How I lost 18 pounds in 30 Days in 2018 on Low Carb, High Fat [ Some Say KETO]

right we are Facebook live it looks like
I’ve got some new software open here oh boy let’s see every time I get used to
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now I need to see your guys’s comments okay that’s open now this is good
practice because after this video we’re we’re gonna talk about how I shed 18
pounds in one month I’m going to be going over to my business page which you
can find at Lori Ballen Speaker and i’m going to be talking about a strategy
that I’m working on with internal linking and boosting keywords and I’m
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I’m not mentioning the name the new software I’m using yet because I wanted
to be able to play with it and see if see how I like it
I was watching somebody use it the other day and they had all kinds of cool
interaction with the screen but I’m not seeing that stuff yet so I’m just gonna
go ahead and start talking about how it is that I lost 18 pounds in a month and
I’ll figure out the rest in the software I guess on the on the next round for
those that are watching okay so first of all let me just put some disclaimers out
here that I think are so important one is that I am in no way shape or form any
kind of health fitness coach guide I’m not selling anything I have nothing to
sell you today I just am constantly working on this rollercoaster of weight
that so many of us have to do to have to deal with when I was younger I was very
thin always super thin and then you know how it goes after the first baby there’s
another ten pounds and after the second one and then
seemed like each decade and so it’s been this constant battle and then when I
quit smoking years ago boy I put on forty pounds by lunch I swear and it’s
it’s been a battle ever since then pretty much up until like right when I
quit smoking what was that five years ago six years ago now oh no that was
that was a lot longer than that it was more like eight and eight years ago so
yeah so it’s been that long and so I what I don’t like to do is take
supplements like diet pills that type of thing I don’t like to have anything
artificial and so I work very diligently to do things that are more natural hey
Gregory oh good I can see somebody on there now I guess only when you guys
like or comment or like or comment or something am i able to see who’s
actually on here on this software let me see I saw also somebody was able to drag
look at that it worked Gregory can you see your posts not up
there on the that is really cool okay I’m liking this new software
already that’s nifty okay cool so what I did let me just tell you how this how
this unfolded what I did is I I shed 18 pounds in January now I weighed in on
January 1st and I recorded it I got a new scale and it’s the one that measures
your you know your weight and your body fat and your water and your muscle tone
I don’t know how accurate those things are but I wanted at least a tracking
process and it works with an app on my phone which is super cool
so I weighed in on the first and I was very surprised to see how big I had
gotten again over the holidays even though my strategy was to drop weight
over the holidays that did not happen I definitely indulged so I will say that
I was at my highest what I did weigh in I was probably I probably still had a
turkey in me I was like eating and eating and eating and eating and eating
so add that extra turkey that I’m carrying around for the month right
alright hey guys hey Jenny Deborah a dory now I’m seeing you guys Jenny from
10 see Brooke hey how you doing Monica all
right super and so I weighed in really heavy and I
was very disappointed because those of you that have known me for a while in
2013 I was 212 pounds and I made a very public statement that I was going to
start shedding some of that weight and I did and it was it was significant it
wasn’t fast it was like over a year and a half and I never did reach my goal
weight I still was always under my goal weight are way over my goal weight so
and then and then I went through a divorce quite honestly and that that was
brutal you know some people run to the gym when they get divorced I ran to my
refrigerator when I got divorced you know it’s a lot of starches and comfort
foods I was I now have 50% custody of my daughter so I’m now when I have her on
cooking big meals and roasts and potatoes and breads and buying the best
meats and grass-fed beef sand but it’s those saw all those sides and butters
and you know I just I don’t know there was something this last year that I just
found this comfort in all of that and then I also wasn’t getting to the gym
like I was in the beginning so what happens right it happens to all of us
where we go through these cycles and it’s no excuses this is just what I did
you know I put it aside and I chose other things which I’m just gonna tell
you right now I would do the same thing over again because that year I needed to
just get through what I had to get through and it’s okay and it’s okay that
I put on a little bit of weight during that year because now I’m feeling so
much better and I’m able to get after it right so it wasn’t a huge amount I put
15 I think it was 12 but on that final day I recorded it looked more like 15
pounds that I put on during that that year and four months or whatever since
during the divorce so what happened how I started this diet the diet that I’m
