How to Lose Weight with Intermittent Fasting (3 Simple Tricks)

Losing weight with intermittent fasting is
an extremely, extremely powerful tool. It’s actually a hack if you wanna call it
that. And I’m gonna show you three ways that you
can accelerate your ability to lose weight with intermittent fasting in this video. Guys, if you don’t know who I am, my name
is Yuri Elkaim. I’m a New York Times bestselling author, registered
holistic nutritionist, fitness, and health expert. And I’m here to help you to make your life
healthier, fitter, and more prosperous. And just as I said, in this video, I’m gonna
show you three cool ways to turn up the top on the power of intermittent fasting to help
you lose weight even faster. Now, intermittent fasting, or as I like to
call it a one-day fast, is extremely beneficial for human health. I’ve created other videos that talk about
the health benefits. You can check those out. But one of the biggest benefits, one of the
biggest things people seek out intermittent fasting for is for its ability to help you
lose weight. And there is a reason for that, right? If you don’t have any food coming in, your
body is naturally gonna break stuff down and use that as a fuel source. Now, we don’t wanna do it too long because
the breaking of “that stuff ” could eventually be muscle. But in the short term, in a one-day fast,
that doesn’t happen. In fact, if you’ve watched my other videos,
you’ll know that intermittent fasting actually increases growth hormone, which helps preserve
your muscle. So you’re not gonna waste away by doing a
16 to 24-hour fast. Okay? No worries there. So we’re gonna be tapping in the fat because
we’re not constantly eating food. Our body is now in burning mode as opposed
to storage mode. So I’m gonna walk you through three cool little
tricks you can use to accelerate that process. So the first thing we’re gonna do is first…so
in general, I wouldn’t recommend doing a heavy workout on a day of no eating. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense really. If you don’t have fuel coming in, you’re not
really recovering with fuel, you’re gonna feel pretty crummy. However, in the morning on a fast…so let’s
say, you start your fast the night before, which is what I recommend. Let’s say, you start your fast at 8:00 at
night, you go to bed at 10:00, wake up in the morning, 8 a.m. You’ve done 12 hours, which is…you’re more
than halfway there. So first thing in the morning what I’d recommend
you to do is 5 to 10 minutes of higher intensity exercise. Now, this can take the form of whatever you
want. It can be bodyweight training, interval training,
skipping rope, whatever it is that you wanna do. The key is that you wanna be huffing and puffing,
get a little bit of a sweat on and that’s it. But it’s only 5 to 10 minutes. Now, and here’s the reason why we wanna do
this. Because when you engage your body at that
level, your body starts to secrete norepinephrine and epinephrine, which are two fast-acting
hormones which circulate throughout your body and tell your fat cells, your fat stores,
to start breaking down fat to be used as energy. Think about your fat stores as this bushels
of grapes and what epinephrine and norepinephrine will do is they’re gonna go to those bushels
of grapes and they’re gonna start plucking away each individual grape to be used for
energy. So the bushel of grapes becomes a bit smaller
over time. So that’s a pretty cool thing because if you
can harness that first thing in the morning, now you’re gonna go through several more hours
throughout the day without any food coming in. And here’s the power of this. Your body at rest is gonna use fat as its
predominant fuel source. So as I’m standing here talking with you,
my body is mostly using fat as a predominant fuel source. The higher I go in intensity in exercise,
the more I start to rely on carbohydrates as my main fuel source. So what we’re doing is, we have 5 to 10 minutes
of high-intensity exercise, it’s gonna tap into those hormones to start breaking down
fat. And now, we’re gonna be walking, chilling
out the rest of the day. And what that allows our bodies to do is have
easier access to its preferred fuel source at a resting state. Pretty amazing. I’m telling you, try this out. I’m not saying you do this every day. One day fast, once a week. Do this in the morning 5 to 10 minutes high-intensity
exercise and then fast for the next 4 to 8 hours, so you reach 16 to 24 hours total fasting
time, and you’re gonna see what happens to your body. That’s the first way. The second thing we’re gonna do is throughout
the day you wanna be drinking lots of water. Water is pretty much what you’re gonna be
having on a one day fast. Or you can have herbal tea as long as there’s
no sugar or anything added like that. But here’s what we’re gonna add to our water,
apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is another one of those
health foods that has probably the biggest bang for its buck. I mean for 20 bucks, you can grab an entire
gallon of apple cider vinegar. And this is just insane. That will last you for a month, two months
maybe. And the benefits of apple cider vinegar are
so numerous, I don’t even have time to talk about them in this video. But one of the cool things we know that it
does is that it has a lot of beneficial effects on different weight loss parameters. So for instance, it’s gonna help maintain
and regulate normal blood sugar levels. It’s gonna help improve instant sensitivity. It’s gonna help improve digestion and all
digestive function in general. It’s gonna help gently cleanse your liver,
improve skin function, all sorts of cool things. So that’s all that’s gonna help. It’s just allowing your body to work as it’s
supposed to. And when your body is working as it’s supposed
to, it’s able to lose weight more easily, right? So that’s the second thing. And the third thing is, essentially, we’re
just gonna fast for 16 to 24 hours. That’s all we’re gonna do. So we’re not gonna go crazy, seven days of
no eating. If I don’t eat for a day, then if I don’t
eat for seven days, it’s gonna be better. Right? No. Less is more when it comes to fasting. More is not better, believe me. When you start going more longer, your body
is gonna start to freak out. And you don’t want your body freaking out,
okay? So keep it to 16 to 24 hours, get a quick
little burst of activity in the morning, add apple cider vinegar to your water. And those are three simple ways that you can
accelerate intermittent fasting’s ability to help you lose weight. Now, if you’ve enjoyed this, I’ve got a free
resource for you called, “The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet.” You can grab it on this video or just below
in the description. It’s gonna show you three cool protocols to
use for intermittent fasting that are safe and effective. And it’s gonna answer 19 of the most commonly
asked questions about intermittent fasting for you that are all backed by science. Not opinion, backed by science. So you can have peace of mind that what you’re
doing is safe and good for you. So thank you so much for watching. Grab that right now. Remeber to subscribe to the channel. And I look forward to seeing you in the next

