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Hello friends ! Welcome to my channel once
again. It is so good to know that more and more people
are opting for vegetarian food these days. This really motivates me to share a whole
lot of plant-based recipes. These are not only super-delicious, but,
are a total package of essential nutrients. Today I will make lentil pancakes with you
guys. Now here I have yellow lentils, we call it
moong dal also. I took 1 cup and soaked it in water for 2
hours after that I drained the extra water. We simply put this into the mixer grinder. 1 tsp of salt, 1 small green chilli, lots
of green coriander/ cilantro leaves. We will add 1 tbsp. of water in this. I have churned it coarsely and now I will
put the rest of my lentils. This kind of batter we have made and it looks
perfect. Now we will prepare the filling for these
pancakes. 2 tsp oil, 1 tsp cumin seeds, finely chopped
onions. when the onions turn little pink, we add the red bell peppers, the yellow bell
peppers, and the green bell peppers. Now this will need 2-3 minutes to cook. We have to keep our vegetables crunchy. Here I have crumbled Tofu with me. You can also take cottage cheese. 1 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp black peppers, very
little green chili-optional, some coriander leaves. Tofu is a high source of protein. Lentils also have loads of protein. This makes it a high protein and a low carb
diet. Our filling is ready. We take it out, now we grease our pan will
little oil and just clean it with a tissue paper. Pour some batter here in the centre of the
pan and just with the help of your table spoon, rotate it like this. 1/2 tsp of oil we have to cook it till it
is golden brown and flip it like this. Just press it occasionally and let it cook
from the other side also. Take some filling and keep it is the centre
of the pancake and fold it like a crepe and take it out. Similarly we make another one. You can prepare the batter on the weekend
and make the pancakes whenever required during the week. So our very delicious pancakes are ready. Serve them with green chutney made of coriander
and mint leaves or you can have it with any other sauce of your choice and you are good
to go. I hope you like this recipe. It yes, please give it a thumbs up and do
subscribe to my youtube channel. We’ll be back with more such recipes very
soon. Bye-Bye till then.

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