Hello friends, and not yet friends! Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday,
the show where I share all my tasty vegan eats in a day. And friends, this was the best food day in
a long time thanks to high-protein make ahead recipes brought to you by Thrive Market who
I am super happy to be partnering with again! If you watched my last video with them, you’ll
know I love them because they’re good people doing good things. But you’ll love them because Thrive Market
is the best online store to get your vegan goodies and health food products ’cause they
cut out the middle man. And that way, members get them premium products
for 25 – 50% less than regular retail AND they ship straight to your door. So check em out. We’ve got a linky below for up to $60 in free
groceries, free shipping and a 30 day free trial membership. US only though so sorry my fellow non-American
residents. For the rest of us, let’s drown our sorrows
in decadent almond mocha doughnuts for breakfast. They look and taste really rich and indulgent
with that chocolately mocha glaze but actually, they’re full of protein and free of refined
sugar and fats; gluten-free optional. Start in a good sized bowl, combine the dry
ingredients. I’m using regular all purpose flour but you
can use an all-purpose gluten-free mix if you like. For extra protein, I’m adding a scoop of chocolate
protein powder. Then two tablespoons of cocoa. And instant espresso powder. Baking powder will help these rise. As well as baking soda which will react with
the coffee. Whisk that together so everything is very
well combined and we’ll go on to the wet ingredients. In a blender, combine warm water along with
soft pitted dates which will sweeten the doughnuts and add a bit of fiber without using refined
sugar. Then Thrive Market creamy almond butter. It’s the good stuff, made with just roasted
almonds. Then a bit of vanilla extract and a pinch
of sea salt. Blend that until all the dates have broken
down and it’s as smooth as you have patience for. Then add the wet to the dry and fold together
gently. I really recommend using a spatula so you
can fold the ingredients together easily, getting every bit from the sides of the bowl
so it all comes together without wet streaks or clumps of dry flour and without over mixing. If you are using gluten-free flour, you don’t
have to be so gentle, but if you’re using flour WITH gluten like I am, just remember
less is more when it comes to that mixing action. EVen though this doughnut pan is nonstick,
I still like to lightly grease it so the doughnuts will come out perfectly. I’ve put the batter in a plastic bag and snipped
off the end so I can pipe it in neatly. This batter is way to thick to spoon it in
easily. Then bake in your hot oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Meanwhile, let’s make the frosting. Blend some more dates with hot water until
it’s as smooth as you have patience for. The smoother the better but I wasn’t so patient. Then mix in all the other ingredients: Thrive
Market’s own creamy almond butter, vanilla extract, cocoa powder and instant espresso
powder. And mix that until it’s smooth. You may be asking, “Why didn’t you blend everything
together in the first place, Mary?” The answer is…I got no good answer. When you’re making this, do yourself a favour
and put everything in the blender. After the doughnuts are done, let them cool
down! You’ll be exercising your willpower muscles
because they will smell so amazing! Once they are cool, dip them one by one. There’s plenty of frosting so dunk them well. I’m laying them on a parchment lined freezer
safe dish because I have no willpower and will eat them straight away if I don’t freeze
them immediately. But I’ll eat one now, just so you can see
that fudgey cakey interior. The things I do for you. So delicious. Chocolately mocha goodness. These doughnuts will wake you right up, slay
hunger and keep you full with that extra protein. They do have a slight protein powder taste
but I feel like it totally works anyways. You guys know I’ve been super into sushi lately,
but I hate soggy nori so there’s no way I’d prep ahead sushi. Sushi bowls on the other hand, are totally
doable. With white sushi rice from Thrive Market which
I am loving. You can use other grains too if you want to. This is your sushi bowl and there are no rules. I’m also adding about the same amount of red
lentils to boost the protein content of the meal. Add two cups of water or how ever much is
needed for your particular grains. Put that on the stove and turn the heat to
high. In about 5 to 7 minutes, the water will start
to boil, bubbling steadily but not at a full boil yet. Turn the heat down to low and cover the pot. You can leave that for 20 minutes. While your grains cook, prep the toppings. I’m making a deconstructed California roll
type bowl so for the crab replacement, I’m using my favourite smoked tofu. And grating it. Grating makes these thin tender pieces; more
like crab meat than chopping. I think maybe a food processor would work
for this too. I’m mixing it with aquafaba mayo, which you’ve
seen me make before. And a bit of sesame oil. I just love the toasty flavour. Some chopped scallion. And a quarter teaspoon of sea salt. Then let this sit in the fridge so the flavours
can all mingle together and get to know each other. Then chop up some cucumber. Cucumber doesn’t freeze well so keep it out
of any meals you want to freeze later. I’m going to make two sushi bowls to have
fresh and two frozen, so for the freezer meals, I’m using corn instead. Slice or chop your avocado. This avocado is over ripe and the brown bits
put me off so I scrape them away. But I’ve seen other youtubers just go and
eat those parts. What do you do with brown avocado? Eat it? Or scrap it? Also adding lemon juice to keep it from browning. And put that in the fridge too. Since we are not eating these meals right
away, it’s even more important than usual follow food safety guidelines and keep moist
foods out of the danger zone. When your rice is cooked, you can season it. I’ll transfer it to a large dish to make things
easier. I’m using the usual combo of rice vinegar,
salt and sugar but, of course, you can season your sushi rice how you like. Fold the rice gently to distribute the flavours
while not squishing the grains too much. Usually, I’ll let it cool a little then put
it in the fridge to get cold but since my fridge is pretty full today AND it’s a super