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Reader Comments

  1. super hero start from zero

    Bro I have been doing intermittent fasting (one meal per day) for 2 months , I wake up for school and I do 1hour hiit sprinting or calisthenics , so am I burning my muscles as a fuel Or fat ? Wish to answer , thanks

  2. Bobsledism

    Just wondering if doing all these HIIT workouts, even while only at 10mins will lead to muscle loss at all since we'll be in a fasted state?

  3. hudhud shbair

    hi; you are repeating so many times that I.F is to be done once a week not everyday ,my Q is :what would happen if l do I.F type16/8 every day for 3 months and will my body enter into starvation mood ?

  4. Keiki Palmtree

    I fast for 72 hrs at a time weekly. It is ok because I have lots of fat storage. Might not be good for lean mass people. Also I drink sodium and potassium water to keep up my electrolytes. Feel great and have lots of energy to do hard core exercise.

  5. S Brito

    Thank you for videos. So is more beneficial once a week instead of everyday 16 to 20 hour fast?

    I do it everyday and haven't seen much weight improvements. My health has improved although not much weight lost.

  6. New Yorker

    You should look into Islam fasting. Prophet Mohammed used to fast Monday, Thursday and 13, 14 and 15 th of every month. Also, Prophet Mohammed fasted in Ramadan a full month.

  7. Phurpa Thungon

    hi Yuri. I started IF two months ago and have seen great results. My fasting window is 9pm-1pm and eating window 1pm-9pm. I have lost 10 pounds so far and I am very happy with my results. However, I still feel hungry in the morning and I am confused as to why my body is not adapting. I used to work out in the morning but with my work schedule, I have started working out in the evening before my last meal. Can you tell me any tricks to make my hunger go away.

  8. deb jean

    Thank you. I will start the exercise tomorrow morning. I do the OMAD and it is working. I should loose weight faster once I exercise.

