How To Do Intermittent Fasting : Guide (In Telugu 2018)

Lose weight, simplify lifestyles and improve health by starting intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between fasting and eating periods. 16/8 method is the simplest, stays for long time and easy to stick to and very popular. have water, green tea, black tea, coffee, tea while fasting The main reason for intermittent fasting success is to eat fewer calories

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  1. Shazma Syed

    U explained very nicely.i have acidity problem can I take gas tablet in early morning if we r having severe headache can we take medicines in fasting

  2. Shazma Syed

    Now itself I will subscribe u and thank u so much for ur immediate reply and surely I will follow ur tips and my full support is there for u

  3. Shazma Syed

    Hi,I already started IF 8:16 it's nice but how long I have to follow this how many kgs we will reduce for one month toughly pls reply me and wish u happy new year

  4. Veda Chinnu

    Being on IF nenu daily 3 meals theeskuntunna… Thursday and Friday mathram only 2 meals… Naku aa two days valla extra benits emina untaya for fat loss

  5. Susmitha Durgam

    Hi andi nen e fast ni chesthunna 2months avuthundhi but first 20 days lo 3kgs thagganu tharvatha nundi weight loss kavadam ledhu m cheyyalo cheppandi nen 12 to 8 lopu thintanu

  6. meena madhuri

    Nenu present veeramachaneni diet chesthunnanu danlo nundi IF loki ravacha??
    Deenilo kuda curries coconut oil thone prep cheskovala??

  7. shubam shubam

    Ee fasting chesetapudu 16 hours lo atleast emi thinakudadha I mean vanta chesetapudu salt avi saripoyava ledha avi kuda taste cheyakudadha

  8. santhi Shanthi

    Nenu 5 days nundi 20:8 window start chesa
    Weight taggatam emo kani everyday 1 kg perugunna…
    breakfast lo 2idly or 2 dosa or 1 cup wheat upma tintunna
    9 ki fasting break chestunna
    9.30 breakfast
    Nd 12.30 lunch 2 jonna rotti vth pappu to tintunna
    Fasting window lo water Nd plain soda 🥤 tagutunna
    Mistake ardham kavatam ledu
    72 kgs daggara start cheste 4 days 76 ki gain ayya…. plzzz reply me

  9. lakshmi lanka

    14 hours fasting 10 hours eating follow avuthunnanu. 10 hours lo yenni saarlu thinachhu. Konchem konchem yekkuva saarlu ante 5 times thinachha

  10. Gayathri Reddy

    Mam nenu approx 85-90 kgs varaku untanu.nenu if start chedham anukuna prathisari na valla avadam leshu.cheyalekapothunanu.but nanu nenu chuskuntey chaaala guilty ga undhi intha fat ga unna ani.pls mam edhaina suggest cheyandi.neny excise cheyalenu bcos bcos intlo work chinna babu unadu..time undadhu if better antara weight loss ki and 1 month chesthey entha weight thaggutham pls mam reply..😔😔

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