How i lost weight in Tamil | Day 1 Diet Plan to lose weight fast | Easy Exercise for Weight loss

Hi friends this is Ambika welcome back
to San Square today we are going to see about who all are in weight loss diet or who all are completed the diet and trying to maintain their weight. what kind of easy exercise can burn our fat level and how to control accumulated unwanted fats in our body this can be done with 10 simple exercises for weight loss we need to drink plenty of water we need to drink 3 to 4 litters water for a day periodically Drinking water will ease the process of weight loss metabolism will increase to reduce our body weight this can be with hot water or warm water or normal water Don’t drink cool water / refrigerated water The effective way to lose weight is drinking water we must drink plenty of water, 3 to 4 litters sometimes we feel difficulty to drink as and when required so i decided and bought a big water bottle which has more than 3 litter whole capacity of this water bottle is 3.25 litters My target for the days is to complete this water bottle as and when we need to drink sip by sip apart from this bottle, i will also drink water from other sources so that i will drink around four litters per day(appx) You can also try to fill with such big bottle / container to complete make a target to complete the water bottle before end of the day Once you set the goal, you can complete easily. I am going to share what i had in my day 1 diet. and then i will share what all are the simple exercise can be performed i had black tea today I already shared my 4 weight loss tea, you can choose any one for your taste even you can try with lemon, squeeze a lemon in hot water and add honey to taste will be very effective, i drink this black tea This tea is made of Ginger + black tea, you can find information in the description. I started my morning with this tea around 7 am. after this tea i started my breakfast i had 2 Idli and little amount of Tomato Thokku and 1 whole apple I had the Idli after 10 min of eating the apple since i had my breakfast around 9.30 in the morning not feeling much hungry and directed to lunch For lunch i had a Banana and Oats meal How i prepared this oats meal is, I took 1/2 cup oats Boiled with 1 Cup water for about 3 minutes Oats will cook easily in the hot water Added little salt and added pistachio for taste. Can be with pista or badam or peanut. these nuts can help in reducing weight gradually i added Pistachio, you can add as you wish. No Milk added and No Sugar added in this meal in addition to this Oats meal i took one big size Banana. I took banana after 10 mins from the oats meal Evening 3 pm, i took normal milk tea. i avoided white sugar and alternatively added 1/2 TBSP brown sugar. after tea, i took 1/2 sweet corn Corn was steamed, this is my snack. Tea + Corn That’s my snack today and then dinner. For dinner, i had Rava Upma i took 1/2 Cup Rava Upma for Dinner along with Coconut Chutney Total calories i had today is around 1100 Calories. you don’t have to follow the same food what i had, even you can modify little according to your taste to fulfill the total calories. if you starving, you can add nuts, dates or fruits apple, Guava or watermelon can be added extra i shared my 1000 ~ 1100 Calorie food, what i had today. In addition to the diet i did 15 min exercise Lets see those simple exercise, that can be doable for all. These are very effective exercise, if you do only with this exercise. start with 10 counts and little by you can increase up to 30 do this morning as well evening surely it will help a lot in weight loss share your activity with me in the comments This will be useful for all If you try any alternative method, please share those in the comments. Those comments will be useful for others as well. If we do this as a whole, everyone will be motivated. see you shortly with another useful video. bye-bye

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  1. Maha Lakshmi

    Hai mam today na weight. Loss start panita mg jeera water 35 minutes.walking .40 minutes Exercise. 1cup tea. Breakfast. 1 Apple, cucumber. Buttermilk afternoon thinai rice weight 69.2

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