how to detox your kidneys using herbs
there have been so many changes in our lifestyle and we cannot deny how most of
those changes have made us feel more comfortable
unfortunately we sometimes have to pay the price of these comforts including
the negative impact on our environment pollution is one of the most adverse
effects of these changes and because of it the toxin levels in the food we eat
have increased dramatically thankfully we had our kidneys to get rid of the
waste and toxins from the blood these being shaped organs perform these
important tasks and they also release hormones to help the body function
better sadly we do things that are not good for them and the environment we
live in doesn’t help either in truth our kidneys cleanse themselves but we can
support them by drinking lots of fluids and eating healthy we can also take
extra steps to aid them in cleansing with the following herbs one parsley
this herb is a diuretic which promotes more urine output leading to flushing
germs and bacteria out of the kidneys parsley tea for one week can help
cleanse the organ – dandelion root this herb also works like parsley but
dandelion also relieves water retention if your urinary system is irritated this
herb is also useful tea made from dried and elion root can cleanse the kidneys 3
ginger another effective herb for the kidneys is ginger which can remove
toxins and even improve digestion ginger is also useful for liver cleansing
making tea out of ginger root is the best way to get the cleansing benefits
you can also include raw ginger in your dishes for turmeric this well-known herb
has been used for its many medicinal properties including its cleansing
properties turmeric not only cleanses the kidneys but also the toxified the
liver and helps in purifying the blood this herb also has anti-inflammatory
properties which can prevent infections and inflammation of the kidneys
five celery juice celery every day for at least two weeks and drink it to help
remove toxins from the body celery is a diuretic so it can increase urination
six marshmallow root this herb also has natural diuretic properties for
increased flow of urine make tea with a tablespoon of dried marshmallow root
along with its Leafs to 1 cup of water this herbal tea is recommended to be
consumed twice a day for one week to effectively cleanse the kidneys
although these home remedies are generally safe for everyone some people
who have serious diseases such as diabetes and those who take medications
should first talk to their doctor before consuming any of the herbs above natural
products for good kidney health healthy efficient kidneys are crucial to our
health and well-being these remarkable being shaped organs
that sit beneath our ribcage are our body’s most effective means of expelling
all sorts of unwanted substances so that we can function is required most of us
will have experienced the pain of a kidney infection or even kidney stones
at some point in our lives and there are over 26 million people who suffer from
chronic kidney disease in the USA alone given that they are performing such
important work for us it’s only right that we provide them with some care and
attention this list includes 10 foods that can help people with kidney
problems improve their kidneys function while also providing tips by which
people with healthy kidneys can look after these final organs without
encouraging overly frequent urination why are your kidneys so important the
kidneys are responsible for three essential activities that your body
needs in order to work properly one regulate water levels your body needs
the right amount of water to work properly if it has too little or too
much it will bear a noticeable effect on your health and ability to go about your
day successfully the kidneys are important regulators of water levels
ensuring that we retain water when the body requires more fluids and release
more when the body has more than it needs typically by converting it into
urine to remove waste products and toxins your
body is a complex machine and its numerous activities frequently produce
waste if the waste is not expelled your organs stop functioning all together
this is why you need a way of filtering and flushing waste out it is the kidneys
that take on this task making sure waste products such as urea produced when the
body breaks down proteins such as meats during digestion and create a nine a
byproduct of muscle activity are disposed of efficiently many other waste
products are poisonous toxins such as those produced when we break down drugs
your body has to flush them out so it can keep functioning correctly 3 produce
certain hormones hormones are chemical messengers produced by various organs in
your body including the kidneys these messengers circulate around your
bloodstream regulating and controlling bodily functions including the
production of red blood cells in the uptake of calcium and blood pressure
levels all extremely important factors affecting your short and long-term
health how can you look after your kidneys health now that we have
established just how important the kidneys are for good health you will
need to know what steps you can take to help improve their function luckily
studies have found that a number of common foods and drinks can help protect
and strengthen your kidneys as part of the balanced diet
if you are worried about the overall health of your kidneys please make sure
you also consult the doctor doctor list is suitable for people who have kidney
disease but also provides ideas for people with healthy kidneys who are
looking to safeguard the long-term health of the body if you have healthy
kidneys you should also include other foods that contain potassium as part of
the balanced diet these include nuts whole grains seeds
and green vegetables however if you are already suffering from kidney disease
then potassium rich foods can encourage the need to urinate excessively and
increase your thirst levels these foods are low in potassium and also provide
other key nutrients that can aid the performance of your kidneys one grande
berries cranberries are something of a superfood and can help cleanse the body
in a number of ways you can eat them or drink them as juice just make sure it’s
100% cranberry juice probably using organically grown
