High Carb Vegan Vs. Low Carb Paleo Diet – THE TRUTH

what’s going on guys John Venus here got a new video for you guys today I’m here with my brother Leo and by the way guys check out his channel a lot of scientific knowledge coming out from this little guy link in the description box so make sure to subscribe anyways today we’re going to talk about low carb high fat diets and what’s up with that anyways you ready for this let’s do it let’s tackle it so it’s a low carb diet healthy or is it good for you there’s a huge low-carb craze going on around the world now and it’s just you know people fear your carbohydrates and they think that they’re going to be healthy replacing them with fats and and protein but no this is nonsense you can see you know on the long-term it’s shown that people who go low low carb long-term have shorter life expectancies you know they they have high risk of chronic disease but it’s not necessarily the fact that it’s low carb that’s so bad they actually went so far in one study to compare a traditional low-carb diet to a plant-based counterpart and the people who were in the traditional low-carb diet at an increased risk of all-cause mortality while the people on the plan based counterparts were you know it showed to be protective of all cause mortality and protective of cardiovascular disease you might do well on a plant-based low-carb compared to traditional but you know so many of the healthiest foods in the world are really high carb so I definitely still wouldn’t recommend it well the reason why people recommend is because you know a lot of people have lost a lot of weight doing it and you know studies say that it’s good for weight loss what do you say about that yeah and that’s definitely true it does give you a lot of weight losses especially in the beginning because you’re shocking your body or starving it’s from its preferred energy source carbohydrates and usually if you look long term people will go in low-carb they start gaining the way back and plus a bonus compared to when they started so uh the you know there might be some exceptions some people who really restrict their calories in the exercise like crazy but in general the only people who are not overweight as on average or actually people who eat plant-based people can lose weight and any kind of diet can eat Big Macs all day and as long as you only eat one or two you’re still going to lose weight as the the main thing you know you have to keep track of is calories that’s it the thing that’s going to determine if you lose weight or gain weight its energy so you know you can lose weight or gain weight on any kind of diet but you know it doesn’t mean it’s healthy yeah and it’s just like this is well that you know you have these studies that show that people who lose weight on low-carb also lower their cholesterol but no matter how you lose weight when you’re going down and weigh your cholesterol and your blood your blood cholesterol levels drop so you know even doing chemotherapy cocaine all these things will get your blood your serum cholesterol down but doesn’t mean this healthy same thing goes for low-carb if you’re doing a calorie restrictive diet and you’re growing down away you’re gonna go down cholesterol so the people who are actually going on a low-carb high-fat diet the states that they want to achieve is called ketosis and they believe it is the optimal state of man and they should be in that state to you know perform better and be healthier basically we have to say about ketosis right so the thing about ketosis and you know it’s nonsense that it’s a natural state of man the thing about ketosis is actually an emergency state of the water when you deplete all your glycogen all your carbohydrate stores the body is forced to use something else in the metabolites find use of something called ketone bodies for energy and it’s not even all the cells in the body that can use this for energy so only some specialized cells especially in your brain the ketone bodies when are able to pass the blood-brain barrier quite easily and it’s just there to like keep you alive to keep your brain functioning so that you can until you can find food you know it’s the survival adaptation for humans so that when you’re starving you can still fuel your brain until you can find some more food so it’s pretty much a starvation emergency state definitely not optimal or healthy in any way yeah and obviously when you look historically let’s user gladiators as an example studies are shown that they are like mostly you know plant-based almost 100% vegan eating a lot of barley a shitload carbs and you know any athletes and you’ll really see an athlete going real low carb especially like long-term poor training so you might have a few of these low carb advocates but you know people at the top of their game they are eating a lot of carbs and I can speak from experience doing bodybuilding and fitness when you deplete your glycogen stores when I’m doing a carb depletion phase for photoshoots or something you feel like Shay you feel flat you look flat and you know the strength goes down as just you feel like shinu you’re in bad mood so you know that it’s goes back as well to the glycogen stores and other glycogen stores in here and your muscle your muscles aren’t going to be able to function optimally if you don’t have those carbohydrates there yeah so I mean obviously it is not a natural state of man and yeah even studies have shown as well method on these low carbohydrate diets actually also promote insulin resistance which is pretty much like the pre-diabetic phase you know you’re you’re making your insulin less and less effective at controlling your blood sugar levels but they say that carbs cause insulin resistance what I’d say yeah no it’s completely backwards you know and I work with people like this every day I work with diabetics every single day and every time I talk to them they tell me yeah you know I’m trying to I’m trying to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and trying to cut down on the fruits on the potato you know but then instead of other eating all the high-fat foods like cheese and butter and all this stuff and I’m like oh they’re doing it completely wrong it’s the opposite fat has even been shown to have a direct toxic effect on your beta cells in your pancreas the cells are produced and if you know studies have shown clearly that insulin resistance is proportional to fat you can even you can even inject free fatty acids into