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In today’s video, I’m going to show you
how to make a quick and easy Poke Bowl It’s full of sushi rice, lots of vegetables,
some protein, and lots and lots of flavor I’m Fiona
Welcome to Fiona’s food for life Sometimes when I have some things left over in the
fridge and I want to put together a nice quick meal I would make my version of a Poke Bowl So here I have some sushi rice Which I have cooked and cured if you
want to have a look at my sushi video you can see how I do that with the rice vinegar, and then… or you can
have one just the plain rice So on top of that – first of all,
I’m going to put a bit of protein So I’m gonna put…
say some smoked salmon Then often on top of the rice, I like to sprinkle
a little bit of a good quality soy sauce This is the ginger one buy Fused Let’s sprinkle a little bit of that on Then, I’m going to add some vegetables
So I have some chopped peppers I’m gonna add in some guacamole Some sliced mango Then I will add in some pineapple Maybe some chopped peanuts Some chopped up seaweed And then on top, I might drizzle
some – this is wasabi mayonnaise. So I’ve just literally put some
wasabi paste into mayonnaise And then I put a little bit of water in to
make it into a nice pouring consistency And there you have my version of a Poke Bowl
a nice quick healthy dinner Thanks for watching today’s video
on the Poke Bowl, Fiona style I’d love to know what you think Like or maybe comment below and don’t forget to
subscribe to my youtube channel for regular updates Have you checked out my video on how to cut a mango
or for making the nice guacamole that I used in this? Thanks for watching.
See you soon!

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