How to Cook Polenta in a Green Kitchen : Seasoning Vegetables For A Green Polenta Recipe

So our veggies are all chopped up and ready
to go, now is time to season it and get it in the oven. I preheated the oven to 375 so
make sure is all nice and warm for you. Now I got a pile of Italian flat leaf parsley
and the trick with herbs is you kind of smooching it all together. I?m just gonna chop this
up all up here and it’s gonna wilt down in the oven a little bit doesn’t have to be itty
bitty bitty pieces. But you know enough to get it so you are no gonna none one big piece,
ok I would say about two table spoons worth. You can eye ball a little bit sprinkle it
all around there add such a great green color. Then you’re gonna need about two table spoons
of extra virgin olive oil, you want to get it coat it enough you don’t want to use too
much because no one wants too much oil. But just enough so they are nice and lubricated
in the oven. Then about a half of tea spoon of salt okay, put that all over the veggies,
about a quarter tea spoon of fresh ground pepper. You know if you like more pepper you
can add more always what you gut it on that, then just about an eight of tea spoon of red
paper flakes. If you like spicy add a little more that’s fine but that just kind kick it
up a notch. So now just gonna mix this all together get all the veggies nice and coated,
get that olive oil all incorporated make sure everything got some salt and pepper and seasoning
on it. And they can go in the oven now they gonna roast in the oven for a total of about
forty five minutes. You’re going to want to put them in for about twenty minutes let them
you know let them roast down a little bit, take it out stir them up again and then let
them go for another twenty five minutes or so. For a total of forty five minutes and
they shrink down a lot. Get it in the oven, here we go.

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