the blood and immediately the insulin resistance goes up and this study right here shows that you know insulin sensitivity how well you respond to your insulin seems to be correlated with how many years you’ve been vegetarian so going vegetarian or eating plant-based and a lot of carbs seems to improve the way your body reacts to your insulin while eating low carb high fat makes you insulin resistant and eventually it’s diabetes and lots of other diseases that come or come along with those animal products yeah so obviously carbs are not to blame for diabetes it’s fat and obviously when you think about sugar fructose I mean sugar from food also it’s not bad it’s actual like the processed cane sugar or whatever that’s the thing to stay away from obviously you got to choose Whole Foods the reason why people are doing this and they believe in this stuff is because doctors and I’ve been promoting this there are studies promoting this research well why do you think you know their doctor is actually pushing this ya know it’s you know and this is where the the common person who doesn’t really go into the studies in detail they definitely you know don’t really stand much of a chance it’s really you know unlike me it’s really unfair for these people because yo they’re doctors saying that you know the low carb is healthy and stuff and so why wouldn’t we believe in doctors they’re like the icons for health but you know when you actually go in and that’s thinking with studies people just go on internet and they type low carb healthy and then they come to a PubMed study and this PubMed study says that low-carb lowers your cholesterol and then people are lowers cholesterol so must lower your risk of heart disease but you know many of these studies are just really bad studies they’re just published just to get published and you know a lot of them really short term over like six weeks so an example of this is for example study that showed that cholesterol has no impact on your blood cholesterol and then you the group of people eating low cholesterol diets when we had another group of people eating high cholesterol diets but then you know they didn’t control for the drug they were taking cholesterol-lowering drugs like lipitor and obviously their cholesterol isn’t going to be so high even if they’re eating a lot of high cholesterol foods so you know it’s these kind of details that you don’t see when you just look at the abstract on the pubmed’s that you have to actually go in and see how they’ve done the study you can find lots of really badly done studies and even sponsored studies that will show you what you want to hear and you know long-term effects of Lokar there are pretty much no studies about that when it comes to study you can’t just find the first pubmed’s that and be like Oh everything bonked everyone who says high carb is healthy because I found PubMed study that says low carb is healthy so the only way to know if a study is good or they know the quality of a study is to actually go into the study read the mythology read the statistics did they interpret the statistics well were the control groups you know all these sorts of things that you get my point is really difficult it’s not something that the average person goes in and a lot of these things you have to pay for it to see the whole study and most people aren’t going to do that so you know most people are just going to see it find the study apartment and not that’s the study I’m going to believe in because you know who doesn’t want to hear good things about their bad habits and you know as far as the doctors go you know people like to believe in what doctors say but the sad truth is that the doctors you know most doctors they don’t have almost any nutritional training in school all of these doctors who actually are you know well informed and know a lot about nutrition have done it out of their own initiative they’ve gone taught themselves pretty much so I just being a doctor does not give you any credentials at all about knowing what food is healthy for you because it’s pretty much doesn’t exist in the standard medical training but yeah these doctors that advocate for a low-carb but you know out of curiosity I went to the website you know I checked them out these guys like this and felt John brif made an and Michael EADS William Dave I went on their websites and Sirius is so many big statements without any science back in them and the few statements they did try the back with science which was usually really like short bad quality studies no no insights to long-term effects of the diet and a lot of these studies that show no significant correlation you know there’s typical that you just use these studies that oh we did not find a correlation between cholesterol and heart disease but you know just finding these inconclusive studies that do not show correlation doesn’t disprove all the good studies all the good research that clearly shown that animal products and and high-fat diets are definitely really bad and that they you know animal products increase the risk of many different types of cancer you know allergies here will be the heart disease diabetes you know multiple sclerosis the list goes on so yeah guys uh pretty much a lot of research a lot of it is actually paid by you know the meat industry unfortunately you know it can be corrupt and obviously you got to be critical you got to find some really long-term studies and really detailed studies just for example like the epic study which is still going on it’s a very very good study check it out and yeah I mean just be critical guys think use your brains and just question everything because no one owns the truth we don’t the truth doctors on the truth we have to just you know work to find it ourselves so yeah guys thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe to my brother’s channel subscribe to my channel and don’t forget to click the like button if you enjoy this video and as always I’ll see you very soon peace out

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  1. Robert Lemus

    I agree to an extent to what your saying but the study you referenced didnt account for the fact that most people become over weight eat the standard american diet eat to many carbs and fats and decide to do low carb while many vegans start off healthy. That may be an indocator for vegainism but the ketogenic diet could consist of all nutriets needed and could be plant based we just need to examine healthier subjects.

