol-free beer is a great
hair conditioner the protein that it has is great for repairing your damaged
roots it’s a great source of nutrients for your hair it’s important that it
doesn’t have alcohol otherwise it can dry out your hair more what do you need
to do 1 wash your hair like normal – after it clears up remove the excess
humidity with a towel 3 then rub a small amount of beer in your hair use the same
amount as you would have hairspray 4 let your hair dry this way you’ll make sure
that the smell of the beer will disappear how you treat your dry hair
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