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I’m Dr. Zyrowski and in this video, I’m
gonna teach you how to break a fast. I’m Dr. Zyrowski from and if you’re new to the channel well then, it’s a pleasure. Be sure to
subscribe and hit the bell notification if you want to excel your health and your
life and you’ll be well on your way. In this video, we’re talking about how to
break a fast. Now, as you may know, I talk about fasting a lot in my different YouTube videos, also in my blog articles on my website. So, if you want information on
that, be sure to check out my other resources available. Now, the reason I
love fasting so much is because it’s a very powerful tool in order to help heal
the body. It’s a very powerful tool to act as a reset. It acts as a reset for
the nervous system and for the gut, it helps heal the gut, helps cleanse the
body. So, it’s a really powerful tool. One of the things that’s almost just as
important as the fast itself, is actually breaking the fast, coming out of
the fast and doing it correctly. Now, when we are in that fasted state, we’re gonna
have decreased enzyme production in our gut. We’re also going to have the gut
lining heal – it’s going to be healing itself during that process. So,
essentially, what will happen too is the the gut lining coming off that fast will be a little bit more vulnerable so we want to make sure that
we transition from that state of fasting to eating and we do it in a
gentle way that supports our overall health. So first, let’s talk about
intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is when we eat our
meals within an eight-hour period fast for 16. Many variations of it but that’s
kind of the general. Now, when we come off an intermittent fast I recommend having
a nice salad for your first meal. Many people will come off of an intermittent
fast and they’ll slam themselves with carbs or unhealthy food
just because they feel that they’re just really hungry at that point
but it’s important to kind of tread lightly. So first of all, a nice, good,
hearty chicken salad is a great way to do that. So, coming from an
intermittent fast, use some salads, use some greens to transition. It’s not as
important to really focus in on that transition stage from intermittent
fasting to eating as it is when it comes to multiple day fasting, but it’s still
important to make sure that you’re doing it correctly and not causing more
heartache for your body. So, on intermittent fasting, your first meal have a nice,
green, hearty salad, a nice, good chicken salad with a nice light dressing and
your body will thank you. Now, when it comes to multiple day fasting, this is
where it gets a little bit more important. Actually, it gets a lot more
important because when we’re in that multiple day fasted state, it’s really
when we have that decreased enzyme production, that gut healing
occurring, and we need to be very careful and tread lightly transitioning from not
eating to eating. Now, one of my favorite ways to go from multiple day fasting – I’ll do three day, four day fasts on a regular basis and when I
transition, one of my favorite ways to do it is to use a bone broth soup. First of all, we have the bone broth which is very gut healing, it’s very high
in glycine, and then we have the soup that’s loaded with vegetables and
they’re all more or less steamed and softened so it’s easy for me to digest.
Now, that’s one key – having vegetables first of all, that are easy to digest. That can be through some steaming them but also a great way is right in a nice
bone broth soup. I also like to use a homemade sauerkraut in order to make
sure I’m getting good probiotics and enzymes. Now, when you come off that fast, you’re gonna want to tread lightly. You’re not gonna want to eat multiple
bowls of soup or a ton of probiotic-rich, homemade sauerkraut. You
want to just go gentle into that. The other way that I will have people come off a multiple day fast is I will have individuals come and just simply eat
steamed vegetables. So, if somebody’s very sensitive, maybe they have a whole bunch
of food sensitivities, maybe somebody even had a condition that they started
fasting for in order to hope reverse it through the process in the first place,
then coming off the fast very gently is even more important. So, when they come
off the fast, I’ll have people jump into what’s called the, “GAPS Diet”, using just
very simple vegetables, eat very simple foods and then same thing applies. You’re gonna want to steam those vegetables so they’re easy for your gut
to break down but when you follow the GAPS Diet – and you can look up the GAPS protocol online – it simply means that you’re going to introduce foods very
slowly and introduce them one at a time, almost as you would do when you start
feeding a child for the first time. You introduce foods very slowly so their
immune system can kind identify them and react as it
needs to and then from there, as you introduce them slowly, you can also know
that you’re not going to have a reaction to it. If you notice that you’re
having a reaction you can actually back off of that and then try again in a
couple days. So, that’s how I like to come off of fasting. If you have any
different questions for me, be sure to drop them in the comment section below. Other than that, give the video a thumbs up and check out my other videos
on fasting. I have tons of great resources on fasting on my website and
on YouTube. Until next time folks, make it a great day.

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Reader Comments

  1. Big Mama

    Wow, I'm always learning something new. I"ll be switching up my first meal after IF and having a salad from now on. Thanks for your help!

  2. AHMAD Empowered

    I break my fast on organic Black seed oil, organic Goji berries, organic spirulina and organic Cholrella. then I wait for 10 min then I have my protein alone then my salad.

  3. Rick Alvarado

    Is it OK to break my intermittent fasting with avocado and cheese? I don't really feel like eating boiled vegetables early in the morning, usually save those for my second meal. I want to loose weight so… Any thoughts? Thanks for the video.

