High calorie diet experiment

hello me and my friend George we decided to do some kind of experiment if you surf the internet for the way that can help you to lose weight we’ll keep finding over at over that you have to reduce your fat intake cut down your calories and work out lots and lots of workout and what we’re going to do it going to do complete the opposite we’re going to boost our fat intake boost our calories and moderate workout maybe five minutes twice a week twice a week maybe four system to week we will do our best to go live whenever it is possible so you can see exactly what kind of food is he eating he will be going live on his Facebook account and your name on Facebook is George not cut your garlic your knuckle so if you want you can add her so you can see him life and you can make sure exactly what kind of food you’re eating we have no idea no idea at all what’s going to happen at the end of the experiment and we are so excited to see what’s going to happen so let us know what do you think is going to happen is he going to maintain his weight or is he going to gain some weight or maybe lose some weight you know just for how long do you think you wanna do this experiment I’m not sure I think maybe for a month or two you will see are you really ready to get some excellent 50 kilos I’m not just Teddy I looking forward to get some set of kilos that may be more but what about you knows I couldn’t be there my face with tapenade science yeah I think what about you has any answer to give their children how excited are you for this experiment so excited yes I’m super being said I love the eating you know me eating who doesn’t love me but even Aviles yeah that’s gonna be awesome but I think your parents are going to kill me when they know about this well you better hide their son yeah that’s for sure we decided to do some sort of dance so you can see before and after and now let’s check this out together [Music] [Music] [Music] as you can see we’re doing complete opposite of what the health nutritionist advice would be we’re eating a fried chicken wings instead of vodka breasts we are eating fried whole eggs instead of white of the egg you are adding 5 TSP of olive oil instead of only 2 drops and not to mention the high calorie delicious chicken sauce and pieces of one we are going to be eating a similar plate for months and then we will be checking the result and we might even go eat [Music] [Music] like a Buddhist customer very very still thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did don’t forget to hit the like button and if you are interested and you want to keep up with this experiment subscribe to my youtube channel and get double icons so you can get in to fight whatever you post a new video see you in the next one bye bye [Music] you [Music]

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