  2. MyGman68

    Keto diet is anti cancer. Cancer loves carbs. And you can do without food for longer. Naturally we do not have shopping centres. Keto increases good cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol. There was a clinical study between vegan vs Atkins and found after 12 month trial that the low carb high fat diet had lower cholesterol lower blood pressure and lost most body fat. The doctor running the trial is a vegetarian.

  3. MyGman68

    look at the controlled clinical trial done at Stamford university. the study was conducted by a reputable vegetarian doctor. so it is unbiased. bottom line was that the Atkins diet performed better in lowering bad cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, and lower body fat composition. the study was done over a 12 month period. I am in Keri and my body fat, cholesterol, blood pressure KS all down and I am building lean muscle mass and I am more alert and energetic. there is nothing wrong with any diet. many roads lead to Rome

  4. fanOmry

    1. Cells become insulin resistant when they have enough fule.

    2. The Cholesterol triggered by carbs is LDL.

    3. Most of what you said was fearmongering.

    4. Anti-Vegan. PERFECT HEALTH

  5. Carmen's Corner

    Brain was also a mess, it was like I was getting early Alzheimer when I was a vegan? Don't get me wrong, I want to be vegan, but it didn't helped me 😞

  6. Allthecoolkids00

    Jason wittrock went on a 4000 calorie/day for 20+ days. He weighs 135 pounds and at the end of the experiment he had lost 2lbs. Calories in calories out is not a scientific fact especially when it comes to a diet that is still not completely understood. Everything his brother is saying is wrong. Literally everything, I'm all for people eating how they want but he is just spouting garbage like it's fact. Do some more research on the true keto diet (70% fat, 25% protein, 5% carb).

  7. Fake Pilot

    Starting to think more and more that the truth has two sides, like a coin. And your on one side of it. No one ever stops to think, could it be the COMBINATION of fat and sugar that is bad? I have tried both a vegan and a ketogenic diet. You remove A LOT of food on the vegan diet, you remove A LOT of food on the keto diet. Both avoid most processed foods (if done healthy). When you don't overeat on inflammatory foods, your body is usually strong enough to handle most of the food you put in.

  8. Pussy exterminator33

    I dont rely on what studies say theyre not accurate I believe its just dumb theorys or opinions you have to read books based on how the human body functions also people should read about diets on how they work the other thing is people need to realize our bodys are all different so thats why I dont believe in the what the media says I can pay someone to publish a fake study by saying "Did you know by eating McDonald's you loose body fat rapidly ? a study has shown a man ate 1 big mac for the whole day 5 days a week and he lost 6% body fat within a month" I bet alot of people would be dumb enough to believe that bullshit lie.

  9. Andrew Baird

    Did the full on vegan thing for a year I felt very good after a month but struggled to eat enough to work physically hard 12 hours an workout could not keep weight on unless i was constantly eating a huge varaity of food to stay healthy and keep weight on. On the other hand when stopping the vegan diet within a few months i was consuming far to much shit and crap meat and junk and got fat and unhealthy like the majority of the population drinking and eating myself to deth. I have always agreed that veggies sould be the main part of the diet and are far more sustainable and that is why I anitally adopted the vegan diet, but I was never totally sold on meat being bad all together becouse like it or not vegans are a very new in the timeline and humans have always heavily relied on anamils to survive and a hart attack or diabetes was the least of ancestral cultures concerns. I now have balance I eat 2 meals between 4-6 pm each day first meal is usally a massive salad with as many vegies, greens & seeds and a small portion of salmon or a couple of eggs. 2 hours later i will eat somthing heaver of mostly 80% cooked veggies(curry, stirfry, chilli) never with added salt or sugars and with about 200g of free range organic turkey or chicken brest or fresh salmon. During the day I consume tea with ginger and lemon. Tumric, cinnimon black pepper with water and milk thistle and nettle. Apple cider with meals. No rice or grains. I get enough carbs from small amounts of sweet potato and a small amout of qunioa. I have never felt better after years of trying differnt diets and fads. This type of eating is easy to follow im never hungry build lean mussle like crazy and have a cheap grocery bill. I get being a vegan for ethical reasons with the horror show that is the meet industry but I feel good about eating only what i need of free range organic sustainable white meat and feel great and sustained eating small portions with mostly veg. Taking anything to extreams is usally the wrong way balance is the key. Oh yeh i also do not touch dairy

  10. Chan Meditation in the Park

    When I first became a vegetarian, I gained weight. Without any meat and fish, naturally I started to eat more carb. But now it's more stable… I feel healthier and I can see low carb diet is over-rated. I support for plant diet…. I became vegetarian all naturally through meditation because I didn't want to eat animal based food anymore. There was no craving for it.

