How to do Intermittent Fasting | Meal Plan & Supplements | Serious Weight Loss

holistic health coach here and this
video is about therapeutic intermittent fasting by just eating one meal a day
and trying to get all of your calories and nutrients in just one meal this is
an example of a high fat moderate protein and low carbohydrate diet which
by Paulo as a type 2 diabetic I am also practicing intermittent
fasting and the protocol that I follow is one meal a day which means I am
fasting for 23 hours and I have a one hour eating window so basically I go
from dinner to dinner so these are carbohydrates healthy carbohydrates
healthy proteins and fats so right now for carbohydrates I am having
approximately 300 grams of steamed bok choy along with hundred grams of steamed
white button mushrooms and is steamed tomato so this is a very nutrient rich
high-fiber carbohydrate profile and this is very rich in vitamin C vitamin A
vitamin K vitamin D and a ton of potassium so potassium is a very
important mineral especially when you are on a fast and these are some
free-range grass-fed organic boiled eggs so on other days when I am NOT consuming
eggs I would have a crocks limit eat 300 grams of steamed fish either or a
mackerel awesome sardines and these are healthy fats so I consume
about hundred grams of pumpkin seeds 80 grams of macadamia nuts about 300 grams
of avocado and 125 grams of brie cheese now in healthy fats I am getting my fats
from a wide spectrum so I’m getting mono unsaturated unsaturated fats from
avocados polyunsaturated fats from pumpkin seeds saturated fats from
macadamia from brie cheese and macadamia nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats as
well and for omega-3 zones on the other days I consume fish so that that that
fulfills the requirement of my omega-3s so along with these meals I also consume
a variety of supplements so B I get my macro nutrients from these and I get my
micro nutrients from my supplements I would also like to emphasize that I
always break a fast by eating my vegetables first so you need to make
sure that the most nutrient dense food goes fast into your stomach and then you
go into lesser nutrient dense so I would start and finish eating my vegetables
first and then I would go to an avocado and then some proteins and then I would
finish with eating nuts and cheese at the very end
so let’s have a look at the supplement supplements that I follow supplements
that I take so the primary supplements that I a primary supplement that I take
is nutritional yeast now nutritional yeast is very rich in B
vitamins so I get the entire B vitamin profile from just taking two scoops of
nutritional yeast sometimes I might mix these yeast flakes with my vegetables or
I might just have it with some vinegar a little later as a diabetic I consume
vanadium and chromium now these are two vital nutrients especially if you are
insulin resistance and if you are diabetic because these nutrients these
minerals is what makes the insulin more sensitive and improves your glucose
absorption within your cells vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 I am NOT as much out in
the Sun as I am expected to be so so I try to always make sure that I am going
with vitamin d3 as much as I can so I’m not going to much previously I used to
consume about 5,000 IU’s I just dropped it down to 1000 IU which is still about
two hundred and fifty percent of your daily requirement and also vitamin k2
also vitamin d3 and k2 are primary nutrients if you are a type 2 diabetic
zinc also a very important nutrient which most people lack on a daily basis
and this provides me with zinc as well as copper and the most important
nutrient for me is magnesium so I take about two scoops 50 grams the reason why
I am consuming more of magnesium and zinc is for the past two months have
been going through some severe insomnia and I just learned that I am deficient
in magnesium and zinc and these are the two nutrients two minerals which gets
depleted if you are a type 2 diabetic which is why most of type 2 diabetics do
not have a good sleeping pattern mainly because you are deficient in zinc and
magnesium and it took me around 2 months to restore my sleeping patterns so it as
soon as your zinc levels from zinc levels and magnesium levels come to its
optimal optimal level your sleep starts to improve your sleeping pattern
improves and this is organic apple cider vinegar and this is raw this is
unfiltered this is organic with the mother which is the enzymes with
probiotic effects now I have a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before
mu and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some magnesium and zinc
after a meal and last but not the least this is some pink Himalayan rock salt Himalayan pink salt is very rich in
minerals and I make sure that I am well hydrated throughout the day so I drink
copious amounts of water and I mix about a half able spoon of
Himalayan salt with my water so that I am not depleting my electrolytes without
a doubt this method is great to burn body fat and in return you get to build
and retain lean muscle mass because the fasting period the secrete the
production of growth hormone by up to 300% the fasting period will help you
heal inflammation in your body and help you make your insulin more sensitive
which in return will increase your glucose uptake so this is a great way of
eating for people with type 2 diabetes intermittent fasting has shown to
increase the functioning of your mind so you will definitely experience higher
cognition and improved focus during the day especially during your fasting time
intermittent fasting is great especially if your hormones are out of balance
benefit of the fasting period will help you regulate your hormones so the key
term here is therapeutic fasting so you will definitely improve your overall
health and longevity with this kind of eating pattern and muscle if you are new
to intermittent fasting it’s not going to be very easy so my suggestion would
be to try just once a week and see how your body responds and then gradually
increase the frequency to 2 times per week and then gradually build it up to 3
or even 4 times a week

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