HIIT Smoothie Challenge 4: BJ Gaddour Workout & Green Banana Butter Smoothie

what’s going on guys and welcome back to the fit men cook kitchen we are on day four of the hit in smoothie challenge
but we are challenging ourselves to you active for at least fifteen minutes each
day get a good sweat and also making a post workout too many this is all done
in honor of American Heart Telemark skier internet so for today’s challenge
we are also looking at a person that I really admire in social media you don’t
know director actual subscription service called the daily be different
and I highly encourage people to go and subscribe to that because not only is he
funny when he offers this drops of amazing tens of thousands and his best
contribution I think are make you sweat what the stuff that he puts together so
today’s workout is inspired by BJ working out is much more enjoyable then
you have your homie especially when it’s going to be something does intense and
the one is today the main goal here guys is to get through three rounds of this
each round is five minutes we’re going to do each exercise for fifty seconds
with a ten second rest in between alright let’s get started it’s Bridget oh great
to what am I just gonna get out that’s like this I know a verse Michael now hold move
aside or fault
to you’re gonna rest for one minute and do
this entire thing two more times not today I want you to go grab some
smoothie let’s go to the kitchen right now see what you’re gonna make all right
it is time for the smoothie today we are making a peanut butter jelly peanut
butter okay knowing that we’re making a nut butter and banana protein smoothie
here’s what you’re gonna need we need a 1 ripe banana toss it in just like
Popeye you’re gonna need some spinach we’re gonna sneak this into the recipe
the great thing about spinach is that it packs tons of nutrients but not too much
flavor so you can sneak this in really easily into your smoothie
next you’re gonna add in your choice of nut butter I’m gonna be using some
almond butter so this is some vanilla whey protein powder but feel free to use
some collagen peptides or our vegan plant-based protein lastly you need some
water or some almond milk I’m gonna be using some unsweetened almond milk of
mine if you don’t want to add ice then just freeze your banana overnight and
use that instead and that will go to work and we have a delicious peanut butter
bomb smoothie this is awesome sneak that green in there giving your
daily dose of raw vegetables such an easy and tasty way to go ahead and do it
I want you to make it your own and that also means making it in the
right portions for you and your fitness goals all right keep it healthy but of
course never boring y’all he’s a tasty was probably yeah
feel like shoulders are burning nice next burning the chorus burnin he is a
beast he works hard and he diet even better as
well but nothing like a good diet – you know he doesn’t just preach like he’s
gonna do this – meets an assortment of foods and just a team right right so go
and check out the daily BJ you’re with somebody I would highly encourage you to
tell them the true or going to subscribe to an actual subscription service called
the daily BJ because the last thing you want Stu come home and they got a bill
waiting for you what and this pig was in the other hand
and paper is in the other hand that’s I need it’s a workout oh okay you think I’m
that stupid no no but seriously I hope that you will enjoy the workout push
yourself grab your buddy tag your buddy in this video I want you all to do it go
enjoy that with you as well all right

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Reader Comments

  1. Lina Marcela FD

    Kevin, como podría reemplazar la proteína en el smoothie? Alternativas? ,,, esta muy bueno tu desafío, espero tengas muchos mas para este año.

  2. Rhian Laidlaw

    Pretty sure I'd have a huge smile on my face if I was working out with you guys, especially because that smoothie looked like a killer post-workout-reward. Kaisafit is a beast 🙂

  3. anuvitha 6

    Thank you for these videos! I did the one from yesterday and I tried the smoothie(even though I don’t like creamsicle) but it was good! These are so helpful!!

  4. rose yoon

    Just found your channel!! I have already lost 19lbs on my low carb diet. I'm going to try your recipes!! Tired of the same old thing everyday. Keep up the great work!!

  5. mark king

    Hey man love the videos!! I make the same smoothie every morning, but I do mine with all frozen stuff, it's so freaking good, oh and I add chia seeds too

  6. Shane Enton1942

    Thank you for these videos! I did the one from yesterday and I tried the smoothie(even though I don’t like creamsicle) but it was good! These are so helpful!!

  7. samanthamitchell505

    I really dont want to sound like a jerk and i know that this vid is supposed to show you a recipe about a smoothie,but Oh MYY!! she is soo damn hot!!

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