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  1. Charlye Gray

    I have read studies that high protein diets are dangerous and also that high protein diets are beneficial. This is very confusing and I don't know which to believe. I am now trying to keep my protein intake around 100g a day. I know wonder if that is too high. I happen to be around 170lbs.

  2. mun an

    Dr Rhonda Patrick quotes studies which demonstrate higher insulin like growth factors which can be carcinogenic with higher protein intake! She advises protein intake on days when you exercise so the high insulin like growth factors can be utilized for muscle repair

  3. Jazznblues

    Is this the same for "drinking" protein? I only ask as this video specifically states "eating".
    Even though logically I am assuming it is, but I hate to assume.

  4. FlairCandy

    i vouch for this! every time i protein binge, i still lose 1-2 lbs the next day. that is if i dont eat carbs with it. but when i eat less, i just maintain my weight. maybe my body is in starvation mode. but yeah it's just a bit expensive because protein is expensive.

  5. jon hamm

    adequate protein is superior to high protein because of the mTOR mechanism. Please check out the videos of Ron Rosedale- he's a low carb, adequate protein, high fat proponent and hes quite bright

  6. shelia hudsons

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