How to: Make Jam-Stuffed French Toast with Jessica Koslow of Squirl

Monk, do you want to show
Vice how good you are? Sit please. Bang, bang. Yeah, you did it. There it is. He’s a pro.
How to make jam-stuffed french toast with
Jessica Koslow. Hi.
I’m Jessica Koslow from the restaurant, Sqirl,
in Silver Lake. And today we’re
gonna make a raspberry jam
stuffed french toast. Well, the first part
is making the jam. So I don’t know how many
of you are gonna actually make jam, but I’m praying Saturday
morning you wake up and you have purpose you’re
gonna make some jam. I come from a pastry
background. It’s really important for me to have all of
the measurements be by grams and kilograms. I don’t use cups
with the jams. In this case I have
whatever berries I had on hand. It is simply raspberries. I weighed it,
it was 1.23 kilograms. I multiplied
that by .67 and I got this number which
is 824 grams of sugar. I also did
the same thing. I took 1.23 kilograms and
I multiplied it by .024 to get the weight
of the lemon juice. Alcohol I put
in at the end. For this one we’re gonna
use raspberry brandy, and it’s about
a quarter of a cup. Add a little kick. The French toast is
made with six eggs, half a cup of cream,
tablespoon of sugar, and a teaspoon of salt. We’re gonna take
some brioche, we’re gonna stuff
the brioche with the jam, and we’ll top it
with powdered sugar. Whipped creme fraiche and more jam,
little lemon juice, little fleur de sal,
and it’s breakfast. The first step is taking
these raspberries and you have two choices. One is if you’re feeling
really aggressive, and you’re having a bad day, you can macerate them
with your hands. It gives a nice
texture to the jam, and it’ll probably
make you feel better. The other way to do it
is to put it in a Robot Coupe or Cuisinart and
just blend it loosely so some of it is chunky,
some of it is thinner, and that way you’ve got
texture in your jam. And then I’m gonna mix
the sugar, and berries, and lemon juice in
over at the copper pop. I might mix the lemon
juice in with the berries because I don’t want it
to react with the copper. Sugar. Now we’re gonna
add the berries. And lemon juice, and
we’ll mix it up. But this jam won’t
take that long. It will probably
take about ten, fifteen minutes. I don’t have
the heat on yet. I just have the berries, basically masquerading
with the sugar. It’s at this point where
the sugar starts to kind of bond with the fruit,
and it’s starting to release
all of its water. I might take out my
thermometer and what I’ll do is I’ll check
the bottom of the pot. I know that sounds crazy,
but I actually put the
thermometer at the base because jam basically
is done around 217 and 221 degrees. I like to take
the spatula and really push at the bottom
because obviously all of your heat source
is right at the bottom. So that is the hottest point in which your
jam is being cooked. Are you starting to see? Foam and scum, but basically all like the
hairs from the berries and all like
the schmutz and dirt. The goal is when you
see kind of that foam, get it to the side and
you’re gonna skim it off. Does it change
the taste of your jam? No, but is there
a lack of finesse? Yes. The cool thing about
this jam right now Is it’s starting to form
a skin on the surface. That to me is showing
me that I’m close to it being done. And this has been,
by the way, five minutes. This is super quick jam. So right now, my pot
is at 214, 213.8, so I’m close. I’m getting there. So this is like
loose skin. I mean, we’re going for
like Cindy Crawford in the 80s, like real woman,
voluptuous, like have a moment, and
she’s getting there, she’s almost your
perfect woman. That’s good. So, I’m gonna put
about a quarter cup of the stuff in. And when we put
alcohol in, we’re putting more
liquid back in, so I’m gonna have to
cook it off for like another minute. So I’m gonna take a small
plate out of the freezer. I’m gonna put a dollop of
this jam on the frozen plate, and I’m gonna put
it back into the freezer. So what that does is, I’ll be able to
tell if it’s done. If I run my finger
through it in about a minute, it should part
like the red sea, and it should furrow
like a brow. All right. I’m ready to take
the plate out. Oh yeah, there it is. See that furrow? And it actually just
parted straight that way, so it’s done. So, our jam is done, and we’re gonna
take some brioche. We’re gonna stuff the
brioche with the jam and then we’re gonna
make a custard. Custard is six eggs. Have the whisk attachment
on my Kitchen Aid. All right, so
that’s six eggs, half a cup of cream,
a tablespoon of sugar, a teaspoon of salt, and
then you whisk this, but I really want it to be
fully incorporated. When I pull
the whisk away, it looks like everything’s
been married together. So this is brioche. It’s a nice, eggy loaf. And when I cut,
I’m really generous. I’ll probably get
maybe five French toasts out of this. Because I make sure to go like an inch and
a half thick. You gotta get
jam in there and you gotta get
custard in there. Don’t be afraid. I’m gonna put a slit
right in the side. When I do the cut, I kinda go two-thirds
of the way down. Don’t go out the other
side because if you go out the other
side your jam will go out the other side. You’re trying
to keep it in.>From the top, just
drop it in, squeeze it, and there you go. You got your
jam in there. The first thing I’m gonna
do is get my skillet really hot with
butter in it, and I’m not shy of butter. I also have my oven
on 400 degrees because the first
part of the french toast is gonna be up
here on skillet, and the second part’s gonna
be in the oven baking. So now I’m gonna take my
pieces of French toast, and I’m gonna
really dunk them. I’m gonna on both sides,
like one, two, to the point where if I
squeeze it, check it out, I’m gonna see like, gonna
come out of its pores. I’m gonna drop
these guys in, I’m gonna drop
the first one, and the second one’s
gonna go down, see that? That’s looking
good to me. Star-crossed lovers
down there, and I’m gonna set my timer
for, let’s check in on it, seven These
bad boys are done. It smells like
French toast, that real traditional
French toast smell, except the difference is,
you’ve got this amazing crust and really
kind of soft inside. So to finish it off, I am gonna take
powdered sugar. Just be friendly with it. I’ve got hot water,
so I can make a nice cornel of
creme fraiche on top. I am gonna take
some more jam. I’m just gonna spoon-feed
it over the top of it. A little squeeze
of lemon. Fleur de sel. And you’re done. That is breakfast. Should we dig in? I’m just gonna get
right into the center because that’s
what I want. That creme fraiche, and
that jam, I might need to take a smaller bite
than this, maybe not. That is so good. It’s got like the
tartness from the jam, it’s just like molten
lava on the inside. Thank you for
watching my how-to. I hope you make
this at home. Click on the bubble for
the recipe. Cheers. Not sharing. Not sharing.