  11. tony bastiand

    People that go on low carb diets lose weight because they are sick. Sick people lose weight, c'mon now, how could possibly think that eating meat all day is good for you? It's so ridiculous. I can't even believe people buy into it.

  12. Angela Ochoa

    Hi thanks so much for making this video! Excellent info, jam-packed with mind blowing TRUTH and I love that!! I don't understand why as a society we have accepted so many disabling and fatal ( yet preventable! ) deseases as normal, expected, and out of our hands! 😤😤😤😯😔 I believe the reason we allow this to occur is for a number of reasons: 1) it's common…. true and unfortunate. 2) no one would actually believe how effectively and willingly big food/ag.companies poison and sicken us ( and yes that's why these illnesses have become common ) 3) there is a much bigger focus on weight loss than there is on getting healthy and eating clean – so many diligently add up the amount of calories from their processed "diet foods" and scoff at the amount of sugar in an apple ( ….eye roll 😥) and my #4 Is the one that gets me the most: Denial….Linking diet and animal food consumption to disease is basically Taboo, this is painful to say the least. If I could get through to my loved ones ( or anyone with a health problem ) I feel like so much suffering and even death can be prevented. However the abject failure to acknowledge the mere possibility that Grandma got colon cancer from too much bacon and not enough greens and fiber or Aunt Sue had Alzheimer's from red meat and dairy… to even suggest it is a bridge too far. But what if peolpe DO listen and can still get help, make changes?? How do those of us who care deeply about the relationship between health and food spread the message without getting the evil eye and the" she's out there" dismissal? Ok, thanks for letting me vent/rant!! This video was a wonderful sounding board for how I feel about this stuff 😂😁 Thanks again!! 🤗

  13. Judith Allen

    I literally can't sit and listen to this bias video. I personally am not low carb high fat, but there is absolutely no doubt that reducing "carbs" is good for you. This is, if you have a high fat and high carb diet; meaning you are a fat storing machine.
    Not to mention!… there is TWO types of cholesterol, that the "common" person will not know about, and clearly you's don't. LDL and HDL. Funny enough, one of these cholesterols is actually so good to have and required for good health to have; a diet high in GOOD, NATURAL fat will produce this good cholesterol.
    If you do a high fat lower carb way of eating correctly, you get abundant of the required nutrients we need to function, while functioning in a fat burning state.
    I personally don't feel the need for a high fat lower carb way of eating, but some people physically don't function well in all ways on a high carb diet. Not to mention, it is so possible to do high fat low carb plant based.

    Also, reducing complex carbs such as bread, rice and pasta is going to be better for you're blood sugar balances. The more our bodies produce insulin, the more immune our blood cells become to it, which is what leads to diabetes. This is why people say whole grain is better, as it causes slow insulin spikes, but I feel it's personally better to cut it out completely as we get enough carbs from fruit and veg.

    Also, it's totally unprofessional to sit and promote scientific papers that support you're argument and then sit and flaw papers with opposing views. That's manipulative to your audience, and you shouldn't have any bias say when it comes to science.

    Yours sincerely, med student.

  14. Smood47

    Jon Venus can you and your brother discuss Dr. Rhonda Patrick's claims that a Vegan diet is deficient in micronutrients and not healthy.

  15. Marco Palladino

    Lowcarb promoters, Atkins and so on..they are criminals for my experience, I can tell after 2 years on such regimens..my god I still can't believe I did stick on it for so long. Anxiety, stress, letargy, low body temperature…and all the thyroid and other damages this kind of diets do I can testimony. Such diets inevitably go on high amounts of animal foods that on long term mess your health in so many ways but at beginning make you lose fat which is a bad thing since it resembles an healthy progress but on contrary you are just starving yourself. Plant based whole food veggies, starch, fruits (not too much fruits for me or I get bloated), legumes: it took months to cure the damages of lowcarb but now my energy is going very high, 2 workouts a day and I am 45. Thanks for making good information Jon, I do really appreciate the way you present things, good work!

