How to make Salt and pepper chips

Salt and pepper chips I promised one of you guys I’ll do a salt and pepper chips OK It’s quite an easy dish to do it’s just same as a normal salt and pepper dish it’s just chips instead of spare ribs or chicken wings so just fry the chips you normally fry when you eat it then just put it in a wok and mix it with some onions, spring onions, chilli. you can use fresh chilli..but I am into dry at the moment so I’ll use dried chilli, some garlic and some salt and pepper mix which is on my salt and chicken wings video salt and pepper chips!

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  1. MonkeyBunnyShop

    Im so glad u are using cups and tablespoons as measurements xD im making ่ๅœ็ณ• tmr with ur receipe ๐Ÿ˜€ was having a hard time converting the units of the receipe haha

  2. michael andrew

    Hi khoan I'm a new subscriber and love your videos. Can you tell me which dark and light soy sauce brand you use for chow mein, and which sherry and soy sauce you use for ho fun?

  3. belinda brice

    Hi. Your salt and pepper mix is just perfect but no matter what i add to the onions and chilli it just nothing like our local takeaway. Please help. We live to far away to go to local takeaway when i want salt and pepper chips.

  4. belinda brice

    Hi. It tastes like they cook veg in something that has chilli and garlic. Very slightly brown ish colour. Do you use wine or an oil or something with the veg. Not in sauce but def something more than salt and pepper mix. Thanks for your help.

  5. Robert Jackson

    I cooked this today using your salt chili/pepper mix. Did the chips in the deep fryer then finished them off in a wok. Very nice indeed. Used frozen chips though, still tasted lovely with the mix over them.

  6. Krissy -

    Making these now to go with my chinese style curry with chicken and mushroom! Its gonna be sooo good <3 Thanks for the recipe Khoan <3

  7. AbstractMan23

    wow looks really good!!
    dear chef, i left my wok in water by mistake and looks like it started to rust already. what's the best way to deal with this – any idea?
    i tried wiping and then adding more oil and heating it, to give a new layer of oil – and i think that's ok. just not sure if the traces of rust are safe, or have i ruined the wok…
    much appreciated if you could please give me any tips.

  8. john norbury

    Stumbled upon this today whilst waiting for the horse racing to start.Very well done my friend. A clear and concise recipe with all questions answered.

  9. ellis O

    ordered salt and pepper chips from a place up north.. got french fries covered in salt and black pepper, ive never been so insulted in my life

  10. Boa Prinz

    Just subscribed as I really like your videos. Any chance you could make a batch of the salt and chilli pepper mix and sell on eBay (I live in Dublin)

  11. Gary D

    Great video .
    Can I just ask what is the liquid you squirt in that gives you the flame? I have been trying to source this for a long time

  12. Alex Wilkies Indian Takeawy Recipes

    Hi Khoan loving your channel..Can tell me what wine you use for your dishesย ย ย  I've noticed your using two different types of wine..Can you tell me what they are ?..Thanks Khoan….


  13. Hot Water

    Does my head in ordering these , its always hit and miss if there gonna be any good or not. Found one place thats brilliant but its not in my area so they dont deliver to me. Might give it a go.

  14. Michael Austin

    Hi Khoan, I've tried to copy making takeaway Chinese chips, not the salt and pepper one, (although I will be trying this) but just can't get that special flavour, they taste different from English chip shop chips, I can't put my finger on it, its a certain taste and smell unlike any other chips. Is it a certain oil used perhaps?, love your videos and have subscribed ๐Ÿ˜

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