  9. Yuri Elkaim

    Hey guys, thanks for the comments and questions! I've noticed a lot of people asking about the timing in terms of what's right or wrong. The truth is, there is no right or wrong. As long as you're trying to fast for 16 to 24 hours, you'll receive the health and weight loss benefits. The hours you decide to fast are up to you and what will make sense for your lifestyle. In my Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet, I provide three different protocols that you can try to incorporate into your life! You can download it free by clicking under the video.

  10. Palwasha Hamidzada

    Hi Yuri, I am a woman who is getting ready for the Month of Ramadan and I wanted to do intermittent fasting until it hits in a months time. I also want to follow the 16/8 for both months. Will I be able to lose weight and not hurt my self as while on the fast in the day time I can’t drink water til sun down. I would love to know if I can do this.

  11. Sometimes Reviews and thinking out loud.

    Thx I have been doing it combined with walking 16 thousand steps per day to and from the subway i take to work aling the beach.

    Also skip sugar and salt since i trend to overdo both.

    I have gone from 123 kg to 109 kg and have Walked a month and fasted 4 days Times 16 hours and one day 24 hours.

    Does it matter when during the day the 8 hour window for eating is?

  12. Natalie Bridge

    I struggled with the taste of apple cider vinegar in water so bought some supplements instead. Do you think they work as well? I was also worried about the acid on my teeth.

  13. Lorena Mendez

    I’ve been intermittent fasting before it had a name. All of a sudden it’s a thing. I’m 55 5.4 and weigh 129. Years ago, I couldn’t explain what it was. Now it’s the thing. Yes, it works!

  14. macgregor m

    You channal is great, can you please tell me when you take apple cider vinager? Do you use it to break a fast or before? Thanks

  15. A L P H A

    I fast for about 16 hours everyday, I go to sleep at 10 and I don’t eat until 4 the next day I’ll have a pretty big meal packed in calories. is that bad? Will my body ‘freak out’ if I do this everyday?

  16. Jamal Demnati

    Hi Yuri
    Thank you for these tricks….
    I am having IF for more than two years now…as a new lifestyle…recently I eat only one meal a day..feel very good…and drinking water with ACV all the time…in the begining I lost 25 lbs…then sloly gain bacl a 10 lb…and my weight become stable….for long period …so is it normal….?

  17. Mathew Di Salvo

    Hey, i am doing I.F right now but am doing weekly schedules of 8pm-12 pm (lunch time). I am wondering if this is unhealthy or if it will actually give me results? My goal is to lose weight.

  18. E Karen Williamson

    Thanks Yuri for all of the helpful information and tips on IF. I have been doing the 5:2 protocol for 2 months and have lost 11 lbs and am at my goal weight. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a maintenance protocol? I would like to see a video on that if possible. I seriously do not want to gain the weight back. Like I said, thanks, I have appreciated your advice and that you are able to back up your advice with science.

  19. Sandra Grace

    Yuri, hello. I do IF. I find it easy. I am older, and Omad is fine for my digestion. BUT why is my waking/fasting blood sugar level sometimes high? 114 or 124?

    Can anyone help? I am still overweight, and my own fat makes insulin, ok. But is it bc I have fasted too long and my bgl is going up bc I am getting hungry?

  20. David Caballero

    I do intermittent fasting 16 hours every day and I’m down 30 pounds in three months I also train heavy lifting 5 times per week and
    Run 10 minutes 5 times a week I need to buy new clothes and that’s a good thing

  21. Tabby Sheikh

    1 table spoon of vineger in each glass oo water? if i m having 6 to 8 glasses of water i can have 6 to 8 tble spoon of viniger? thanks for video, pls reply

  22. JSBPisgah

    This doesn't fit my experience at all. It took me about three weeks to get completely acclimated to 16/8 IF, but since then it's been easy. I do to our high intensity cycling workouts without any problems whatsoever. What exactly is the evidence that your body freaks out? What does that even mean? Are you saying that there have been studies of people doing daily 16/8 fasting it have shown harm? Cite the studies or it isn't true.

  23. The Bird Loft School Of Voice

    Rhonda Patrick and other experts say that plain herbal tea and AVC or anything that sparks digestion breaks your fast.

