How Intermittent Fasting Affects Your Period

okay men clear the room this one’s for
ladies only we’re gonna talk about how intermittent fasting affects your
period so I wanted to do this video because
this is certainly something I was worried about or concerned about when I
was considering doing intermittent fasting I was afraid it was really gonna
mess with my cycle and unfortunately back at that time there really wasn’t a
whole lot of information about intermittent fasting just in general
that I could find and especially when it came to women and how it’s gonna affect
things and of course I want to start off by saying I am NOT a doctor this is not
medical advice this is more like just a case study in how it has affected me
because I’ve been doing intermittent fasting now for several years and so and
I’m a numbers nerd and so I’ve kept track of all this stuff since like May of
or April of 2015 so I was actually able to run the numbers and really look and
see how this has affected me and basically it really hasn’t my cycle has
averaged about 25 days long with the lowest number being 21 days and that was
kind of an outlier it was just a one-time deal and the highest being 28
which isn’t a big spread in month over month it’s only ever varied by as much
as four days which to me is pretty regular and is certainly normal for me
and so you know I started fasting I really I kind of heard about it in 2014
towards the very end of 2014 but I didn’t do a whole lot with it and so
then in 2015 I was doing shorter fasts in 2016 that’s when I went to one meal a
day so I’ve been able to compare those numbers to see if anything has changed
and really it just hasn’t and even you know losing that weight I think because
I lost it so slowly and gradually again it never affected my cycle but now a
better question might be how does your period affect intermittent fasting
because that is where there can be a little bit of a difference uh what I
noticed especially when I really started being consistent with intermittent
fasting because you know for a while there I was kind of doing it and I
wasn’t doing it but when I really became consistent with it I started to notice
that a couple of days before before I started my period it would be a lot of
hunger and it’s so noticeable in fact that my
husband would literally say please eat something so I guess I was getting
hangry and so how did I handle that so what I decided to do and this was this
was a hard decision for me because I really loved the idea of being super
duper consistent having clear rules and never violating them but I learned you
know through this weight loss journey that I’ve been on I don’t have to be
perfect my perfectionist tendencies tend to be
the thing that are my downfall when it comes to not sticking with something so
I decided to say okay when I really need the snack and we basically called this
my emergency chocolate when I really needed it I would do it and so what that
generally looked like was generally it was one day out of a month usually a
couple of days before my period and I would eat that Snickers bar usually
that’s what my husband would bring me as like a peace offering or something
but I decided to do that because really it was more important to me to you know
be able to calm down and have my emergency chocolate and know that I
would get right back on plan the next day what I didn’t do I didn’t take the
whole period off you know like I allowed myself that one little snack usually you
know it was for one day and it was one snack you know a couple of days before so
that’s what it looked like for me having said that because now it is such a
well-worn habit and it’s just normal for me I’m used to fasting I can’t remember
the last time I needed emergency chocolate it’s been a long time so my
encouragement to you would be if you find that you know and really this is
like with any any kind of diet you know you may find that that you know a couple
days right before is when you’re gonna have that like I need this and I would
encourage you take that thing that you need but don’t let it get you too far
off track so again that’s been my experience I am NOT a doctor this is not
medical advice but I just wanted to share my experiences as a woman with
intermittent fasting so if you have experiences that you’d like to share
please leave them in the comments below thanks for watching be sure to LIKE
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Reader Comments

  1. Keep It Simple

    Agreed! It did not affect my cycle and I make sure to get my calories in. But a few days before my period I get very picky with food and crave carbs lol. I do give in a little bit too 😂

