How to Cook Juicy Beets (beetroot) – Paleo & Gluten free

Hi everyone, welcome to my kitchen. Today I’m making some boiled beets. I bought these massive beets from the formers market they are organic. We call them beetroot in Australia. I’ve washed them really well. I’ve gotten as much dirt and earth and stuff off them as I could. Because I’m going to the the water that I’ve boiled them in. So there is four of them in here. Boiling water. Pour that over. A large saucepan. There should be plenty of room. In here I’m going to add… some apple cider vinegar. About half a cup. about half a cup of onions, chopped. Here I’ve got some cloves, mustard seeds and some pepper. So that’s all going to go in the water. Put the lid on. Boil that for 30 minutes. I can stick them with a skewer to see if they are cooked through. It might take a while. I’ll come back and show you how it went. Bye.

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