  4. Rob Jarz

    Great info Nick, I practice IF, and wanted to know how you would apply this to lean muscle growth? It seems to contradict the traditional high carb pre and post resistance training, high calories for growth other times, and high protein for muscle synthesis?

  5. skharsa

    Thank you for the great info Doc.
    I have a question about water. As we all know you have some low quality water that is too acidic and other much better water that is alkaline. And since the stomach should be very acidic, then the acidic water is better than the alkaline, don't you think? Appreciate your feedback on this issue.

  6. Manisha Gupta

    I hv very thin body but a huge tummy .I m 5'3", 33 years and tell me will IF further slim my face ,feet,hand etc.i dont want to loose any body weight except my tummy. Bt with cardio n fast my face shrink guide

  7. Damian Donohue

    Soup seems best option, see your previous replies not to spike insulin to high, as my first thoughts were fruit and yogurt, as I also I had considered as I was preparing to break my first multiple 7 day fast with probiotics and vitamin and mineral supplement, thanks for the great information.

  8. Hoss Phoenix

    I break a fast with banna/berries real hemp milk smothie with a dash of cocoa nibs and dates – is that okay or shall i throw some meat into it?…come on! …A hardy chicken salad!.. what's with the meat pushing ?.. bone broth soup?
    This channel is specific for flesh eating beast… screw us vegans or vegetarians. Why don't you recommend Pork pie for your Muslim or Rastafarian viewers.

  9. Mac Viking

    I'm on Day 4 of my Fasting, I'm gonna break it tomorrow. Can I just buy one of Amy's soups and break it that way? Amy's has gluten free stuff which I need because I'm gluten intolerant. Can I just get a vegetable soup from her and eat that to break the fast?

  10. Adrian Mason

    How about if you are doing 1 meal a day ? I’ve been doing this now for 2 months and seen some real progress with fat loss. I have been eating overnight oats as a starter, chicken broccoli sweet potatoes for main then a spinach, peanut butter, blueberries and protein powder smoothie for desert. Adds up to about 2000 calories. All eaten in a about 45mins. Btw after the 1st few days it’s gets very easy to do, if anyone was thinking about it

  11. Lisa777 There is a better way

    I always break a long fast with fruit! not with cooked food or animal products. fruit is very alkalizing, hydrating and is easy to digest, and not to mention all the nutrients fruit has. fruit is the king of foods in my opinion.

  12. Muhiima Barre

    As a Muslim we know fasting is good for our body and mind . fasting cleanses the human system of the accumulated impurities of uninterrupted eating throughout the year. It prepares the body to face diseases or conditions of scarcity. The rigid abstinence of a fast regulates human’s health, sharpens our intellect and enhances the qualities of our heart. it’s the time we Remember the less fortunate. I started fasting in very young age . I fast the holy month of Ramadan and every Monday and every Thursday ..

  13. mardo eadeh

    what about bullet proof coffee or have rice cake i heard that the other day its so good for the body thx dr im so happy to find ur chanel im hooked ,rola eadeh

  14. Jesse Reed

    Im on a daily fast – fast usually 16-18hrs.question is if i break a fast with salad or smoothie- how long should I wait/ safe to eat another meal? 1,2,3 hrs??

  15. Sam Chancey

    What’s the best steamed vegetables to eat after a 3 day water fast ? And if you are keto how long should you wait before incorporating regular ketogentic foods ?

  16. Radhika Bansal

    Thank you for your video Dr. Nick Zyrowski.
    I like to drink a vegetable smoothie when i'm not in the mood to eat salad.
    I blend – beetroot, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, coriander, ginger, and sometimes apples too.
    I add lemon later, can i add salt or is it best to avoid?
    I usually have 2 glasses of this when i break my fast.
    I just want to know if its ok to drink the smoothie instead of eating them as a salad.
    I live in India, and the leafy greens during monsoon seasons are very dangerous to consume.
    So i avoid them these months. Otherwise i add celery, broccoli, spinach/kale too.

  17. Neeta Mehra

    Hi…i doing intermittent fasting….1have some fruit by 12am….after my proper dinner at 9pm….then my next meal is around 2.30 pm..
    is this good enough or having that fruit is ruining it….please comment.

  18. kiki lakios

    Thank you for the wonderful information. After eating the salad to break a fast, for how long do I need to wait before I eat my rice and stew?

  19. Dana Choate

    Is this if your coming off of a water fast? I do a 3 day bone broth fast, when I come off my fast I eat only strict keotgenic foods and I feel great. I don't count macros when doing my keto "feast" day after a 3 day bone broth fast, and I only eat enough to feel satisfied. It never seems to be an issue.

  20. crystala917

    Dr. Zyrowski, thanks sooo much for sharing your informative video!!! Question: I've just completed a 106-hr. dry fast, & I'd like to know if I can eat nuts later in the evening after I have my dinner (salmon with a salad). I'd really appreciate your feedback. Thanks in advance!!! 😊

  21. Mohamad Aiman

    Hello sir,may i ask you something actually i have done alternate day fasting and nowadays when i too much i will vomit the food and plus if i eat on day i don't fasting my stomach felt uncomfortable.why did this happen?

