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hey guys welcome to Protein Treats by
Nutracelle I’m Melanie Wildman and I’ve been able to maintain over a
hundred pounds of weight loss since I had my sleeve ten years ago by making
all these yummy delicious decadent foods that have no sugar are full of protein
and fiber and are gluten free and really good for you today I’m gonna show you
how to make Cinna Stix and I know you’re probably thinking that can’t be possible
but it is so if you’ve ever ordered Cinna Stix from Domino’s Pizza
what you probably don’t know is that per serving there’s over a hundred grams of
carbs and sugar in these guys so they’re super unhealthy for you they’re gonna
spike your blood sugar and you’re gonna store all those calories as fat wherever
it is that you don’t want to store them so on your belly on your bum and I want
to stop you from doing that I’m gonna show you how to have yummie delicious
cinnamon sticks to have all that cinnamony goodness but we’re gonna do it where they’re full of fiber and protein and actually good for you so let’s get
started alright to make this yummy recipe all you’re gonna need is four
eggs you’re gonna need 1/3 of a cup of
coconut flour you’re going to need a teaspoon each of baking soda and baking
powder you’re going to need a tablespoon of cinnamon here and a quarter cup of
coconut oil that I have melted and then brought back to room temperature and
about a cup of milk so make sure that the milk you are using doesn’t have
added sugar so regular cow’s milk has about 8 to 13 grams of sugar in it you
don’t want that you want to have a coconut what a coconut milk excuse me or an almond milk or even a soy milk or you could even take a tablespoon of full fat
whipping cream and mix it with water and that’s all you need so you want to make
sure that you’re getting your your milk with no added sugar and then of course
we’re gonna have our vanilla Nutralean in here so our vanilla Nutralean has 10
grams of prebiotic fiber and 30 grams of whey protein it’s super good for you too
helps you feel really really full but what we’re gonna start with here is our
liquid for a minute my four eggs in and then I’m just gonna
give my eggs a really quick whisk really just to break up the yolks it doesn’t
have to be perfect and then I’m going to add in my milk and the milk that I have
I’m actually using just a little bit of full fat cream and the rest of it is
water and then I’m going to add in my coconut oil here and again I’m gonna
give that a quick whisk nothing crazy you don’t want to overbeat it and now
I’m gonna put all of my dry ingredients in so I’m going to start with my coconut
flour here and then I’m going to add in my three scoops of Vanilla Nutralean
and the prebiotic fiber in our Vanilla Nutralean is what makes your gut
flora healthy again and that’s what allows you to actually absorb all the
nutrients from your food but it also helps your body naturally burn 228
percent more fat than someone eating the same food without the prebiotic fiber so
really really important if you’re trying to lose weight or maintain your weight
loss I’m just gonna start stirring this and I’m gonna add in my baking soda and
my baking powder and of course our yummy cinnamon and you might be wondering well why aren’t you adding some sugar or some sweetener well we’ve already got some
stevia in our Vanilla Nutralean so this is gonna be a really nice sweet batter
on its own now the great thing about this recipe is you don’t have to worry
about overdoing it so you don’t want to keep beating it just get it mixed so
that it’s pretty even all the way through if there’s a few little parts
that haven’t mixed don’t worry about it so all you’re gonna do with your batter
here is go ahead and pour it right into your cookie sheet just like this there we go what I love about this
recipe is it literally takes five minutes to whip up throw it in the oven
and then your kids have a really yummy dessert that they’re gonna love so using
your spatula just push it out to the corners first so it sort of flattens
down and then get your pan pretty evenly covered and then just to get it nice and
flat and even I’m gonna hold my pan up about four to six inches over the
counter and then I’m just gonna drop it a few times and that will actually
settle the pan out so it’s nice and even there we go now I’m going to pop this in
the oven at 350 degrees for about 12 to 13 minutes all right so to make our
topping for Cinna Stix I have two tablespoons of stevia granular stevia
and then I have one tablespoon of cinnamon and I’ve just mixed it together
with a fork and then I have some real butter of about a tablespoon of butter
that I have melted and I’m just gonna let it sit here so all I have in here is
some softened cream cheese that I’ve blended with a little bit of whipped
cream and some stevia drops and I’ve put them into a squeeze bottle so it could
be a really easy to drizzle on to our yummies in a stick so once we get our
Sinha sticks out of the oven I’ll show you how easy this is and fast to put
together there you go look how good this looks it smells so delicious in this
kitchen now I’m gonna show you how easy it is to
get that cinnamony feeling exactly like a cinnastix so now what we’re gonna
do is take our melted butter and I’m just gonna dip it in a little brush here
and go ahead and brush the butter right across the top that’s what’s going to
allow our topping to stick to it just like the ones that you get from the
unhealthy place that we won’t name I’m using a sifter to make it nice and even
but really at home you can just sort of sprinkle it on however you want
I’m gonna go ahead and put this all in here and try and get it that was heavily
even there we go just like that oh good this looks you guys and look at this
doesn’t this look super good now what I’m gonna do is go ahead and drizzle
this before I go ahead and cut it up yeah doesn’t this look good so young and
look at this this took just a couple of minutes to put together so fast and easy
and I’m gonna pull one little piece out so I can show you how yummy this is this
is perfect for dessert perfect if you’re having a movie night or you’re having
people over and you just don’t want something that’s really easy and fast to
put together I’m gonna give this a little try here and see how it turned
out this is so good you guys make sure you subscribe to get more super yummy
and healthy recipes that help you lose weight with the food you love and check
out our website at nutrition and unload all of the printable versions of these
awesome recipes you can even find our cookbooks and of course who doesn’t love
cinnamon and synesthetes you guys alright I will see you back here next
week see you guys

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  1. Hanlie Taljaard

    We don't have Nutralean in South Africa. What can I use in the place of it? We do have Herbalife so maybe I can use something of them?

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