  16. M Francois

    I personally eat carbs, and eat meat but everything in moderation, on another hand my grampa whole his life ate mostly meat, fat and dairy products and he is turning 96 this year. He is in great shape, no gray hair , no any health issues, never had seasonal cold or any other problem. One thing that I didn mention is that he grow up and still lives in our small village in eastern europe, growing hes own food, living very simple life, like never wacthed TV, never heard about internet and stuff like that. Maybe thats the reason as well… who knows. I personally listen my own body now, and eat what makes me feal great. I notice protein dont bothers me at all, but lots plants does. Gluten and Dairy is worst for me, since I removed those ones from my diet i felt better than ever in my life. Also grains in general doesn't agree with me, beans too, lots of seeds as well. I really believe we should eat how our ancestors ate, and mine ate mostly meat and fat and i definitely feel better on that kind of diet. I would like to go vegan but every time i go vegan I become very sick. So my advice is start like one year elimination diet and see how you react on certain foods and mark it down, you will be amazed how many foods can affect you in different ways.


    While low-carb diet advocates are correct about avoiding simple carbohydrates like table sugar, low-fat diet advocates are correct about avoiding saturated fat and cholesterol as well. Saturated fat, cholesterol, and simple carbs are bad for our health, for various reasons.

    Instead of going for an “extreme” diet, whether it be low-carb or low-fat, why not eat a diet that is based on the right kinds of fats and the right kinds of carbs? What matters more to our overall health is the sources of fats and carbs we are eating, not avoiding carbs and fats entirely.

    At the end of the day, a calorie is a calorie:

    "We conclude that a calorie is a calorie. From a purely thermodynamic point of view, this is clear because the human body or, indeed, any living organism cannot create or destroy energy but can only convert energy from one form to another. In comparing energy balance between dietary treatments, however, it must be remembered that the units of dietary energy are metabolizable energy and not gross energy. This is perhaps unfortunate because metabolizable energy is much more difficult to determine than is gross energy, because the Atwater factors used in calculating metabolizable energy are not exact. As such, our food tables are not perfect, and small errors are associated with their use.

    In addition, we concede that the substitution of one macronutrient for another has been shown in some studies to have a statistically significant effect on the expenditure half of the energy balance equation. This has been observed most often for high-protein diets. Evidence indicates, however, that the difference in energy expenditure is small and can potentially account for less than one-third of the differences in weight loss that have been reported between high-protein or low-carbohydrate diets and high-carbohydrate or low-fat diets. As such, a calorie is a calorie."

  18. Sawdwd Bqwfqaf

    FACT: You will die without fat. FACT: You will die without protein. FACT: You will NOT die without carbs…. The liver will produce every ounce of glucose that you will ever need. Carbs are not necessary. I eat alot of veggies myself and i love cyclical ketosis. If you know what that is ; ) I also love local grassfed meats and wild caught fish. But of course i eat mostly veggies… With butter and olive oil haha Cheers everyone.

  19. atila correia

    Guys, the problem with the low carb diets is that people want to make a case where it's a natural state of the body when in truth it's not. It's a powerful "house cleaner", but it should not be followed long term. You guys have to understand that humans have been using these mechanisms for ages. They would fast, go on certain periods where there were not so easily accessible food, so they would have to kill some animals to provide their food. The problem is that people made this A RULE and they want to consume meat every single day, which is disruptive.
    The problem nowadays is that low carb diet means that people will increase their intake of BAD FATS (bacon, butter, oils, etc ) and BAD PROTEINS ( corn fed animals ). Plain simple.
    So please BE INFORMATIVE about that.

  20. Sicarius Peremo

    Absolutely not true, the body does not require a single gram of carbs! Lower expected lifespan? I would love to see the documentation for that, because that is not existing! Chronic Diseases funny enough gets treated by removing bad Carbs, i'm not sure you two have any freakin' clue about anything, you're clearly not scientists!

  21. edguyrocks

    I saw a vid from dr. Kim yesterday and he said 4 years of medical school. zERO hours of nutrition training. Just pain management stuff. Pharmaceutical training. It’s screwed. I kinda felt bad for him, cuz there comes a day when you wonder if you went into years of debt for that bullshit

  22. JRob Cal

    Something that goes hand in hand with keto is fasting. After a long time on keto, the longer your fasting periods should be. Fasting cure all the ailments you mentioned. There no such thing as an essential carbohydrate.