  22. Sunny Side

    Hi Doctor and thank you for all the informations you share with us, please explain me or us all when the autophagy hit while fasting. For example, I just turn 50, I’m using IF benefit from the beginning of the year ( I’m a beginner) Monday Wednesday and Friday I’m on omad, rest of the days IF 18/6. Avoiding refined sugar at maximum I still use some other forms of carbs based on grains but not to much. Although I’m not on a keto diet I try to behave when is about diet. Always Sunday a vegetarian pizza like sin ( 10 years ago I stoped eating meat drinking alcohol and smoking ). But there are so many opinions on internet about when autophagy hit on, it simply drive me crazy. For instance last video from Dr Boz said that we only hit autophagy after 3 days fasting ( unless we stay permanently on keto and autophagy will start in 12 hours ) ? Huge thank you for all your efforts and sharing your knowledge with us."


    Dr Nick… Thanks for the video
    Actually i am on a 4 days water fast
    Can I break it with 3 consecutive days FMD that contains celery smoothie with almond butter
    Or just 3 day keto coffee is fine

  24. leferx4

    Thank you for all the precious content and knowledge. I wanted to know if ot is OK to break a fast with a protein shake (water + powder). I am used to do it with vegies but I want to know if a Prot Shake is not too hard on insuline

  25. Emmanuela Athens

    Dr. Nick, I do intermittent fasting 16 hours, from 5pm to 9am, so at the morning when I break my fast, I take my coffee and eat organic whole rye crisp bread linseed with peanutsbutter, is that OK?

  26. wardasabah

    As a Muslim I break my fast with a cup of warm water 💦 then eat a date to three dates after ten to fifteen minutes later I eat my meal starting with a light soup and then have some of the side dishes

  27. M I C H

    And no milk? Juice? Fruit? I watched a video from Thomas DeLauer and I'm confused, did everything wrong for 2 years long. But I'm getting ripped and building muscle either way. 18 hour intermittent fasting I'm just tired after my workout.

  28. Dylan Caruana

    Very informative video! I have just one question which I'd like to ask, if you don't mind.

    I've been currently doing OMAD (one meal a day) in which I train fasted at the end of my fast and then wait about an hour to proceed in breaking my fast with a serving of organic whey protein concentrate mixed with just water. Now, my question is: Would you think that at this time (since I will be very sensitive to insulin due to the fast) be a good idea to avoid ingesting any dietary fats along my shake? Will the fats get shuttled directly to my fat stores due to insulin sensitivity ?

    Thanks for your time.

  29. cahenglish

    Hey Doc. I like the bone broth as a fast breaker, but I'm basically zero carb; keto/carnivore. So what comes after the broth? Use the broth and make a stew with soft (falling apart) beef? And other ideas? And I'm talking about after a multi-day fast. With my usual 20/4 IF, I just eat my next meal.

  30. Edgard Aguedo

    I’m planning my first 7 day water fasting, I would like to know if there is a way to prepare your digestive system BEFORE entering on this long term water fasting.

  31. Side Effects

    If it's frozen vegetables that come with some butter in there is that okay? I will microwave it and it'll be nice and soft.

  32. Georgina Curiel

    I follow your advise, and today I had a salad after an 18 hr fast and I threw up so bad. It’s like I couldn’t tolerate it in. Do you know why?

  33. Dass e

    How does chicken always get put into salads it used to be just greens and vegetables in a salad now you can't get any cell without some meat or Animal product.


    Thanks Doctor, appreciate your effort.
    These days I dry fast for 18 hours daily for 30 days, my question is: can I break my fast with 3 dates and a glass of worm water?

  35. Mimi Elliott

    i got mexi stir fry with extra cheese from Las Margaritas for my first of 3 42-48 hr fasts for the week… it digested well. i will do with out the extra cheese, i didn't know.. or just eat the veggies in a broth i have on the stove.

  36. Klaas Frost

    so i have been on a 26 day water fast, and im read to break it can i use top ramen (instant noodles)? where im from i cant get bone broth

  37. Faye Lana

    It’s funny how people don’t seem to think about how similar we become to babies when coming off a fast. A long time ago they used to start babies on solids with bone broth and then add bits of meat, then a bit of vegetables.

    If you wouldn’t feed it to a 6 month old baby starting solids, you probably shouldn’t be eating it yet.

  38. Santos Maria Milagros

    Hi. Just want to ask if its okay the fasting that what im doing. I do fast Monday to Wednesday. I ate only 1 meal a day, the last hour that im eating is 9 in the evening, and i will eat the following night. I drink a lot of water only, without any food just only water. And then i will start to eat at 9 in the evening. Thank you, hope you could help me and give some advice to me.

  39. Ted fugged About it

    Is it good to break my fast with a little fruit ? Because after dry fasting the entire day its just heaven to have juicy fruit in your mouth 😋😋😋😋😋😍

  40. James Walton

    When is the best time to break your fast on one meal a day? If I break it during the day I am lethargic for the rest of the day, but I am also concerned about eating too soon before bed because of how it will disturb my sleep.

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