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  1. Beccalotte1021

    I hate her shirt. Her shirt ruins this. As does how pleased she is with herself for having multiplied something for her jam making.

  2. Trelise' Avery-Moore

    my fellow millennialnites are either one of two types, tatted-up-weed smoking vegan health nut extremists who dig harley a.k. durianrider and freelee the banana girl or weed smoking eat-in-excess-because-fuck-you-and-i–really-don't-give-a-fuck-because-i-am-either-an-ironic-hipster-whose-into-craft-beer-and-buttondownshirts-done-all-the-way-up-OR-action-bronson-matty-matheson-harley-from-EMT-all-the-way-mother-fuckers! Either way, you're all a bunch of fucking dickheads. xo

  3. Steven Universe

    This video might be over 2 years old, but that French Toast still looks burnt af. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves!

    A little powdered sugar to hide the failure!

  4. bibbyshibby

    Id've just made french toast and then poured some store bought jam on it…but then again I'm no fun…
    I wanna see a chef who screwed up and upon eating the final product is just like…"mmm, wow…this actually sucks"….

  5. Nat Yongpairojwong

    "It smells, like french toast"
    Yes, you just made french toast.
    "…Except you've got this amazing crust with this soft inside"
    Yes, that is french toast.

  6. Drug Peclo

    I was exited to learn this recipe but she lost me as soon as she starting speaking math! Baby i cheated all my math classes in highschool i can only count money

  7. Cris Escobedo

    Your Stupud! You think your hot shit because you know Math!?!
    Your toast is fucking Trash Do it over! Not everything is about powdered sugar and Sprinkles Bitch!

  8. Mark Carr

    "Madam Baker, it was…. To my understanding….. That before this video started…… And under the impression that we had agreed to the unspoken terms of me, the viewer, and you, the baker, that by ME watching YOUR video…… That their would be NO MATH INVOLVED!! "

  9. Justin Haag

    This should have never been posted. She burnt the fucking french toast. How do you have a cooking show and burn food to post. Lame!

  10. guenter gebhard

    brioche too dark to start out with… when finished even more dark… soak should be longer before going into the pan… creme fraiche ratio to the huge toast is too low… good idea, but average execution at best… especially since she is a chef, it should be more on the perfect side…

  11. David Zhang

    Can we talk about how nice her apartment is? I mean you only see 15 seconds of it but the navy blue theme and the eames chairs really say a lot about her style

  12. Ryan Dennell

    "I cut the brioche, like an inch and a half thick"…. proceeds to cuts pieces 3.5 inch thick….. i swear to god they get people that are super popular in the hipster world and say "hey wanna cook on munchies??? know any recipes???? no….. no problem just do this"

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