cranberries they are a fantastic way of clearing out your kidneys and they’re
packed with vitamin C antioxidants and fiber they prevent ulcers and bacteria
from forming in the urinary tract and can even fight existing bacteria in the
stomach if you are eating cranberries try to choose fresh ones when possible
but if they are out of season buy dried cranberries as long as they do not
contain added sugar blueberries and raspberries or other healthy
alternatives to to cauliflower cauliflower ‘aa nother food that is
helpful for your kidneys it provides plenty of fiber and vitamin C and
contains compounds that can help your body neutralize toxic substances people
undergoing dialysis treatment for their kidneys often substitute cauliflower for
potatoes as part of their diet 3 red bell peppers red bell peppers are
a great choice for those concerned with the health of their kidneys they are low
in potassium but high in vitamins A C & b6 as well as fiber they also contain a
natural antioxidant called lycopene which protects the body against certain
types of cancer antioxidants help neutralize harmful molecules in the body
allowing the kidneys to perform their role as our body’s detox organ for
mushrooms vitamin D is important for healthy kidneys and mushrooms are one of
the best plant-based sources of this crucial vitamin studies have proven that
vitamin D helps control kidney function and can also protect your body from
kidney disease fortified soy milk is another good option but if you already
suffer from kidney disease you must make sure the potassium content isn’t over
200 to 300 milligrams to avoid any associated problems 5 apples apples are
a great body cleanser which means they are great for the kidneys they will help
keep the kidneys clean and clear without increasing your need to urinate ooh
frequently they are also another source of vitamin C in Becton the latter is
also great at slowing down blood sugar levels and removing excess cholesterol
six water what better method can there possibly be for maintaining water
balance in the body other than the substance itself you don’t need to go to
massive lengths just the classic standard eight glasses for two litres of
h2o will do depending on how active you are on any given day water flushes
through your body helping transport those harmful toxins out of your kidneys
filtering system it is the best cleanser of all so you should never be flippant
with your need for regular water intake 7 grapefruit
your body needs vitamin C to help protect its immune system and stop
bacteria from developing this will help your kidneys perform their duties
grapefruits are packed with this vital vitamin and they are also low in
potassium and sugar making them an excellent source of natural nutrients
for the kidneys 8 garlic ever trusty garlic is great for reducing
inflammation and has antioxidant properties which can help expel and
control levels of harmful toxins in your body aiding the function of your kidneys
garlic granules are a great option for adding flavor to food if you are
suffering from kidney disease 9 cabbage cabbage is built with chemical compounds
that help break apart harmful molecules in your body and support it in a number
of ways it’s low in potassium yet high in vitamin B and folic acid so it’s
especially friendly for the kidneys 10 onion another trusty superfood onions
are rich in natural chemicals that help process fatty materials from the body so
that waste can be flushed out they are also powerful antioxidants and
contain minerals that assist your metabolism while being low in potassium
making them suitable for people with kidney issues ten things you’re doing that are killing
your kidneys the kidneys are an integral part of our body but we usually take
them for granted until they stop functioning properly it could be kidney
infection development of kidney stones or other problems whatever it is our
kidneys are very important as they are responsible for detoxifying the blood
and filtering out toxins and waste products these two being shaped organs
had plenty of duties making it crucial that we keep them in top health
unfortunately most of us don’t know that some of our daily habits can harm our
kidneys stop doing the following bad habits before it’s too late one you
don’t empty your bladder right away there are times when you really have to
hold your pee and it’s not that harmful to your health but if you do this
habitually it can cause kidney damage too you don’t drink enough water your
kidneys just like all the parts of the body
meet enough water insufficient water can lead to less blood flow to your kidneys
as a result your blood becomes thick hampering the ability of the kidneys to
remove toxins from the body 3 you eat too much salt consuming too much salt on
a regular basis is bad for your kidneys and your overall health
our kidneys break down 95% of sodium from the food we eat this means that
high salt intake prompts the kidneys to work harder just to remove the salt this
can lead to poor kidney functioning and increased water retention for you take
painkillers regularly while we need painkillers from time to time some
people turn this into a habit to reduce swelling fever and control pain
unfortunately painkillers or analgesics are bad for the kidneys 5 you consume
too much protein we need protein but too much of it can increase the risk of
kidney disease 6 you’re an alcoholic if you’re an excessive drinker you will
eventually kill your kidneys and cause harm to your health 7 you eat too much
sugar aside from salt sugar can also
contribute to decreased kidney functioning start by avoiding sugary
drinks to keep your kidneys healthy eight you’re a smoker smoking is bad for
your health including your organs such as your kidneys one reason is that
smoking can cause hypertension that leads to reduce blood flow to the
kidneys 9 you drink too much coffee you should limit your caffeine consumption
to 3 cups daily if you want to maintain the health of your kidneys 10 you don’t
sleep enough sleep is important to our health as well as to our kidneys as it
allows the organs to renew or refresh themselves it’s not too late to stop
these bad habits which do not only harm your kidneys but can also hinder you
from living a healthy life you

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