Hello everyone. My name is Priti Nath Guru Till now I’ve given lot of suggestions on diet for various age groups For example : Kids ,Teenagers, Housewives, Sugar patients and almost I’ve talk about all the persons Now we’ll talk about the elders of our family who requires the maximum care at this time Especially the age group of 70+ and want to do some weight reduction as well We have to plan their diet very carefully for the people of this age group Because at this age their dental fall starts hence they require soft food In soft food you can give them Porridge, Khichdi Chapati & Pulses/Lentils (Dal-Roti) Here they can dip the Chapati in /Pulses Lentils and can easily have it So we have to be little careful that their diet soft be slightly soft Apart form that at this age their digestive system also becomes week So we should serve them such food which can be easily digested by them Here also you can give the same food items which I’ve shared just now Give them small portion of meals in small gaps also don’t give them too much food in quantity Apart form this many other complications are there i.e Sugar(Diabetes), BP & heart problem as well So we should keep this into consideration and give them food as it is prescribed by the doctor For that I’ve already inform shared in my many videos that is for Sugar and BP patients If you’ll keep those point in mind so this way you’ll be able to plan their diet properly Now if we talk about that how much calories and proteins should be given to them Here we’ll talk about a person who’s having the same height when he was in his 40s or 50s At that point of time their Dietary Allowance i.e RDIs, as compare to it presently they require 70% of The consumption of their energy, fat,carbohydrates Supposing a male person used to require 2000 calories when he was into his 40s or 50s But now his requirements would be for 1400 calories So accordingly we should give them the diet Similarly the changes are applicable for the females as well The one thing RDI which does’t change i.e Proteins We should give them good amount of protein, here you can give them Lentils, Meat In white meat we can give them Egg & we must include these food items into their diet But make sure that this food should be soft so that they can chew it easily In fats- For reducing the fat in diet we should limit its quantity We should avoid giving them saturated fat rather we can give them vegetable oil Instead we should avoid Clarified Butter, Butter & Coconut Oil. Apart from this, give minimum cholesterol contained food items In cholesterol we should avoid giving them Egg Yolk, Mutton & Full Cream Milk At this point of age their calcium & Vitamin D requirements are higher So they must consume 300 ml milk throughout a day and preferably Skimmed Milk Now if we talk about that what is Skimmed Milk & Lean Meat? You just have to do nothing, the Milk you have at your home Bring it to a boil and allow it to cool down Keep it into refrigerator, there will be a thick layer of cream. Remove that thick layer of cream And now that milk is called Skimmed Milk and you can use it If you’ll repeat this process twice, it will be very good Same process is applicable with Meat, Cut out the white fat portion from the meat Then boil it and let it cool down The remaining layer of fat will come on the top, remove that layer too, this is called lean meat After that either you can give them after marination so that it will become soft easily Either you can cook it, boil it or can also give in the form of soup as per your choice But make sure they doesn’t contains much fat in it Requirement of proteins are higher in them to protect their muscles tissues form damages We should also be careful for their requirement of Calcium & Vitamin D Other that that do consult with their doctor for if and when they require any supplements And we should be alert in case they have any medical problem Their RDIs reduces to 70% I hope you’ll be benefited and also be able to plan the diet of your elders properly after watching my video Please like and share my videos And do subscribe to my channel. Thank you

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