High Protein Vegan Meal Prep 🌱 Vegan Professional Athlete

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  1. Violetentity

    The oats protein power balls look amazing. Didn't know about PC chocolate chips. I only like kale raw in Sweet Kale Salad and Kale Chips, but I have only tried one type of kale and I maybe some of the other type aren't as bad. PS came over from Edgy Veg's channel.

  2. Becky Boncheveaux

    I will stay subscribed even though you hate kale. I propose that you've never had kale that was cooked well enough.
    Anyway, I like your videos and your dog is the best!

  3. LeQue114

    A very easy and seemingly delicious meal prep. Also, 100% in regards to kale. It's like chewing waxy dirt with a stubborn attitude – the more you chew it the worse it gets.

  4. Kathleen Law

    That's awesome! Anti-bullying conferences could help a lot of people have better lives. Love it! Kale is amazing though πŸ˜‰

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