How to Make a Chocolate Banana Nut Smoothie-Transform Your Kitchen-Episode #37

Hey, I’m Dr. Axe and welcome to my kitchen.
Today I’m going to be making a recipe that is absolutely delicious. This is a great dessert
recipe that you’ll love and your kids will love. It is a chocolate banana nut smoothie. So what we’re going to start off with here
is either almond milk or coconut milk. So we’re going to do about one cup here. We’re
going to use this almond milk. So we’re going to pour it into a cup. And almonds are great.
Almonds and almond milk contain an amino acid called L-arginine, which is great for building
muscle. It’s great for naturally balancing out hormones. Also almonds have omega-9 fats
which are great for your joints and just overall a healthier body. So we’ve got some good healthy
almond milk there. The next thing we’re going to do is we’re
going to add in some almond butter. Okay, we’ve got raw almond butter here. Now when
you’re shopping for almond butter, you real want to get it raw. The raw form is going
to be the best. And so we’re going to add in, it’s going to be about a third of a cup,
which ends up about being about two or three heaping tablespoons. So we’re going to go
ahead and take it here, but we’re just going to do two really large tablespoons which ends
up about being a third of a cup there. But one-third of a cup if you want to be very
precise. Next thing we’re going to be adding in is
a banana, and bananas are loaded with potassium. Also bananas have a lot of good fiber and
contain a probiotic called inulin, which helps probiotics grow in your system. So this shake
is also good for your digestive health. So we’ve got this one banana here. The next thing we’re going to add in is cocoa
powder. Cocoa or cacao, like some people call it, is really a very potent antioxidant. On
the antioxidant chart, it’s one of the top five antioxidants on the planet, which means
it’s going to help you age slower, have healthier looking skin, hair, and nails. Also cocoa
is full of vitamins and minerals. You can have a look at the back here and see its got
iron, very high in manganese, and some other good vitamins and minerals. And so we’re going
to go about two tablespoons here of the cocoa powder, like so. And last couple things we’re going to add
in, is a little bit of Stevia to taste. You don’t have to, but again if you want to sweeten
it up a little bit more, you could use some Stevia or raw honey. We’re going to add in
some Stevia here. And the last thing we’re going to add in are some ice cubes to cool
it off. So we’re going to do about one cup or so of ice cubes right there. And then we’re
going to blend it. Okay. We’ve got this all made up here. I’m
going to go ahead and take a spoon and take a taste of it, like this. Totally delicious.
You’re going to love it. You’ve got to try the banana nut chocolate smoothie.

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Reader Comments

  1. Dr. Josh Axe

    @Showeryimp317 Randomness I provide instructions in the text description, as well as on this website:

  2. GEORGIA made

    I make the same flavor combination but with dates instead of stevia and two tbs of gluten free oats.  The bananas i use are frozen (and a little more ripen than yours), so i don't use the ice cubes.  It's delicious, it almost feels like i'm eating ice cream 😀

  3. Amber Marmol

    I'm a little confused as to why you used cocoa and cacao powder interchangeably. One is roasted and one is not if I'm not mistaken? Correct me if I'm wrong. Roasting results in nutrient loss. Therefore, isn't raw cacao the better choice? One that isn't exposed to heat? Thanks 🙂

  4. Lindsey Shaffer

    I Soo,… want to do this but use Hazlenuts instead along with carob powder, some chocolate,Maca powder and Banana💗🤤🤤🤤 Iv been Craveing it forever now, to bad I don’t have the funds…

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