  24. Ehud V

    Thank u for the info.
    It actually make sense to do slme cardio in the middle of the fast.
    I used to do 24 hour fast, where about at the end of the fast i would do some intense cardio for 40 mins. Cant wait to test the new way out 🙂

  25. Be Motivated

    There is NO prove that apple cider vinegar does anything of what u mentioned. The experiments only done on mouses and the results wasn’t conclusive.

  26. Sarahss Jahanzeb

    Did it all 16;8 n Omad logged all I ate workout every weekday lost nothing gained 1 pound in one month ! Doesn’t work for all so !

  27. cristina pamart

    Thank you i thought the most you fast the better you get im on 59 kilos and im just trying ti get to 52 kilos but i can go more than 19 hour ,
    Thank you for your video from uk .

  28. Football gamer

    I have a question please reply.I have hypothyroidism and doing 16/8 IF and I ear at 12 noon and 8 iam taking thyroxin sodium tablets(for hypothyroidism) at morning .will this break my fast

  29. J J

    So basically your going into some level of ketosis. The keto diet diet coupled with intermittent fasting does this every day very effectively, and keto practitioners have known what you're saying for decades. That is why it is the best diet for health and weight control. I'm glad you are catching up finally, although you left out many important details and misstated others. No, your body does not "freak out" if you fast everyday. I've been doing it for years everyday on one meal a day called OMAD. Once your body becomes fat adapted with a healthy keto diet, it's very easy. It won't be if you eat a high carb diet though like you. I even do 72 hour electrolyte water fasts every week or so. Try it for a change.

  30. Eleanor Smith

    When I do a 16 hr fast, it’s the most I can do right now. I try not to do too much when I am still on the fast. It makes me hungry. I do drink black coffee and an apple cider vinegar drink with a little sea salt lemon juice cream of tarter and a little stevia. I was told on another channel this drink will not break my fast, it helps take away the hunger until I can eat. I’m going to try 5 min. Of exercise that you recommend, hope it don’t make me more hungry. The only weight I’m trying to lose is belly fat. That’s where the majority of my belly fat is at. Thanks for your information. Maybe this will help get rid of it I’ve tried many ways.

  31. Life As A Human

    I lost more weight, 26lbs in 12 days, than I didn't fasting for 3 days losing only 2 damn pounds. I'm sticking with OMAD and eating within 1hr. Keto/if

  32. Sabina Ameen

    Thank you for all your useful information!! Feel helpless sometimes, but when I hear from you, I feel happy and satisfied!! Thank you again.

  33. Anupama Rao

    Yuri can someone who is 40+ and diabetic lose weight with IF? N what if all one can do is moderate paced walking due to bone related issues! Will the IF not work?

  34. Sisira Chaminda

    Im using acv mix with bee honey,cinneman,ginger,lime befor goto bed. Is that help to lose wght? Is that correct time to drink acv? Im in 16/8 diet. I lost my wght 99.60kg to 89.15 kg…..

  35. blackoutas

    Norepinephrine and epinephrine will wake up hormone sensitive lipase enzyme which will start to brake down fat. That's what brakes fat down. Not hormones 🙂

  36. Lola M.

    I did IF 16:8 for 3 weeks and did not lose a single pound. I ate normally (mostly, healthy foods) during the 8 hour feasting period and exercised regularly 😒.

  37. Arunansu Mondal

    Hi Yuri . I am from India. I am obese . My BMI is 40 & suffering from Type 2 Diabetes . Pls guide how IF can help me to improve my situation .

  38. Lexxi Paul

    I love your channel. I disagree on less is more. There has been tons of studies that a one week fast once a year, can help you with cancer and other diseases by amazing percentages.

  39. sinmoy

    Loved the video!

    A quick question-does enema clubbed with intermittent fasting recommended? Do flag off anything I need to be careful with.

    Thanks in anticipation, from India. Namastey!

  40. irma plick

    Hi…I have been trying IF for most of the past 5 weeks…usually fast between 14-19 hours…I have lost about 10+ pounds especially the belly area…that's great…how long can/should you continue on IF???…can it become a lifestyle you follow more often than not???…Thx

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