  23. Jo Jo

    People are waking up from alzheimer and controlling there epilepsy and your saying low carb is not effective long term ? Very narrow minded way of looking at human physiology.

  24. noproofforjesus

    Wow this guy thinks you lose weight on a low carb high fat diet because you are starving your body from its energy source.
    Some Quick facts
    1) fat is the body’s stored energy source to keep you alive is you are starving
    2) fats are more calorie dense 1 gram of fat is 9 calories compared to 1 gram of carbohydrates is 4 calories.
    So the idea you lose weight do to starving the body of energy is fucking retarded.
    What is really happened is you are controlling your insulin releases. When the body release insulin it halts all fat burning though multiple paths ways. Why is this you ask? Insulin is a transport hormone that is released is mostly released when you eat carbohydrates as they increase blood sugar to toxic levels so the body must clear them as they are toxic to the brain. There is only a few grams of actual stable blood sugar allowed in the blood at any one time once this level exceeds said level the body release insulin this spike of insulin floods the blood stream grabbing up all the sugar you just put into your blood stream then it trys to Store it in the liver then in the muscle of it can’t do this fast enough as it can’t most of the time it bonds it this a glycerol molecules and stores it as fat.
    Quick science lesson for this guy.
    So we can see one major reason fat release is shut down there is no reason to release stored fat into the blood system if you are constantly spiking your blood sugar.
    With low carb you don’t have this and the body’s main source of fuel is fat you ingested and stored body fat. You also lack any insulin spikes that shut of your gh production during the day. Gh and insulin Are opposing hormones if she insulin is present gh is not. Gh is your fat burning hormone. Yet another reason you burn more fat on low carb diets.
    3) here’s another reason this guy has no clue what he is talking about it is well documented that you can eat over your BMR while on low carb and still lose body fat faster with less muscle loss then you could eating a low calorie regular carbohydrates diet. Why because your using biochemistry and science of how the body use energy sources compared to restrictive eating habits.

    Oh and were is he getting these supposed sources stating low carb practitioners are getting disease or dieting before high carb dieters. He has no such study’s he is using study’s done on people eating an average American diet and suggesting since they eat meat then low carb diet with moderate protein are exactly the same as fat and sugar laden diets of the regular American. Wtf epic fail.

  25. LVNCSR

    After watching this, you've just helped me decide to Remain on Dr. McDougall's eating plan. I was really not convinced to go on the keto diet especially since I had tried it about 6 months ago and had dangerously high heart palpitations. I have been meat free for 9 years. your brother is very intelligent and well spoken. Thank you both so much.

  26. William McLeod

    Robert Lustig has proved pretty conclusively that fructose is worse than sucrose, and may operate within the liver as a toxin.

    And in any case, after the liver gets ahold of it, there's no difference, because it all gets turned into glucose. Slice of store-bought cake? Metabolized into glucose and glycogen. Super-"healthy" organic whole wheat bread? Metabolized into glucose and stored as glycogen.

    There's no difference from a macronutritional perspective, though fructose is worse from a metabolic one if you look at liver function.

    The information you're basing all of your ideas on is dated, and biased science. Google "sugar industry hid cancer link" and you'll find a ton of links.

    All of that said, it's still possible to do a low carb diet that is plant based, though that gets much harder when you try to take LCHF to the keto extreme, though vegan keto is possible for folks who are extremely disciplined. So there's no natural conflict between the idea of having a plant-based diet and a diet that sources plant-based macronutrients.

    As far as dangerous fats are concerned, while a small amount of trans fats occur in ruminant animals, by far the biggest source is over-processed vegetable fats.

  27. David Weiss

    I wish people would get the fact that there is a big difference between whole foods vs processed. I can be a junk eating high carb vegan and stay fat or I can be a whole foods non processed high carb vegan and actually be healthy and at my normal weight. People in general are lazy when it comes to feeding themselves so they grab the processed foods like breads (donuts, pop tarts,raman noodles,even processed vegan foods) . It's very important that we vegans who want to be not only advocates for animals but are really concerned about our health that we rat a non processed whole foods diet.

  28. Luis Fabian GC

    It seems that this topic of the ketogenic diet is at the middle of the controversy. So far, I think Cory Mccarthy is the only vegan youtuber that defends and promotes the keto vegan diet.

  29. Benjamin Balls

    Ok even vegans say that there have been no long term studies on a keto diet, yet you claim that people who eat low carb have a shorter lifespan. Where is that study???

