How to make a chocolate milkshake without milk ❤️ Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Six delicious ways to turn your smoothie into a milkshake without milk if you searched the entire Internet for every smoothie recipe in existence there’s a good chance that least half of them would contain milk and or yogurt and to borrow a line from Jerry Seinfeld not that there’s anything wrong with that unless of course you don’t do dairy then there is something wrong with that because the rules of delicious moviemaking dictate that you must include at least one ingredient to make your drink fake and creamy because after all isn’t that what separates your smoothie from a juice happily you don’t need milk or yogurt or any sort of cow derived products to give your smoothie the satisfying velvety milkshake like texture in everyone deserves from a blended drink year six terry free alternatives to prove it one homemade not puree yes it’s basically not milk that since it isn’t strained its way thicker and creamier than the kind you buy at the store soak a handful of almonds or cashews in a cup of water for a couple of hours or overnight than TOS the whole thing into your blender and blend until smooth before adding your other smoothie ingredients to frozen bananas remember the whole banana soft serve thing from a few years ago for whatever reason freezing the yellow fruit seems to make the texture about 10 times thicker and creamier just remember to cut your banana into chunks so you don’t kill your blender three rolled oats oats are starchy and tossing in 1/4 cup or so will add body and texture plus a healthy dose of fiber to your drink throw them in raw or soak them in warm water for a few minutes first or if you have left over cooked oatmeal that’s even better four coconut cream you know the stuff that collects at the top of a can of coconut milk it’s insanely rich and delicious like whipped cream and you only need a spoonful or so to make your smoothie taste like heaven five avocado it’s made almost entirely of fat so you know it’s kinda make your smoothie superrich if you’re not a fan of the slightly savory flavor toss in some extra fruit or use a few drops of steady of four extra sweetness six baked sweet potato you already know the inside of a baked sweet potato is creamy and velvety sold just imagine the great things it can do for your smoothie to keep your drink cold cook your sweet potato the night before and refrigerate it overnight and definitely toss the skin and two there’s nothing wrong with fat

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