How to Feed a Parrot with Healthy Diet

Hi guys in this video I will show you how
to feed a baby parrot. I have Alexandrine baby parrot which is one
month old The things you need for feeding are following
a Piece of cloth, 3ml syringe, mixture of rice, 4 types of pulses and 2 types of flour.
In flour I have used wheat flour and gram flour To make mixture boil rice with 4 types of
pulses for about 1 to 2 hours and then blend them together with flour. Make sure mixture
is not too thick or too thin. Take a syringe and fill it with mixture. As
you can see that it is 3ml. I have widen the hole of syringe for better results.
And make sure you have cloth so clean the face of the syringe and then take a baby parrot. Here you are! Now open the mouth with your two fingers and it will start eating it. So
make sure you grab it like that, don’t push it. Push syringe in the mouth slowly
and chick will swallow the mixture. Repeat this step Here it is little guy He is so hungry. He is male so that’s why I am calling it He. okayy! Don’t worry, just repeat this step 4 to 5 times if your chick is almost one month
old and in this case he is one month old and keep doing like that. Feed the baby after every 5 to 6 hours. Also here is a tip for you
Store the mixture in cool place like refrigerator and when it’s time to feed the baby make
sure it is little warm and check that it is not cold or warm but just normal. Thank you guys for
watching and if you have any question please feel free to ask and don’t forget to subscribe
me. Clean the face gently okayy you are full now. Don’t eat the cloth.

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Reader Comments

  1. Pawan kumar

    parriot kitni age tak boolna sikhta h mains mobile m recoding ki h bo usko sunata hu kya thik h sikh jayga jaldi batay apna m no b batay

  2. Numair Sohaib

    Hi I have a query, I bought a baby alexandrine about a month old but whenever I try to feed it it doesn't open its mouth by it self, I always have to hold the beak and then feed, is this alright or is this a point of concern

  3. Tabrez Syed

    Hai this is Tabrez actually my parrot is 1 month old and it's not making any sound or shouting he is silent so,please let me know what's the reason or any issue plz reply soon

  4. InnoRative

    How to Make Feed for Baby Parrot
    How Many Times a Day You Should Feed a Baby Parrot?

  5. sushmita mondal

    hello sir its too urgent mera jo bird hai vo bhi isi age ka 3 din se usne khana band kar diya hai or jo bhi khata hai vo vomate kar deta hai hum baht pareshan hai please bata dijiye uska illaj kya hai kese kare illaj

  6. M. Ashutosh

    my baby parrot is looks so tired from yesterday
    he don't make any noise and also can't play with anyone
    I think he is sick??
    any problem with him??
    I can't understand….
    please suggest asap…

  7. Clement Anthony

    hi… I have a baby desi parrot… it is only been fed by Split Bengal gram (chana dal). can I change the feed what you described…? It is 25 – 30 days old. The person who I bought it from mentioned only to feed chana dal and not to feed any…. I'm really concerned about it. It poops semi solid green in color is it normal…? and always makes sound like a calling bell….?

  8. Shubham Sahariya

    Mujhe aaj ek bhar parrot mila…jo abhi vo udd nhi skta…maine usse issi tarike se. dud pilaya..dud pilane se use kuch hoga to nhi na..agr dud pilane se kuch problem hoti h to..plz aap mujhe m usse kya pilau

  9. Shubham Sahariya

    mujhe ek parrot kal mila tha….m use nilha skta hu…jo is vidio me parrot h..vo usse thoda beda h..uske green green pankh aa gye h…kya m use nilha skta hu

  10. j k sharma

    this is a very good video. I had a query that I have a 6-7 months old alaxendrire parakeet (the same as yours) which i bought about 1 month ago. he had never ever made any noise or sound but when he was in the petshop with an other female alexandrine parakeet, he screamed very loudly. is it normal or not? please help

  11. M Abdullah

    i want to feed my budgie Chick
    actually his parents are eating the chicks. this time 3 out of 4 eggs hatched and parents have eaten Two chicks please guide me because I wanna save the one .

  12. Anuj Tamang

    hlo innorative
    i subscribed ur channel
    can u please tell me that can i feed the food that u fed to
    ur parrot to my
    2old days parrot

  13. cloudy mahee

    one more thing .how many time and how many siring do i have to feed a ring neck 1 month baby?and do i have to feed them at midnight too?☺i know if u see my 2nd que in other way it can be insulting but i am not doing that.i wanted to know cause its important

  14. noora o

    I’m getting a baby indian green parrot soon and I want tips on how to take care of it (I know already but want to hear more tips) we will get him a small cage with a soft ground because he’s a baby.

    Edit 1 : can you tell me a gap on when to feed it like each 4 hours I feed it like that

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