  30. Mother and Son Diary UK

    I stopped watching after they said people who eat plant based diet do not gain weight
    stupid information
    anyone can get fat on any diet
    and anyone can look fit on any diet
    it's all about how much you consume per day according to what your activities are or how much energy you use

  31. casey m

    the body either gets into burning fat or carbs. you just have to choose which side you want to be on and get the results either way. whatever. i prefer eating whole foods (mostly fruits and veg), one fully raw meal a day, and healthy fats.

  32. Anima Libera

    Wow! Talk about misinformation here! People who are very active (e.g. high performance athletes, workers with physically very demanding jobs) may do fine with a lot of carbs, although this is not true for all of them. People with sedentary jobs, people who are dealing with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes or depression etc. and generally people whose metabolism is out of whack (and that is most of us) are much better off on a low-carb diet. High carbers are almost always slaves to their cravings, and the only way to get those under control is to cut out the carbs.

  33. T

    I'm going to have to disagree with your video, I have been on the keto diet for a few months and have lost 20 lbs, I have also gained muscle, I never feel tired any more, my bad cholesterol levels are down, and I am always able to finish my workouts and lift heavier.

  34. T

    My wife developed horrible problems going vegan. It was extremely hard on her body. Once she switched to the keto diet her health improved greatly, and so did her energy levels. When you're on a ketogenic diet you get your carbohydrates from vegetables. Also, there is no fruit or vegetable on the face of the planet that can give you the amino acids that you get from meat that your brain desperately needs.

  35. Neeraj Lohchab

    oh dear same old calories deficit and calorie in< calorie out stuff. Try selling this high carb dream to a 110 kg overweight person who just cannot lose weight. Diet advice from shredded people, no thanks. give me an everyday person who tried lowered or low carb ( with veggies ) and had blood work reports to show an improved lipid profile and improved insulin tolerance. Also people who worked hard in the kitchen to make meals that they can eat and enjoy and sustain over a long period of time. Modern civilization with energy dense food all around, all yea,r is not what we evolved for. Glycogen stores and fat stores were not forever as we would run out of immediate food sources and fall back on our fat sources for energy. But not today. Now there never is a time a person can't eat. so the additional blood glucose stays locked in the fat cells forever. this plentiful food processed beyond recognition is an artificial state borne after the agricultural revolution over 200 years if not less. we evolved over thousands of years.

  36. An'Dee Wood

    I respect you guys for trying to inform those individuals that have NO PROBELM with carbs and insulin resistance. Carbs are great. But for those people who can’t eat sugar based carbs (which are everything but fiber), ketogenic and Paleo based diets are good.

  37. TodaysRealHealth

    Awesome video. Awesome awesome awesome.
    Please post this on Shawn Bakers channel. Please call him out!!! He's sending a very dangerous message out!!! Not just for health but as a ex doctor ( he LOST his license) is convincing people with the exact bad studies you talked about.

  38. Collins Kocmoc

    30 years biodynamic vegetarian = Total physical depravation. Then 14 years of Low carb high fat = total restoration of vegetable destroyd body. Vegetables are low grade nutrient! Meat, dairy, eggs are high grade nutrient food!

    Mans problem is nutrientdeficiancy!

    Boys! Not one right here, sorry! Looking good, but sounds like bought from foodcompanies? Do you know who you serve?

  39. FabFour Fever

    I think the fasting state is very healthy, actually.. very good for the body.. but.. not the forced state induced as a result of a low carb or keto diet..because you're taking in tons of fat and keeping your digestive system running. A true fasting state puts you in a natural state of ketosis which allows your digestive system rest and promotes detoxification and rejuvenation of the body. It also helps heal food addiction and makes you more metabolically flexible. So..I think there should be a distinction made between nutritional ketosis and the natural ketosis that occurs with fasting (and which can also be achieved through intermittent fasting).
    Btw, I'm vegan. 😉 Nice video. 😊 xx

  40. Sebastian

    Not all calories are the same. If you eat Big Macs it's not the same as eating healthy fats 'or' carbs. I eat low carb, moderate but healthy meat, healthy fats and loads of nutrient dense plant based foods, I do not eat a low calorie diet. Five months in and I feel great, have lots of energy and have lost lots of weight (during the British winter) with little exercise. I once lost a lot of weight on a high carb diet when I was doing a lot of cycling but I put it back on in the winter as wasn't cycling so much and would get sugar cravings. I would say – do what works for you. In my case, Keto all the way!

  41. Jay West

    I'd rather do more of a high protein, low carb diet. High carb vegan you're basically always hungry and you end up snacking on crap. I wouldn't eat fatty meats. If I had the choice out of a good veggie burger and fatty red meat, I'll choose the veggie burger.

