How a Diet Change Helped to Fight my Mum’s Alzheimer’s

my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s
disease in December 2016 and her treating team suggested that to improve
her chances of fighting the disease or at least slowing its progression down
that we should look perhaps at altering her lifestyle and in particular
altering the diet so the idea of a special bespoke diet for her was born
from that moment what people don’t appreciate is that Alzheimer’s and
dementia is now number one killer in this country it’s actually overtaking in
cancer it’s overtaking heart disease as well
Alzheimer’s is not an inevitable part of growing old in other countries and
they’re living longer as well but they’re living healthier and that’s
attributed to their diet and to their lifestyle so this is why it was
suggested to us that we should perhaps look at adopting the Mediterranean diet
and the healthier lifestyle and each worked in my mother’s case and we would
hope that by bringing it into Slater and Gordon employees people I work with will
be able to benefit as well so what we’ve done is we’ve been working in
conjunction with Ben and his team on The Deck we’ve developed menus that we
call brain boosters which are a grain friendly foods and healthy alternatives
to what you would normally eat and what you would normally snack when you’re at
work and we’ve been getting some really good feedback from that and there’s three
main elements first of all berries are extremely good for you they’re extremely
good for your cognitive well-being they improve your memory your mind and your
understanding so any types of berries but particularly blueberries they’re
the superfood if you like any leafy green vegetable so you’ve got kale
you’ve got broccoli spinach is particularly good for you as well obviously avoid
red meat if you can or have it perhaps once a week and look at fish instead
because it’s high in omega-3 chicken as well which is a leaner meat and perhaps
some more healthier snacks and perhaps a fruit based dessert as well so if you
look at walnuts in particular they actually look
like a human brain and that’s nature’s way of telling you it’s very good for
your memory your mind your understanding your cognitive well-being after about
six to eight weeks we noticed that in my mum’s case
her memory was improving so she wasn’t forgetting important key dates like
birthdays and anniversaries and friends and neighbors and family started to
comment that they’ve seen an improvement in her well-being after she started on
the Mediterranean diet

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  1. elaine b

    You Sir are a genius,thank you for this interesting information.God Bless you and your mother,may you share many more happy years together xx

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