How to Make Honey BBQ Sweet Potato Chips: Gluten-Free & Paleo

Hi I’m KC from G free foodie, and
today we’re making honey barbecue sweet potato chips. You’re gonna love them. Okay, I sliced one sweet potato to chip
thickness, if you like them a little thicker, do your thing, you can use a
mandolin or a knife, it’s up to you. Then we’ve got a large bowl, I’m gonna
use some extra virgin olive oil, this of course is California olive oil cause
that’s where I live, and that’s how I roll.
I’m gonna add some honey, that’s going right in there, and then I’m gonna add a
little bit of salt. I’m gonna stir this all together, as well as the honey and
oil will get together here, and then I’m just gonna dredge the sweet potatoes in
the honey and oil, and I find you do it your way,
that kind of if you sandwich them together and move them around, you won’t
get too much on each slice, then they’re gonna go right onto a prepared baking
sheet, I sprayed mine with Pam or you can use a Silpat if you have one, and I’m
just going to continue this. Okay, now I’ve got the potatoes coated in
the honey and oil, you can do two sheet pans at a time, one sweet potato makes a
lot of chips. I’m going to take some chili powder, paprika, that’ll come out of
there, and some onion powder, and this is our barbecue seasoning. I’m going to stir
that together and then just sprinkle it right over the chips. These are gonna go
into the oven at 350 for somewhere between 15 and 22 minutes. After about 12
minutes, you’ll want to keep an eye on them because we want them to Brown and start
to get crispy, but not to overcook and burn. Here we go, our chips are out of the
oven, and I hit em’ with a little more salt, let them cool. I would love to
introduce you to my daughter and our official chip taster. Samara, want to try
one of those? -Yeah. -What do you think? -It’s really yummy. -With chips in her mouth. I
love it. Make sweet potato chips at home. You’ll love them. G free foodie. Check
us out.

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