doing for those of you there hanging on pins and needles or whatever the term
phrase is the the diet I’m doing is high carb low carb high fat so it’s low carb
high fat so I’m able to control better what I eat the calories I
eat because there’s almost nothing I can eat that’s how I feel about it right
it’s this it’s meat and meat and fats and low carbs I mean I’m really like
almost eating no carbs at all and for a lot of us that would just knock you out
right there right no breads no potatoes that’s that’s really really tough and so
I wanted to make sure that I had something extreme
that could jolt my bought my body into a system that I would follow so here’s how
it happened kind of accidentally and then I’ll go in I’ll tell you a little
bit more about how I’m eating and what I’m eating and how I’m doing
intermittent fasting at the same time which personally I feel is the key to
all I personally feel two key to all this I had eye surgery in on December
1st and there was a two-week prep time leading up to that and the doctor said
to me do not eat anything out of a can or out of a box leading up into the
surgery and for two weeks after the surgery don’t eat anything out of a can
or out of a box and so can you imagine what you’re actually gonna eat if you’re
not eating out of a can or out of a box there’s not a whole lot so what I
started doing I’m not a natural meat-eater at all I would much prefer
living on greens and starting or end Rice’s and starches and potatoes then
meats what I started doing finding over those two weeks was I just kept going to
my filet mignon I just kept going to my steak and chicken breast I love chicken
breast and so during that timeframe what I noticed was I wasn’t eating as many
starches the swelling was I my doctor said I had the least amount of swelling
that he has ever seen in a patient because I followed all of all the rules
and regulated all the rules that they set out and one of those biggest things
was stay away from those boxed and canned foods because the stuff that’s in
there well so I learned a little bit from that right and and then after I
started spending some time thinking about that all through Christmas even
though I was picking out any cookies and whatnot again
I started thinking about this this concept that what we eat controls how we
look you know like our skin how our appearance our our vitality so I started
researching I don’t know how I came across a YouTube channel and I started
researching this intermittent fasting so it had nothing to do with researching
the keto diet which is really what this is called that isn’t how any of its
this started it just was kind of like okay it works and I’m not I’m nothing
out of a box is helping me so what kind of diet includes things that don’t have
those items in it and on accident i discovered the keto diet okay and so I
started following us on YouTube and no I don’t have any names for you on who’s
the best keto person to follow I actually just went to YouTube and
watched one after the next after the next after the next after next and at
first I thought there’s no way this is gonna be for me because I don’t like
meat that much and but then I realized that because I work from home and I have
such a controlled environment and I’m actually not out out that much right now
at least not right now then I can do this because I can control it and I’m
one of those people that lives in the extremes and I like all or nothing I’m
so black-and-white like I can say goodbye to something tomorrow that I’ve
been in for a long long long time you know whether that be a business or
anything I mean I’m I can turn things off pretty
quickly quit I quit smoking overnight I just was done I don’t like it anymore
I’m done I don’t like it just done you know I’m kind of that cold turkey kind
of person and so to be able to go over to something that I have this much
control over I can’t abstain from eating but I’m okay with limiting it as long as
I know what I can eat in kandy what I have problems with is that every time
looking at a box and I have to count the calories and try to stay under 1200
calories or do this or this I end up messing up I end up messing up it’s
either too overwhelming or oh this tablespoon can’t be this much
of this can’t be this much and it’s just a lot of work it it felt like well what
I learned about the keto diet is it’s it’s low carbs which means it from
everything that and again I’m not a coach but this is what I’m doing a net
account of net 20 carbs which is total carbs – total fiber is your net carbs so
I got my Fitness Pal which My Fitness Pal I don’t know if it’s the upgraded
edition or I have the upgraded the paid one but I’m able to track in there what
I eat and it gives me my macros so what percentage of car of my diet today was
carbs what percentage was fat and what percentage was protein well the top one
is supposed to be fats and then the next one’s supposed to be proteins and last
one is supposed to be carbs well I’ve nailed staying under 20 carbs neck 20
carbs no problem I’ve just I just quickly realized okay I can eat meat and
I can eat asparagus and I can eat so I do a lot of flamin yann I can do chicken
fajitas without the tortilla so I started buying romaine lettuce and I’m
just cooking chicken and peppers and it’s wonderful actually and wrapping it
in lettuce I make hamburgers and I eat them just with the fork or I put them in