cold day, I’ll just let the arctic air do the work naturally. While that’s cooling, I’ll make the last topping. I’m using this top quality nori from Thrive
Market. This might be a little extra but I like to
brush it with a little sesame oil. Then sprinkle on some salt. And bake in a preheated 350F oven for five
minutes and this makes the nori even crispier than before. Let them cool and you can cut them up into
strips as thick or thin as you’d like. They make great snacks too. Just like the ones you can buy, really, but
this is fun and there’s less packaging going in the garbage. Thumbs up for eco-friendliness. Divide the cooled rice into containers and
add your toppings! For the final touch, some wasbi mayo. Literally, I just mixed mayo with some wasabi
paste. And red chili flakes…because I’m out of
sriracha. I know, travesty. I’m not adding the nori strips to all the
containers because then they’d go soggy. Instead, store them in a air tight container
and add them when you’re ready to eat. These will stay good in the fridge for up
to three days. And if you didn’t add cucumber, you can freeze
them for up to two months. And this one, I’m having for lunch. So delicious. Really tastes like I’m having a california
roll. And I love the texture the lentils add. And I know this doesn’t look like a big serving
on camera but with all those lentils, it’s so filling. So good. Frankly, my dears, you should make this ASAP. For my afternoon snack, I’ve been going for
fruit lately. Freeze dried fruit is my favourite but it’s
usually super pricey. I’m loving these freeze dried strawberries
from Thrive Market. They have the best price for these I’ve seen
anywhere. Real tart, sweet, fragrant strawberries with
a satisfying crunch. You might be tempted to eat the whole bag
in one sitting, which would be totally fine, but I love adding these to trail mix. In this jar, I’ve got some granola bar bits. And some almonds to tops things off and that
goes in my gym bag. I also love them on vegan yogurt too. This is the Daiya strawberry yogurt which
I quite like. As long as it also has granola bits and freeze
dried strawberry on top too. It’s really sweet though so sort of like dessert. Before dessert though, let’s be responsible
adults and have dinner. Another one from the freezer: Cheater butter
chicken (no butter, no chicken) and creamy coconut ginger spinach on coconut turmeric
rice. A familiar sight on What I Ate Wednesdays
but this time, I’ll actually show you everything I did and the recipes, again, will be in the
description. Rewinding to last week when I made these,
first cut up two blocks of extra firm tofu and dump in your air fryer or spread them
out on a parchment lined baking sheet. Air fry or bake; this is an extra step for
the Cheater butter chicken so the tofu gets a bit crisp on the outside and stands up to
the sauce better. Not totally necessary but it’s nice. While that’s going on, start the coconut turmeric
rice. I used brown rice along with red lentils for
the base. After rinsing and draining your rice and lentils,
add turmeric and a bit of coconut cream. I’m using Thrive Market’s own brand of coconut
cream which is extra thick. Then add water. Once the water starts to a boil, not a full
boil but just steadily bubbling, turn the heat to low and cover it. This is the tricky bit of cooking rice on
the stove, that timing. Much easier if you have a rice cooker. But either way, leave this alone; it’ll take
about 35 to 40, 45 minutes to cook. Meanwhile, time to make cheater butter chicken. You’ve seen me make this before but let’s
go over it super quick again. First, saute about a cup and a half of minced
onions. About 6, 7 minutes. We want the onions cooked, glossy looking,
and just about to turn golden. Then add half the butter chicken masala mix,
the baked or air fried tofu, and the rest of the masala. Why in two parts? Just the way, my hands decided to do things. Sometimes I don’t have a reason, friends. This is one of those times. Then add the rest of the ingredients: crushed
tomatoes and mushroom broth. You can use regular vegetable broth if you
like or even water if you don’t have broth handy. You just might have to salt at the end. Let that come to a simmer, turn the heat to
low, cover and let’s make those greens super quick too. In a pan, heat up some cooking oil over medium
high heat. When it’s hot, add finely minced ginger and
crushed garlic. Push it into the oil to get fragrant. After a few seconds, add chopped scallion. Stir fry that for just a minute so the aromas
come out and the scallion turns bright green. Then turn down the heat to medium and add
your spinach. I’m using two 300 gram packages of frozen spinach that have
been thawed, rinsed, drained and squeezed dry. Add some of that Thrive Market brand coconut
cream. And strong mushroom or vegetable broth. Together, the cream and broth will give this
spinach dish the right texture and flavour. Give it a taste and add more broth or cream
if you like. A bit of lemon juice would also be excellent
to brighten things up. By now, your cheater butter chicken should
be done, your rice should be cooked and you’ll be ready to eat whether or not your were hungry
to begin with because it’ll smell flipping amazing. Or if you’re freezing these meals like I did,
wait it’s cooled down a bit. Then portion it out. These recipes will make between 6 and 8 servings
which will keep nicely in the freezer for up to two months. And now we have lots meals for all the times
we’re too pressed for time, low on energy, or just too darn lazy to deal with cooking. You don’t have to have a great big meal prep
day; just choose one or two things to make when you’re cooking anyway and freeze the
extras. Which recipe was your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget you can get up to $60 in
free groceries from Thrive Market, that’s 15 bucks off each of your first 4 orders,
plus free shipping and your 30 day trial membership by clicking the link below. For the rest of us non-US residents, let us
not despair. Instead, let us be grateful for the scrumptious
make ahead meals Thrive Market helped me create and eat our cozy curry freezer meals. And sushi bowls. And almond mocha protein doughnuts. And hit the like button. And leave a request for the recipe you most
want to see on this channel. Or a random super nice comment just to demonstrate
how super nice you are. Not that I need proof, because you guys are
the best. I don’t think I tell you enough. Thank you so much for watching, my friends. Bye for now!

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