  2. Jennifer Charlee Art

    Thanks for this video. I have been keto for about 2.5 years now and wanted to focus on eating the best foods and cut back to 2 meals a day at about a 16:8 pretty naturally (with the occasional nutrient dense salad in the middle) and was great for about 5-7 days in a row, even on the weekend. My main focus was to reconnect to what hunger ACTUALLY feels like and only eat when hungry (which will happen around 1-3pm each day) ..but then I woke up one day and was SO hungry and that had been happening for about the last 3-4 days now so I would just stick to good foods/keto and just each when I felt hunger which was throughout the entire day. I've now connected the dots that my period is coming up soon and it makes a lot of sense that I would be extra hungry. I was a little worried about being "off track" and the natural fasting habit would be thrown off but today I woke up without the hunger and feel like I can go back to eating how I was again. I think I might just need that a couple days out of the month and that shouldn't throw me off too much as long as I am monitoring and JUST eating when hungry. Thanks again for talking about this since so many men/ppl without periods tend to lead the convo about IF and I was getting concerned I had done something that had thrown myself off.

  3. Rinie린이

    I eat once a day too! But technically it’s every other day because I eat at 6pm one day and then 6pm or 7pm the next day, so I wait 24hrs before I eat again, and it works so well with me and my schedule! I also make sure I get my calories in and I feel so happy every time I eat that I can’t wait for the next day! I’ve lost about 20 pounds so far and I’ve been doing this for a month and a half!

  4. Shirley

    Doing 19-20hrs of fasting and I started that on day one on my period. My period is usually just 3 days. I'm on day 5 and still bleeding. I'm extremely regular 28 days. But never bled this long and heavy. No cramps just heavy. Should I be worried about this duration?

  5. Nonkululeko Phungula

    Thats so funny i had an emergency snickers bar on my last cycle. Iv learned not to bit myself up about it… If its gonna be a lifestyle might as well feel good doing it 🙂

  6. Gemini Jenny

    Kayla… I could watch you all day! You're the cutest. I'm going to add meeting you to my bucket list. Thanks for being so real, caring and helpful ❤

  7. Samreen Fazal

    if fasting 2 3 times a week with light cardio or yoga and hiit and strength training on non fasted days fine for hormones and irregular periods? will it still effect the fertility and ovaries ? please answer

  8. Brianna La Nyce

    I’m doing a 20 hour fast daily on Keto diet n thanks to birth control haven’t had a real period in 3 years. IF brought my period back with a vengeance.

  9. sumamdeep dhillon

    hii there,
    i just want to know that the intermittent fasting effect periods…Like i used to get periods for 3-4 days But from the time i am following intermittent fasting i m just getting periods for 1-2 days… i am doing 18:6 window…
    just want to know bcoz i want to switch on omad for 2-3 days per week…

    plz reply i am scared😭

  10. Connie H

    Sorry to sound critical but a 25 day cycle, whilst just about in the normal range, isn't ideal, especially for those trying to maintain their fertility. I'm glad you've not experienced serious adverse effects so far, but I wouldn't be happy with a 25 day cycle myself. Each to their own, and we're all built differently but I've had adverse effects from fasting, and most of the research has been done on men. Men have a much better response to fasting when it comes to hormones and autophaghy, although I agree it's effective for weight loss. Of the studies that have been done, it has showed that fasting shrinks ovaries, although I believe this study was done on rats. But having gone through an awful time myself with the impact of fasting on my periods, even though I love the weight loss, I'm cautious about having my hormones disrupted again. And I think all women wishing to.conceive should be mindful of listening to their bodies. If your menstrual cycle becomes shorter, or is delayed, something isn't as it should be. That said, I'm sure it helps with pcos, but I think long term keto(with slightly higher protein) is a better strategy.

  11. Ainigmati Studio

    I have another question related to the female cycle and fasting…Do you find there is an optimal time to do a longer fast, taking into account the different levels of progesterone and estrogen at different points of our cycle. Do you think there is a time when you would loose more weight doing a fast?

  12. Flaming Blossom101

    I just had an organic dark chocolate and cracker sandwich pack. There's two sandwiches per pack. And it's only week 2 and I started…😥😥😥

  13. Naïf Por la vida

    I have a question, I'm weighting myself everyday as yourself, have you observe something different in your weight fluctuation during your period? Because it's seems to affect me, my weight stalls or even I gain weight. Have you experienced this too?

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