How to Make Chicken Piccata – Paleo Friendly & Gluten Free

HI I’m KC the G free foodie and I
love the recipes in Gluten Free Forever magazine. I’m gonna take one of those and
take it up another level. We’re gonna make chicken piccata grain-free. All right, the first step is a great
option for getting out your aggression. We’re gonna take a chicken breast, two of
them actually, and you just want to pound it out till it’s about a half inch
thickness. See how much fun that is? I’m going to do it again. I feel so much
better. All right, now I’m gonna take some tapioca starch and put it here in this
pan, and then some salt and pepper to season it, and I’m gonna give the chicken
breast a quick coating in this. You might want to try not to fling it
all over the kitchen like I did, or, you know, just kind of depends on whether or
not you’re trying to relive Scarface. Okay, I’m ready to put some heat on these.
All right, the next step is to cook the chicken,, so I’m gonna add a little bit of
olive oil and some butter to the pan. We’re gonna let those melt together. If
you’re eating paleo or primal, you could definitely use ghee for this, and it’s
even good with coconut oil. Now that the oil is nice and warm, I’m gonna pop the
chicken breasts in about three minutes on each side till they’re done through,
because we pounded the chicken out it’s gonna be really quick. All right, our
chicken is golden on the outside and I’m certain it’s done through the inside, so
I’m going to take a clean plate and a clean fork and take the chicken out of
the pan set that to the side. Now I’m going to take a little more butter or
ghee or coconut oil, that’s what you’re using, that’s gonna melt down with the
juice of about half of a good-sized lemon, and some capers, and then I’m gonna
give it about a quarter cup of a dry white wine. This is the vinay because
that’s what I want to drink. I’m gonna give it a little salt, not a lot because
you can always add, but you can’t take it back, and we’re gonna stir this to make
sure we’ve got all the brown bits from when we cook the chicken into the sauce.
Our sauce is reduced and the smell is delicious, I’m gonna take the chicken and
pop it right back into the pan, just to coat both sides with the sauce. All right,
chickens coming out, and I’m going to pour the rest of the
sauce right over the top. We want to eat it not wear it, so be careful. This is
incredible over rice or gluten-free pasta or sometimes I’ll just eat it on a
bed of mixed greens. Look at how gorgeous that is and I’m gonna give it a little
parsley too. Chicken piccata, super incredible and totally easy. Let’s get a
taste. You’re gonna make this again and again because it’s amazing. G Free Foodie. Check us out for more gluten free and paleo friendly recipes.

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