High Protein Breakfast (61 GRAMS IN 3 MINUTES!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Let’s continue this day-in-the-life-of-Jeff.
You guys have asked for it. I figured you found it helpful, the tip I use first thing
in the morning. Well, it continues here at breakfast. I’m
going to show you today how to get 61 grams of protein in a meal where people sometimes feel they
struggle to find ways to get protein in, if they’re not eating steak and eggs, of how
to get 61 grams of protein in within 3 minutes. The very first thing I do is, again, first
of all guys, if you follow the ATHLEAN XFactor Meal plan, you know this is a guy-friendly
meal plan. I say it all the time. Simple. If a guy like
me can’t follow it, I’m not going to do it, and I realize that’s one of the biggest obstacles. People feel like they have to be chefs in
order to eat healthily. That’s not true. So, we have a microwave safe bowl here. And yes, I do use the microwave, guys. I know
there’s some people out there that believe you probably should not. Again, this is a day in the life of what I
do. If you don’t want to use it, you can cook it on a stove top. But I happen to do it. A little bit of olive oil spray inside there.
Just wipe it down just a little bit so it’s nonstick. I’m going to get my egg whites here
out of the refrigerator. And you can buy just the 100 percent egg whites.
I have about 7 egg whites. And I know that I’ve already measured this out. If I bring it all the way up to the top, just
underneath the top there, then I have about 7 egg whites.
One of my favorite. Sirachi hot sauce. I pour a little bit in. And a little bit of fajita seasoning. This
is just a mixture of salt, black pepper, paprika, oregano, cayenne pepper, garlic, celery powder,
ok. Done. Mix it all up. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. 24 grams of protein right there. While that’s
going, I make a shake. RX2. Grab some milk. Now look, we’ve got options here when it comes
to milk as well. We actually have almond milk and regular cow’s milk. Again, sometimes I have almond milk. Most
of the time, I have regular cow’s milk. It’s personal choice. You can do what you want. I happen to like
regular cow’s milk, and I’m not scared to drink it. 12 ounces. A scoop of RX2, high quality whey protein.
In here, 25 grams of protein. Now, I also have my pumpkin oatmeal that you
guys have seen me make before. I’ll put a link to that video right over here if you
haven’t already seen how to make that. I do have a large breakfast. I tend to eat
a lot of food throughout the day. But always towards the healthy side. But if I don’t have an opportunity to make
that, I’m on the run, I’ll put a little bit of cinnamon in here and my RX2, some oats, and then just a couple ice cubes. We have all these Ninja blenders which if
you haven’t gotten one, guys, they’re the absolute best. You can literally just blend
up one personal serving size. The coolest part about it is that you can
literally drink from it once it’s done. It becomes its own little glass. So, between the milk and the RX2, 37 grams
of protein right here. Grab a plate. Clean this up. We’ve got 30
seconds left on those eggs. So, as a topper, guys know that one of my
favorite, I like everything spicy. The spicier the better. We even know that some of the
benefits of spicy foods, capsicum based foods, cayenne pepper, can
elevate your metabolism. So, I try to put spicy foods in every opportunity that I can,
not just because I like it, because I also feel that it has additional
benefits for us especially if we’re looking to be leaner and more muscular. They kind of come up into like a little bit
of a souffle here. They kind of pop up. Once it’s here. Again, I can leave it just up here
in that sort of rounded, souffle. Or, I can just break them up here and kind
of scramble them. And then take my salsa over the top. I did
tell you I like salsa, right? I put as much as I can that will fit on top of the plate. A little bit around here. And one last little
bit of that fajita seasoning again on top. And there you go. Right here. 61 grams of
protein right here, and in the RX2 shake, and literally it took me 3 minutes, maybe
an extra minute of prep time ahead of time. But, it’s that easy, guys. Remember, if you
can’t do it, then it’s nothing you’re going to do for the long haul. And in order for you to be able to stay lean,
to get lean and stay lean, to build muscle, you’ve got to eat food. You’ve got to eat the right foods. Remember,
the fuel for your body and your muscles is going to be the food that you put in your
body. If you can’t do something that you can sustain
then you might as well kiss it goodbye. We make sure here at ATHLEANX that you can
sustain this because any guy can cook this way. And again, even if you don’t want to choose
to use the microwave, then put it on a stovetop. It’s not going to take all that much longer
to warm up and heat that thing up and get you the same end result. Guys, if you found this helpful, if you like
these day-in-the-life-of-Jeff, keep letting me know and I will do more. I will show you some of the other things that
I do in my daily life just to give you more of an inside peek about actually how I get
through my day so that maybe you can do some of the same.
Guys, our whole program over at ATHLEANX.COM our whole meal plan, based around simple eating. All at ATHLEANX.COM. Head there right now
and grab your own copy of the ATHLEANX Training Program. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
leave me a thumb’s up and some comments below. Thanks guys.

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Reader Comments

  1. Eduard Ebel

    Police came by.

    "Why are you using your chainsaw in the house?"

    Me: What chainsaw and why are disturbing me at 5 in the morning ???

  2. Semjou KING

    Markus Rühls Thunfischproteinshake: take a can of thuna, some water salt and pepper and blend it, great alternative to whey proteinshakes and it tastes not as bad as it sounds👌😂

  3. Ricky T

    started off with saying how to get protein in without steak and eggs, then goes on to cook eggs LOL (pretty shitty ones too i might add)

  4. Naty

    I also microwave (whole) eggs, for some reason when I scramble then on a pan I always get a horrible stomachache but not if they’re microwaved.

  5. K K

    I do only plant-based proteins and never fart. I like the results too. Plus, plants don't inflame muscles, animal proteins do. Inflammation is a killer. Jeff won't like this comment, but it's truth.

  6. John Frank

    He ate 4 eggs with some salsa and a protein shake… There's really nothing special about this at all. It's the same morning meal plan I'm on, though I do a double scoop of protein powder, add in a scoop of collagen peptides and a scoop of psyllium husk but omit the milk and the salsa.

  7. Giskard Reventlov

    I thought he was going to troll us by serving 3 cups of protein powder in a glass of water. I find tuna cans very helpful for protein intake, to add some variety I buy the tuna cans with hot peppers, coriander, basil, garlic, etc

  8. shawnjanika1

    I see a cooking class in Jeff’s future. Definitely an intelligent guy and fit as a fiddle, but not a chef. I imagine robots eat this way. Lol.

  9. Gerardo Almeida

    Hi, Jeff!. Congrats on the channel!. Someone told me that we can only metabolize 10 grams of protein per take, so this you recommend would be wrong. Is that true?.. (I don’t think so but I need your point of view). Thanks!!

  10. Matilde Torres

    this one of the BEST nutritional tip
    ever!!.is straight up simple and it WORKS.but you got to be willing to follow it.👍👍👌💪💪

  11. Sylfus /R6

    I’m gonna try making a shake like you do , I’ll sometimes do (milk,banana,whey protein,sometimes peanut butter,and ice cubes) or(milk,ice,apples,cinnamon) ooor (just basically a mix of fruits around the house like strawberries,blue berries,anything with the work berry in it).(I use whey protein in all of them btw)

  12. Alic Sutton

    Sick of these so called professional trainers saying here the perfect diet and telling people to scoop a chemical shit storm in their stomachs.

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