  42. Shie H.

    What do you think is a low carb diet? It’s really just a no grain, low or no cereal diet. It IS plant based – as in non starchy veggies form the bulk of what is eaten. It is satiating – and high carb causes so many to feel hungry. Before you disagree with someone, you need to better understand what it is. It isn’t eating butter and steak all day. My breakfast? 2 eggs, avocado and tomato with some olive oil. My lunch? A huuuuuge salad, often topped with some form of protein (tuna, salmon or sardines). My dinner? A chicken thigh, grilled asparagus, cauliflower “rice” with a bit of butter. Dessert is a small portion of berries with yogurt. Snacks – often nuts and seeds. Yes, I eat animal products and I feel amazing. It is the only diet that controls my weight and allows me to keep my caloric needs in check. Those studies you site? Nothing – and I do mean nothing – has been done to compare a whole food vegan diet to a whole food omnivore diet. I do have a problem with keto for non-medical reasons (as I do with severe fat restriction), but low carb? Totally fine and likely very healthy. Don’t confuse your ethics and feelings with what is nutritional. Oh and my gestational diabetes kept 100% in check with diet and exercise (I usually am around 60 grams net carbs a day). In my last pregnancy, I followed a 175 total carb diet recommended by the ADA (all from real food – sweet potatoes and apples and such) and my numbers were horrific, I was constantly hungry and miserable and I gained waaaay too much weight. But according to you I was just eating too much and exercising too little, right? Um. No.

  43. 24patj

    for be in a low carb diet right now it's the diet who work the most for me. My stomach is really sensible I throw up at nothing and I'm lactose intolerant. I need take probiotic everyday but I cant digest anything properly no matter what I eat. I ate at least 5 cup of vegetable and Im not restrict myself for any vegetable and for the quantity everyday and work out everyday. I need to say that I do restrict myself for some aliment ( bread rice pasta) but I still eat a little of those every week because I dont restrict myself too much. Also recently I saw when I ate too much of those aliment I feel sick. Same thing with vegetable for some reason when I ate too much I get sick so it's really hard for me to find the great balance. Since I'm a low carb diet I feel so much more light and my stomach hurt and except of my bad stomach I have not health problem. I also get that I vegan diet is really great for your body but I know for me its will not work for me since of my stomach problem they have so many thing I cant eat already or too much of something. For the conclusion I think its depend how you do your diet and how much you restrict yourself and also no matter what diet you do I think you be follow by a profesionnal

  44. Chris Neethling

    So, we should go ahead and eat all the junk want to? Sorry guys, you completely ignore the fact that some people are insulin sensitive but most are not – in varying degrees. The research is now overwhelmingly in favour of LCHF. And contrary to what you say, the meta-analyses for long term LCHF is now well established.

  45. neagu stefan

    If you eat a big Mac is 70% bred and 30% meat and is fried meat and that is not healthy,all studies are not from Paleo are from omnivores and they blame meat while grains are the problems

  46. neagu stefan

    You are trash carbs or the worst of all all all food is sugar any any diabetic person will dye from that while fats don't spike glucose so bad,I tell you to do this tell a diabetic persoane to eat 100 grams of bacon vs sugar and Wich one will be bad even cake or chocolate has very high amount of sugar

  47. toti35

    if people start paying attention to all diets in the world, they might be healthy in their bodies but crazy in their minds, people can go nuts with this topics. I am telling you something, balance is the key. eat smaller portions, reduce frequency of meats, small portions carbs, reduce or eliminate sugar, exercise more.

  48. A Van Called Rupert

    I just go with what makes me feel good. If I live on meaty salads drenched in olive oil I am dench and full of anergy.

    If I start eating grains and potato I get fat and feel like bloated dog shit . My cholesterol has always been fine either way .

  49. Raven Hartinger

    I went keto after signs of insulin resistance, and really screwed myself up. Pancreatitis (may be chronic, need more results), and though it leveled out my hormones, keto masked so many other issues. I've been low fat high carb whole foods vegan for about 3 weeks and feel great. But I'm scared as to what it will do to my hormones. I hope I can continue on this path because it's nowhere near as restrictive as keto.

  50. stupidfish2

    eat what you want and not what influencers tell is the healthiest or the best! but make something against climate change please! dont buy to much plastic!

  51. Ale Caprara

    In my experience I have done a Low carb (like paleo) for 1 year and the blood's exam shows hight cholesterol, GH, prolactine…. I think it's not very good IMO and I get to switch on a PB diet now!

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