How to make the Best Fudge Popsicles (Low carb, Dairy-Free, Paleo)

– Hey guys, so I haven’t made
YouTube videos for a while, so I was thinking for the
beginning of the summer let’s make something you and I both would enjoy,
chocolate fudge popsicles. And since my channel is all about sharing paleo, gluten free, and low carb recipes, so I’m gonna show you how
to make this popsicles, creamy and smooth yet dairy free. Best of all you don’t need a blender, not even an ice cream machine,
that’s totally amazing. My name is ChihYu Smith
from I Heart Umami, let’s make some popsicles. We only need six ingredients to make my paleo chocolate fudge popsicles. First ingredient I’m going to use is this dairy free half
and half coffee creamer. And most of paleo or dairy
free ice cream recipes, usually you will see people use
full fat coconut milk cream. I find that usually it’s great, the texture is awesome,
but sometimes it gives the, a little too much coconutish flavor, sometimes I don’t really
want, so if you use dairy free half and half, actually, it will give you the same texture of creamy and delicious texture but without getting too coconutish. The second ingredient I’m going to use is this unsweetened chocolate bar. And the reason I used
unsweetened dark chocolate bar is because I want to
control the amount of sugar that goes into my ice cream
when I add the sweeteners. And this dark chocolate bar will gives, make my fudge taste really
creamy and chocolatey, delicious. So it’s definitely a great item to have. For the sweeteners I’m going
to add to my fudge popsicles, I have two different options for you. One is if you are on a keto diet, or you want to go for a sugar free and also low carb sweeteners, I recommend using this Lakanto monk
fruit maple syrup flavored sweeteners, so it has zero carb and it tastes really delicious. And if you are just on
paleo, totally in love with maple syrup, I love maple syrup too and you can also use maple syrup. On the, my recipe site
in the recipe section, you can find slightly different quantities because maple syrup is slightly sweeter than monk fruit syrup. So if you’re using maple syrup, then you will add a slightly little less. We’re also going to add one
tablespoon of cacao powder. Make sure you find a good
quality of cacao powder. I really like this Navitas
brand of cacao powder. Also, a little bit of vanilla extract, you can also use vanilla bean powder, and just a little bit of coarse sea salt. A little salt will
enhance the sweet flavor, make our ice cream even more delicious. So I’m going to add about
one and a half cups of coffee creamer, half
and half coffee creamer totally dairy free, and three ounces of unsweetened dark chocolate bars, and this one tablespoon of really, smells so good, just dark cacao powder. And the sweetener of your choice, here I used maple syrup
but you can also use monk fruit syrup, that
would be perfect for keto. And the last thing we add is two small pinches of coarse sea salt. And we’re gonna slow simmer it over medium to medium low heat, and you’ll want to stir frequently until the chocolate bars
are completely melted and the mixture becomes creamy and smooth. It will take you about five minutes. So, after five minutes later you can see it becomes very creamy and smooth, almost like thick hot chocolate. So, now we’re gonna turn off the heat, set it aside, and then
we’re going to season it with a little bit more vanilla extract. You can also use a vanilla bean powder. And this is the perfect
time, you should taste test and make sweetener adjustments. If you want the popsicle sweeter and this is the time you
can add more sweeteners, otherwise it’s perfect, it is. So, I’m just gonna set it aside, let it cool completely before
we pour them into the mold. Now, time to assemble. Here I use a stainless steel molds but you can use any ice
cream molds you have at home. So, I’m going to just carefully pour this thick and creamy
rich chocolate mixture in and leave about one to two millimeter from the top to allow the ice expansion. Now I’m going to insert the stick and cover it up just like that. The batter we prepared will be
good for six popsicle molds. So, I usually chill them overnight just to make sure they
are completely solid before I remove them from the molds, but if you can’t wait
please at least give them about four to six hours in the freezer. And I have some premade ones
that I did a night before, let me just remove it from the freezer. Okay, now I’m gonna
remove them from the case, so I’m gonna take one here, see that completely solid frozen ice cold, so good. And now, dip them into this, just a cup with room temperature
water and just gonna let it sit there for about, I wanna
say, two to three minutes so it will easier to help us remove the popsicles from the molds. So now let’s remove it, just careful, oh, looks like I’m in luck, look at that. Okay, so let me set this one aside and then remove this cover carefully. Oh, look at this dark,
creamy, chocolatey cover. Oh my goodness, this popsicle looks like you and I are going to
be best friends forever. If you guys know me, you
followed me for a while, you know I have the
super, I’m a big sucker when it comes to chocolate and especially chocolate fudge popsicles in a hot summer. I am going to take a bite here. And you know what? There’s a lot of different
flavor variations you can do. If you want to get a little bit fancier, you can actually dip them
into melted chocolate and sprinkle with nuts over,
or whatever toppings you want, just go crazy about it
and go to town about it, it’s your summer, totally enjoy it. But now, I’m going to take a bite. Oh, wow, it’s so creamy, it’s so smooth, and it just melts in my mouth, and right away I have to
take a bite very quickly. (upbeat music) (laughing) So, this is my summer fudge popsicles. My name is ChicYu Smith
from I Heart Umami. Be sure to also check out more of my paleo, gluten free, and low carb recipes, I’m going to put links
right here or maybe here so you can enjoy good food, stay strong, and feel to live a healthy and happy life. For now, I’m just going
to finish my popsicles. (upbeat music)

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