How to lose weight fast in Tamil | Banana Milk Diet | 4 நாட்களில் 3 கிலோ எடை குறைக்கும் எளிய டயட்!

Hello friends, Let’s see how to lose weight fast and simple Before that please share and subscribe my channel It is very simple and effective way to lose weight you can lose your weight immediately by this method Maintaining the reduced weight is in your hand Have a healthy and limited food after this diet plan You can follow this diet twice in a month Its none other than Banana Milk diet Only thing you need is Banana and milk for this diet I am just sharing my own experiencing here I am just going to share what r all i had and how much weight i lost Please check my another weight loss video which i was sharing the modified GM diet plan experience It is also my another weight loss method If you are all having any doubts regarding this diet means, please post your comments I will reply all your comments as soon as possible in this four days diet , morning have a cup of milk Those who are all not like milk, have a cup of coffee or tea but with raw sugar so morning 8 am have a cup of milk or coffee without sugar Afterwards in 9 am have some fruits the fruits must be rich in fibres and water content eg . guava, watermelon, grapes, apple etc Even u can have some fruit salads Then at 11.30 am have a banana Again 1 pm have a banana Totally 4 medium sized bananas and 3 cups of milk have to take So have this as per your convenient so i use to take again a banana at 3 pm Again at 5 pm have a cup of milk For dinner have the remaining 2 bananas So whenever you feel hungry, you can eat this 4 banana and milk During mid morning or evening, if you feel so hungry means, have some fruits or veggies Along with this diet have the weight loss detox drink which i was posted previously That is cucumber drink you should drink more water for this diet along with water, take the cucumber drink which is very helpful to lose your weight fast Drink it regularly during this diet have the drink in morning time That’s it you should follow this diet for 4 days means, surely minimum 2kgs of your weight will reduce I lose 2.3 kg from this diet Even there is possibility to reduce 1 kg for 1 day But for sure 2 kg will reduce for everyone You should maintain this reduced weight by having healthy foods Avoid junk foods and white sugar Do some walking and exercises No need to do exercise for these 4 days This diet will reduce all our body excessive fats So Try this diet and you will definitely see a change Very simple and cost effective diet If you feel so tired and not able to manage means have 2 chapatis So try this diet and don’t forget to post your comments i give the cucumber drink link in description box, so please check it My other weight loss videos links also given below Will see you soon Bye my dear friends!

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  1. asdfgh qwertty

    Super sis neenga Donna gm diet nan follow pannnen innaiku 6th day morning weight check pannumpothu1.5 kg than reduce aairuku , enna reason irukum intha diet pannrapa nan period aaiten so exercise pannnala athanala commiya reduce aairukumo, enaku oru doubt innum 2days continue pannalama illa intha banana diet eduthukalamanu sollunga sis

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