lettuce and they taste fabulous I don’t even miss the bread like I thought I
would really miss the bread but in these situations I don’t a nice great
well-cooked filet mignon I never even ate asparagus before I
started this diet never I never never ever ever ate asparagus but man put some
butter and some salt and whatnot on that it’s absolutely fantastic if any of you
guys that are on here right now also have any tips you’re more than welcome
to put them in here so here’s a couple things I’ll tell you that I learned okay
and again I’m no pro I can only speak to you based on experience one is the first
amount of weight that you lose is water weight not body fat so even though I’m
all down I’m only five five pounds away now
from my lowest weights that I’ve been in I don’t know 20 years 25 years but I’m
actually heavier a bit in a bigger size than I was the last time I was at this
weight because at that time I was working out super getting super tone
muscle so a lot of that the number on the scale back then had a lot more
muscle to it than it does now and I’m okay with that for now because what what
what with me I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to start
an extreme food plan and an extreme fitness working out plan at the same
time I just know my own limits and I just chose I said you know I’m just
right now I really my goal was I wanted to be pre divorce weights before our
Keller Williams convention I’m going to you in February and the honest-to-god
reason is I’m just so real I’m just gonna tell you I found out my ex-husband
is going to be at the same convention and I didn’t want him to be able to say
she got fat so that is the truth that was that’s my motivation has nothing to
do with him thinking me I look good it’s just I didn’t want him to be able to say
she got fat period that’s my motivation and so so I’m there now I’m I reached
that goal and I’m 5 pounds under that goal which is super cool and so being
able to do it that fast was an advantage to me and I’m not taking anything there
well I take it back there is something I’m taking I don’t even know the product
name it’s not a it’s it’s um it’s a somebody electrolytes it’s in a pill
form and it’s just magnesium somebody help me if you know what I’m talking
about there’s like four things that are in it it’s to keep you from getting all
from dehydrated you know you’re not eating a lot of salts and stuff and so
this replaces those I’ve got it’s fantastic it’s not some kind of special
I just bought it on Amazon it’s just a pill I take a few times a day if I feel
like I haven’t gotten enough salt or whatever so that’s an important part of
this keto plan I read that right at the beginning and just bought it and started
I wanted to make sure I didn’t I never went through that Quito flew people talk
about that there they get body aches and their body has to adjust and I never got
that in fact I’ll tell you what my energy went through the roof my focus
went through the roof less pain no leg cramps you have come
reading see here Lou pop hers in there no no late no leg cramps her and I
didn’t get any of that stuff I mean it’s been incredible I’ve read articles about
people’s hair falling out when they do too much keto I don’t know anything
about any of that I haven’t had any of that yet but it’s only been a month and
I’m not necessarily committing to this for any longer than kind of like one
week at a time each week I do it and see the result and I feel so good I commit
to another week all right let me do another week now I’ll tell you what’s
gonna be tough in two weeks we’re going to that convention and we’re doing
Disneyland before the convention and I keep asking myself can I do quito in
Disneyland I mean that’s gonna be tough you know I’m used to ice cream and
churros and popcorn which popcorns on my favorite foods and it is not on the plan
it’s very high carbon hydrates you know what you really learn holy cow the
amount of carbohydrates in everything is unbelievable so we’re supposed to have a
net 20 right so carbs – fiber equals the net carbs there are 35 carbs in a little
bottle of orange juice so I don’t do orange juice right now I mean that’s sad
okay tell me Laura so Laura’s saying what yes we can what okay here Laura’s
telling us what the what’s in those supplements thank you I know Laura’s big
on this stuff too and has just done a lot with weight tell me what guess I can
what yes I can’t have orange juice yes I can whatever I like yes like hand so
whatever she’s saying I’m all for it but right now for me I I can’t find the bet
I don’t know the balance well enough to know
which foods are high enough in fiber to tip to be able to eat more carbs to get
that debt I don’t yet know all the best fats I don’t eat avocado and that’s one
of the best fat food so I need to find a way to start blending that in I have
learned about olive oil somebody taught me yesterday to dip mice I heat very
lean meat because I don’t like fatty foods
I don’t like fatty meats I just can’t stand them and so I eat center-cut filet
mignon almost every day right now I know torture and I somebody told me yesterday
I don’t think she’s on your was a Tiffany Gibson was it are you on here
she told me to dip it in butter the steak in butter and so I did that put
two tablespoons butter on it that I got my fat that helped a lot with my fat so
thanks you guys I appreciate all the compliments hi Sarita I’m excited to to
