How to: Make Pork Buns with Hann Palcu-Chang

It’s probably not
very healthy for you, but I’m not asking
you to make this everyday, all right? This is just once
a month thing, for a special occasion. Maybe your boyfriend
went down on you, and he didn’t ask for
a blowjob in return. Whatever. Hello, I’m Hann. I’m the head
chef at Hero. I’m from Toronto, Canada,
that’s why I speak French like a kid, but
it’s enough for cooking. I started working
in Vancouver, then Copenhagen,
and now Paris. Today, we’re going to
make spare ribs buns. It’s a recipe I created
for the restaurant. Actually, it’s a mix
of my life experiences because the buns are
Chinese-influenced, and I’m half Chinese. Then we have really
Korean sauces, with soybean paste,
sesame oil and all that. But we also have
ingredients like jalapenos and braised
pork like in the US. It’s really a mix
of cultures. All right. So we’re gonna start with the miso dressing for
the pork. What we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna add all the ingredients
together. It’s a super
simple sauce. Soy sauce, vinegar, water, our sugar, fermented soybean paste
which is called doenjang, and then we also have
some sesame oil. And all you’re gonna do
right now is whisk it until the sugar and
the soybean paste has actually completely
dissolved into the sauce. Taste. It should be salty,
sweet, and really umami. So we’re just gonna
chop our jalapenos up. That’s gonna give it a
really nice spiciness and freshness to the dish. So now what we’re
gonna be doing is frying our buns. What we have here are
steamed buns that we make in house. There basically just
a brioche though, that instead of baking,
we steamed. And then we’re
gonna fry them in a shitload of oil, so that they get really
nicely caramelized. You wanna use a lot more oil than you actually
think you’re gonna need. Cuz if you don’t, they’re
not gonna brown up very nicely, and they’re
gonna stick to the pan. I’m gonna take another
heavy bottom pan, and pop it on top, like this. And we’re just gonna
let them press and soak in all the oil. So we’re gonna
cook these for about two minutes, two,
three minutes each side. But basically what
you’re looking for is a really dark
brown exterior. You can see right now,
so this is basically what you want to
be looking for when you turn it around. So they’re about ready. Give them a nice flip. Here you go. And once you put them on
the tray, you just want to tilt them up a little
bit like this, so the bottom and the top
stay a little bit crisp. We’re gonna start
cooking the pork. This is braised pork
that we braised about five hours. We’re using a shoulder,
but you can use ribs, anything that’s good for
braising. You wanna use a really hot pan with
quite a bit of oil. Cuz what you’re looking
for, actually, is for the inside of the meat to
be nice and tender and chewy but the outside to
be really crunchy and caramelized. So you have a nice
texture balance when you’re making the buns. So don’t fuck
around with it. Just let it go for about
a minute on each side. You don’t wanna be mixing
around, cuz if you do, you’re not gonna
get the nice, crunchy texture that
you were looking for. Once it’s got nice and
crispy like this, what we’re gonna do
is take our sauce. We might not need
all of it, but we’re gonna take
a bit of it. Put it into the pan,
and let it deglaze. This amount of pork. While you have your
sauce reducing, getting to a nice
sauce consistency, what you’re gonna do is
open up your buns, and we’re gonna start
assembling them. So cut down almost all
the way, but you still want a little bit left
on the bottom, okay. We’re gonna take some of
this Japanese mayonnaise, kewpie mayo, and we’re gonna put a little
bit on the top layer. Then we’re gonna
add our jalapenos. So we’re using Japanese
mayo because it’s a lot more acidic and flavored
than regular mayo, or mayo that you would
make at home. It probably has some
other type of chemicals in it that make
it taste good, but I’m not gonna ask any
questions about those. After that,
we’re gonna add a little bit of
pickled cabbage. So we’re gonna put
it right there. You want to take a little
bit of the sauce on each one, so you have some
nice moisture to the bun. And then we’re
ready to plate. And for the garnish, just a little bit
of green onions. There you have
the gyro pork buns. Eat the bun. Oh, only me? Yeah, we’re gonna
eat together and drink a beer. I’ve made like
7,000 of these. I’m still never
tired of them. Good job, baby. Are you gonna share
that with me? Is that legal? Oh, I got too excited
from the pork buns.

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Reader Comments

  1. monstahz

    Looks in the comment to see if anyone had other meat alternatives
    See's alot of comments bashing muslims
    Maybe I'll come back tomorrow when things have calmed down

  2. Emily Dorny

    I love how the hosts on this channel just seem to talk normally and then casually throw in some swear words here and there XD

  3. JanPospisil42

    This is basically that food you can get for two dollars at the train station here, right before the night buses take all the drunk people home. Huh.

  4. E.A. Morales

    I love how inclusive his intro is. Anyone regardless of gender may have a boyfriend who went down on them and didn't ask to receive anything back. Now he's getting pork buns. Lmao.

    Unrelated, but I'd go down on him any day. He is CUTE.

  5. Philip Baylon

    That moment he went from French to English after the intro it felt like the movies where the main character is listening to the other people speak in a different tongue long enough to where they learn the language. haha

  6. MaximumApples

    So I just got done making bao from scratch, braising a pork shoulder for 5 hours, and prepping a bunch of veggies. I knew I wanted a pork bun, but I had no idea how to go about making one with all these ingredients. Good thing I found this video detailing how to heat up leftover pork and assemble a fucking sandwich. I don't think I would have been able to figure that part out on my own.

  7. Pvckle

    You can tell they were burnin after eating those fucking jalapeños. I means honestly thats a lot of jalapeños on one burger. Anyone whos eaten raw jalapeños will know

  8. thisisyaren

    fuck this reminds me of these little snacks I use to get as a teenager after skool. very nice. they were more on the filled side though. like sealed over. very good either way

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