How To Make Ice Cream — Paleo Snacks & Recipes — Dairy-Free, Vegan Ice Cream

To make ice cream we’re going to need a few
things that I don’t have here. So we’re going to make a banana, date, strawberry,
macadamia, honey ice cream. Overall dairy free, it’s going to be one of the most tastiest
ice creams you’ve ever had, I hope. So, we’re going to start off with some macadamias. Now
macadamias are high in calcium, magnesium, so we’re going to put them in there to start
off with. That’s going to be kind of like the oily base that mixes the ice cream together. A banana. Bananas are good and high in potassium,
helps with the tryptophan. Helps with the serotonin, depression. Dates, these are high
in fiber. You’ve got a lot of B vitamins in dates, too. Those taste really good. So that’s
a lot of the sugars and a lot of sweeteners for the ice cream. Also, the coconut meat.
That’s one coconut meat there, one baby coconut. Put in a little bit of honey. Do you like
honey? Yeah, you do. Alright. One big tablespoon of honey. One or two, one and a half, two
tablespoons of honey, there we go. Whoa! Now, to make any ice cream we need this base
here with all the… it’s kind of like the liquid here at the bottom. Then we need frozen.
So it could be ice. It could be more frozen fruit that we’re going to use here. Could
be frozen milk, depending on how you want to make your ice cream. You can make sorbets,
gelatos, all that type of thing. These are just frozen strawberries. Alright.
So push that down, make a mess. Let’s get the lid happening. Tamp her. Highest setting.
Alright. That’s good enough. You can lick the spoon if you want. Alright. Hell ya! Get
a bowl. It’s now frozen inside there. Beautiful ice cream. Let’s put it over my head. I did
that once, ended really badly. Get it out as quick as you can because that
looks like one of the nicest ice cream, sorbets, I guess you can say, ever. Spoon. Hell yes,
whoo! That’s awesome. We’ll be making more of that, lots of that. I’ve got brain freeze
again. If you don’t like peanut butter, something
is wrong with you. it’s a tradition in my family in Australia. Peanut butter and celery
is the best. So what we’re going to start off with really is some peanuts. Where did
I put them?

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Reader Comments

  1. Sarah R. Trenchard

    Looks delicious!! Can't wait to try it! 🙂 I'd love to see a recipe without banana's though, I really hate them in ice cream. 🙁

  2. you heard that

    Wow! I just made this and it's absolutely delicious! I used mixed frozen berries instead of just strawberries. Perfect base for blender ice cream. Thanks!

  3. Connie George

    So can you taste the coconut meat. I cook with coconut oil, but tried coconut milk in a recipe and it overwhelmed it. don't really like the taste of coconut. This looks so good except for that one thing.

  4. georges taddei

    How did you manage to use the vitamix on high, and get such a nice consistency for your ice-cream? Mine always gets really hot when I use it longer on the high setting, and I would imagine that the bottom part of the ice cream would melt. Your ice cream looks delicious, thanks for the video!!

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