see all of you guys at family reunions that are going to the Keller Williams
convention all right so Jenny asked what’s my next
step alright it’s a great question alright so what I’m noticing already is
it seems like there’s a little plateau happening right now I was dropping
weight like I mean I’ve never lost weight like this it’s insane I’ve never
seen anything like it I wouldn’t even believed you if you told me and so it
was so constant everyday everyday everyday I’m down a pant size you know
dropping this weight and then all of a sudden the last three days I’m kind of
just a little bit like ounces I’m not you know this this was still five pound
week the last seven days but I noticed the last three days just seems to have
kind of plateaued a little bit and I’ve read about that so I’m like alright so
maybe I’ve got two weeks left before the convention maybe I’ll drop another five
pounds by then which is great but this probably isn’t going to continue at the
rapid loss that it has been but not just am I worried about the scale I’m worried
about my physique I’m real bottom heavy anybody that knows me knows I’ve got
some junk in the trunk so got the hips can hide out the best I can but that
that’s a that’s a true story and that whole area is a problem area so what I
want to do is and my arms oh ladies I don’t know if you have felt this I my
arm were kick-ass and I turned 45 and they
just went prayer like overnight muscle tone and everything just got really weak
it was terrible and so I actually having a full hysterectomy they just called to
schedule I was on my Facebook live actually sometime in March and so what
my plan is is to continue on this food plan as long as I can I’m hoping even
through Disneyland because I don’t want to have any swelling I don’t I don’t
want to go gorge on ice cream and churros and then look like a elephant
woman on the during family reunion because I picked out so we’ll see how I
do with that and then I want to kind of stay on it throughout my host surgery
and through the recovery and I’ve got 25 more pounds to lose so I’m thinking
maybe another 1015 could come off during that time and then I want to after my
recovery go hit the gym like really hit the gym lifting weights somebody told me
today too that there is a there’s some keto
fitness coaches and stuff I should watch that know that I don’t have to go to to
our workouts anymore like I was the first time I was losing weight that
there’s like these really purposeful intense kind of weightlifting and and
workouts and I’m gonna go get involved in and so so that’s what I’ll be doing
so I won’t be skinny when you see me a family reunion don’t expect any false no
I’m not I’m not Twiggy over here but I am feeling better
and I am definitely weighing a lot less on the scale high-energy guys my skin I
mean I can’t believe what my skin has done on this diet don’t let me tell you
something else I was anemic when I started that actually they discovered
the anemia when I had my eye surgery and the anemia was being caused by a fibroid
that’s why I’m having the hysterectomy and there was no way to really cure this
anemia until after I have the hysterectomy but they said I was in
danger of needing a blood transfusion why go through the surgery without
healing first and so we’ve my diet just did it I mean
you eat filet mignon every day right I don’t know I’m not sick I don’t have a
need me anymore my doctor called me it’s like I can’t believe this like you’re
can be you don’t need your blood levels are perfectly in the normal you have no
you don’t have this probably still have to have the surgery but I don’t have the
anemia anymore and I’m all for no blood transfusions right anyway all right so
anyway there’s no other questions I’m gonna head over to my business page at
Lori Malin in a minute and I’m going to do a screen share I’m gonna talk to you
guys about a couple things one this year I set a big goal yes I’m a goal setter
can you see that I set a big goal for my real estate
website and I wanted to my goal is there is one local real estate company that
beats me damn it on internet traffic organic internet traffic on the web
she’s been around forever and ever and ever long before me this team has any
way I want to beat them in two ways one is traffic to the website in two is the
dollar value of the traffic to the website so I sat down told my whole team
this is my focus this year this is where I’m going I’m doing this with the
marketing company and I’m doing this with a real estate company this morning
I took number six for the gold keyword that I believe is going to make that
happen so it’s a really big deal so I’m going to hop over to my business page in
a couple of minutes and I’m gonna do a screen share and show you guys how I’m
doing that and what I’m doing and how I’m gonna how I’m ranking on page one
for a keyword that has like 60,000 searches a month super competitive I’m
gonna break down that strategy and I’ll record it throw it onto YouTube for you
guys too so thanks you guys I appreciate you joining me and I will be seeing
y’all on the other channel if you go over there and otherwise I will see you
at family reunion so thank you guys so much and I will talk to you later if I
can figure out how to stop it or you can all just stare at me until I
figure out how to stop it there we go

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