How to Make The BEST Paleo Chocolate Frosting!

Hey, I’m KC the G free foodie, and if
you want an incredible chocolate frosting recipe that happens to be paleo,
gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar free, this is the one. Let me just repeat,
if you want an incredible chocolate frosting recipe, this is it. Okay the
first thing we’re gonna do is put in our dry ingredients because we want to cover
them up with the wet otherwise we’ll have like cocoa dust everywhere and
that’s not as fun as it sounds. So raw cacao or cocoa powder, whatever works for
you, a little bit of espresso powder, this is not ground like instant coffee this
is espresso powder, find it in the baking aisle, use it every time you cook with
chocolate, and cream of tartar, a little bit for stability. OK, now I’m going to
add honey and coconut oil that is not melted. We want it solid. We’re going to give it a mix! Alright, it’s just that easy. Now your
frosting is ready to use. You want to put it on a fully cooled cake or cupcake
because the coconut oil will melt and then you can eat and enjoy.

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