Hey, everybody. Shaun Hatsell here
with Get Lean After 40. And inside today’s video,
I want to teach people in their 40s, 50s, and
60s, the best exercise strategy to use in conjunction
with intermittent fasting. Now if you’re new to
intermittent fasting, there’s a specific way
that people over 40 should be doing it based
on their current hormonal condition. And that’s why I created my Over
40 Hormone Reset One Day Diet Protocol that you can learn
about over at my website. Intermittent fasting
is hot right now. It’s a very hot trend,
very similar to Paleo, very similar to Keto, and
for a very good reason. Scientific studies now show–
and you can read all about the new science
over at my website– that when you fast, you can help
reset your body’s master weight management hormones if
you do it the right way. So if you’re new to
fasting, a good way to start is to use a 12-hour fast
Monday through Friday. And I’ll explain
kind of how this works before I share the best
exercise strategy to use. So you have your last meal
of the day at 8:00 PM. You break your fast the
next day at 8:00 AM. It’s a great strategy to
use Monday through Friday to get your body acclimated
to intermittent fasting. Now as you do this, you’re
going to start slowly resetting specific hormones– one of them being ghrelin. Ghrelin is often considered
the hunger hormone, because it regulates
hunger and cravings. And as you fast, you’re going
to get better control of ghrelin so that you won’t
have hunger pangs when you’re waiting that 12 hours. Now after about a week
or two of doing this, you can go ahead and start
extending that window out. So you’re practically basically
skipping breakfast altogether. Now you can still have breakfast
food in that first meal. We’re just pushing it back. And remember, breakfast
is break fast. The word itself is break fast. So we’re still having breakfast. We’re just having it at a
different time of the day. So for example, I am
prepping for my photo shoot. I have just finished week 5. So I’m getting aggressive. And today I did a 16-hour fast. So my last meal of the day
last night was at 9:00 PM. And then at 1:00
PM this afternoon, I drank water in the morning. I had some apple cider
vinegar with some lemon juice and some sea salt to
wake up my adrenal glands and help my digestive
health while I’m fasting. This also helps curb
hunger and cravings, which I don’t get
anymore, because I’m in control of ghrelin. And then at the 16-hour
mark at 1:00 PM, I break that fast two
or three days per week with a high intensity
metabolic bursting session, or what I call ab-targeted
high intensity cardio. And the way I do
this– like today I did a 60-second
metabolic burst as hard as I could go on
an elliptical machine. I always like to
rotate machines. I think that helps
break plateaus. And then I would alternate
that back and forth between that and abdominal work. Now there’s been
a couple studies that have been published
about spot reduction. And it’s previously
believed that it was a myth. But these two studies prove that
when you increase blood flow in an area, that fat
burning happens more in the area that’s
adjacent to that. So theoretically, when I do this
high intensity metabolic burst, I’m releasing adrenaline,
which converts into hormones that metabolizes
stored fat cells, right? Then, I’m creating blood
flow to my abdominal area. This allows those hormones
to travel to that area and burn more fat
in my belly region. Now this works best if
you’re already lean. But it is a legit strategy. And the study that
was done was women who did upper body and
lower body workouts. And then they followed it
up afterwards with a cardio session. And what happened
was is where they created blood flow is where
they burned the most fat. So the women who
trained lower body, burned the lower body fat. And the women who train upper
body, burned upper body fat. And this is a clear indication
that fat burning is increased where you create blood flow. So it only makes sense to me. I fasted for 16 hours. So my sympathetic nervous
system is raised up really high. This means that growth
hormone levels and adrenaline levels are already very high. Well, these high
intensity metabolic burst for 60 seconds– I only did five rounds
and structured it so that I did 25 reps
of abs in between. But these metabolic burst
mimic that same exact effect as fasting by releasing this
adrenaline and this growth hormone. So you release even more. So when you put
these two together– the fasted state and the high
intensity metabolic burst– you have a very powerful 1-2
metabolic punch to rip apart your body’s stored body fat. Now if you are
already lean and/or your goal is to gain muscle, it
would be a different approach. On weight training days, I do
have some carbs and protein both before and after workout–
small amounts only for one reason– to prevent muscle loss. If I had more fat to
lose, then I probably would be training with weights
in a fasted state, as well. But as I get leaner, muscle
becomes more jeopardized. And it’s a lot
easier to lose muscle when you’re trying to get
rid of that last 10 pounds. So I make sure to fuel my
muscles before and after these weight training
workouts when I’m leaner. But ideally, if you have
a lot of fat to lose, you want to do your
weight training workouts the same exact way
as I just explained and break your fast
with the high intensity exercise session. Now one last thing,
because I know I’m going to get
this question is how long should you fast for. And the most important thing
is how you break your fast and how you end your fast. Those two meals are critical. And that’s why I created the
Over 40 Hormone Reset Diet Protocol, a 24-hour
hormone resetting solution over at my website. Now if you exercise
in the morning and that’s the only time
you have to exercise, you can still do that
obviously in a fasted state after you wake up. And then when you’re done,
as long as you’re healthy and you’ve been cleared
for exercise– if you have any health issues, you might
have to eat something directly after exercise. But you can go ahead and ride
the wave afterwards and not consume anything and
complete your fasted window, and then go ahead and break
the fast with a healthy meal. And I teach you
the timing of that and the combinations of
that over at my website along with how to incorporate
strategic high carb cheat meals every
weekend so that you don’t suppress your thyroid
and your leptin levels. It’s all part of my over
40 Hormone Reset Solution. You can learn all about
it by clicking or tapping the link around this video. If you learned
something, do me a favor. Share this. Like it. Remember, I gave you a drink
of water with a fire hose here. So if it seems like
too much information, just share it to your wall. You can go back
and watch it later. And if you’ve got questions,
drop a comment below. I’d be happy to help you out. Thanks for watching. And God bless.

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  1. Brown Dog Fitness

    Hey Shaun, great new look at spot reducing. That deserves some in-depth study. Thanks for the tip on that. I'm going to look more into it. Keep up the great work – Dan

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